The Founding of Mexico – Aztec Myths – Extra Mythology

The Founding of Mexico – Aztec Myths – Extra Mythology

This episode of extra mythology depicts acts of intense cartoon violence, viewer discretion is advised Myths are not stories that are untrue, Rather they are tales that don’t fit neatly into the historical record Which serve as a foundation to a culture A procession leads a woman up the steps of a great pyramid This woman is to be the queen of the Mexica, a new tribe of migrants that have come from a faraway place However, no wedding will occur for the Mexica’s patron God, Huitzilopochtli has other intentions The people of Mexica had come from a far away place in the north, their God Huitzilopochtli was a God of War But through all their travels and struggles They had not yet found a home But Huitzilopochtli, god of bloody victory, promised them a city in a booming voice spoke from heaven He said I will lead you! When you come to a place I deem fit I will alight as a white eagle! This place you will settle and build a great city to honor me! Then you will become conquerors, and wander no longer! So the Mexica traveled with Malinalxochitl, Huitzilopochtli’s sister who led them in person She was a sorcerer, vicious and cruel At night she would steal men away and place them in front of poisonous spiders and used scorpions and insects to inflict all manner of torments on the Mexica people Finally, they had had enough and prayed to Huitzilopochtli Who proclaimed, my people ought to rule with weapons. Not witchcraft! And he instructed them to abandon her in the night. When she awoke all alone, She was furious the people would abandon her! Her, sister of Huitzilopochtli Her! Sorceress supreme! This would not stand! But she was patient and her vengeance was long She settled in a nearby village and gave birth to a son who she taught magic and told him of his uncle’s betrayal He swore revenge and tracked the Mexica down to their camp on a hill called Chapultepec near the great lake of Texcoco and he visited all the nearby nations and rallied them to his cause His armies in place They advanced on the Mexica, while he climbed a nearby hill to survey the field but Huitzilopochtli knew all, and he sent some of his priests to covertly climb the hill for an ambush As the sorcerer looked down on his forces closing in on the outnumbered Mexica, the priests crept up behind and seized him he fought with spells and a warrior strength But they were too many He was laid low and one priest cut open his chest, cried out his heart and presented it to Huitzilopochtli Who ordered them to throw it as far as possible into the lake So the priest wound up, and with all the strength he could muster flung it towards the far body of water and watched it fall in the midst of a marshy Island still the Mexica people were overwhelmed and fled and eventually they reached a city south of the lake called Colhuacan and after some time they were settling and intermarrying with the people there Huitzilopochtli, however, was not pleased with this friendship.. Because after all, He, was a God of war Not of amicable relations So he said to his priests You must leave this place and show the world your bows and arrows, your swords and shields! Ask the King for his daughter’s hand in marriage She will become the woman of discord and cause for war The priests did so, and the king was delighted for his princess to become a queen But that night Huitzilopochtli spoke to his priests again saying, I demand you sacrifice her in my honor Flay her and dress a boy in her skin wearing her clothes And so the wedding procession traveled up the steps of a pyramid but before reaching the summit the priests led the princess away to a Sacrificial slab and there the priest cut open her chest and removed her still beating heart holding it up for Huitzilopochtli to see They then flayed her skin and chose a boy to wear it just as their God had commanded When the King arrived they took him into a darkened room where he prepared to make offerings of flowers and quail There the boy danced, and the King thought it was his daughter But when he lit some incense the flames shot upward and in the light he saw what had been done He fled the room shouting the Mexica have murdered my daughter and flayed her skin! Take up arms and kill them! Erase their names! The Mexica gathered their warriors and drew their weapons But the army of Colhuacan fell upon them, and they shattered before the tide The Mexica fled to the shores of Lake Texcoco and the warriors threw their shields into the lake, to use as rafts Men, women and children climbed aboard and the people rode out to the swampy islands in the midst of the lake And there hidden among the reeds They huddled in silence, until the danger had passed As the Mexica had crept through the marshes, they encountered a spot of dazzling whiteness The cypress trees, reeves, rushes and even the frogs and snakes, were a brilliant white As they looked around in awe at such beauty they came across an opal cactus which had grown at the spot where the Sorcerer’s heart had landed long ago and upon it was Huitzilopochtli in the form of a white eagle eating a snake when the Mexicans approached, he bowed and said My children, this is the place. This is Tenochtitlan! They had found their home The people wept with joy and prostrating themselves on the ground blessed to find their homeland at last thanking their patron God Huitzilopochtli who had shown them the way And from here, they would rebuild and emerge not as a wandering tribe but as a conquering Empire Wow! That story went from Slayer levels of bloodshed, all the way to Dream Theater esque serenity I think our mythological metal journey just went full circle Legendary thanks to patron Kyle Murgatroyd Subtitles by Dylan Miller

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  1. A procession leads a woman up the steps of a great pyramid. The woman is to be the queen of the
    Mexica, a new tribe of migrants that have come from a faraway place. However, no wedding will take place. The Mexica’s patron god, Huitzilopochtli, has other intentions.

  2. The Aztecs were seriously fucked up. No wonder Mexico today is so violent. The cartels are literally taking after the Aztecs.

  3. “Conquering empire” Well yes but actually no

    There was no empire just an alliance of three city states.

  4. Chapultapec. AKA The Halls of Montezuma. When the Marines stormed the hilltop fortess, the defending cadets committed suicide rather than surrendering.

  5. How funny I was in Mexico on a tour the day this video came out

  6. Oh man wtf is Mexicans thinking

  7. Monty? Marco? Murgatroyd?

  8. I'm Mexican and this fuken scary… but interesting. Thank you Extra Credits Love your videos!

  9. 1:12 Shouldn't you be fighting your sister, the moon who you decapitated?

  10. Y'know it's really bad when your patron god makes Zeus look like kindly old Jehovah in comparison.

  11. The detailed parts are CURSED but still great

  12. matt: view discretion advised
    also matt: lets one of his animators bring their baby to listen

  13. I like these mexican stories/myths

  14. I thought Yahwé was kinda harsh, but the Mexica give the Hebrews a run for their money.



  16. I'd expected to see a stone mask in this video along with 3 buff posing vampires

  17. ¡Muchísimas gracias por hacer este video!

  18. personal bookmark 7:15

  19. Hold up , are people bitching about cartoon violence???

  20. That's… A disturbing story

  21. 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Headcannon: Malinaixochitl took human form after they left her and eventually became the La Llarona who cried "My children, where will can I lead you now?" for the 8 days before the Spaniards met and conquered the Aztecs.

  23. So the important thing to note about ancient people is the leadership structure.

    See unlike the hereditary monarchies or war chiefs of the old world the mesoamerican world was ruled by a different species of superior beings.

    With ideal bodies and superhuman minds their only limitation is their need to pose and weakness to the sun. This explains the human sacrifice; the need to drink blood would have to be satisfied through formalized ritual.

    These muscular men formed the pillars of their societies.

  24. The birth of today's Mexico City and the origin of national symbol of Mexico "Escudo". Visiting Zocalo was very interesting and hearing Spaniards building cathedrals on top of Aztec's pyramid foundations. Not related with Aztecs but highly recommend people visit pyramids of Teotihuacan. Very interesting place to visit and amazed how people built those massive temples.

  25. Fun fact Harvard University is older than the Aztecs

  26. You gotta Wonder if these priests are really talking to anyone. Seems like the Aztecs really suck, but by way of extremely corrupted spiritual leaders.

  27. 2:20 I love how his face is like:

    “O-okay mom, I Swear Revenge! . . . I guess.”

  28. Yo where can I find the ending credits theme cause I cant find it on big giant circles

  29. The native mexicans used both copper and bronze weapins. The stone age myth is false.

  30. This video has tons of inaccuracies

  31. Such an evil people…

  32. That's why I don't miss incas.

  33. 4:47 ITS A TRAP!!!

  34. It’s believed the Aztecs were originally from a tribe in Utah by the salt lake, then their god told them to move south where they will come across an eagle holding a snake standing on a cactus. From their they built the floating city and gardens that were super hard to attack because of the surrounding water.

    Also on a side note you should look up Aztec death whistle :))

  35. I….dont think…..they're priest…..

  36. i learned about Tenochtitlan in history and Inca and Aztec and so on

  37. I would love an RPG set in an Aztec themed fantasy setting

  38. Huitzilopochtli – he will ruin your day and eat your heart.

    Also, anyone else feeling bad for the king who had the trauma of seeing someone dance in his own daughter's skin?

  39. That moment when the boy is dancing in a sacrificed princess' skin, some Mexica warriors look at each other and ask: 'Are we the baddies?'

  40. You should do a video about how spiders came to be

  41. It would be great if they could nullify the Cristero War (one of several internal wars in Mexico)

  42. These videos have fallen off, and the new narrator is a pretentious douche I couldn't be more disinterested

  43. No sarcastic snark in this video, like was all over the Samson and Delilah video? It's almost like the writers don't like Jews.

  44. You could totally make a horror story of the skinned princes and the boy. Legends say to this day dark magic kept the boy alive and he stalks the Aztec temples at night still wearing the skin of the princess hunting the unwary tourist.

  45. 2:58 Not for the light-hearted

  46. Then they were murdered by Smallpox.

  47. I like that you depicted Aztec culture, but please be careful with the added dramatism. No original or reliable source claims Huitzilopochtli spoke directly to the Mexica people, but instead the claim he communicated through dreams and omens. And the tale of his sister is very apocrifal and not at all reliable.

  48. I like cookies cuz I likie a cookie like choolate I hat crecct thins sw

  49. Man… this isn't how I remember the Three Caballeros telling the story. Thank God for that.

  50. Man, Huitzilopochtli is a bit of an asshole.

  51. This is by far the most morbid tale I heard in Extra Mythology

  52. Cortez was a just punishment for such a culture and it's idols.

  53. Extra credits: hey this video has cartoon violence
    Me: okay
    Me halfway through the vid: oh someone’s heart eh it would be shocking to someone I guess but not that bad
    Me at the end: dang they sure don’t lie

  54. People have to remember as terrible as the Aztec were, the Spanish & other European colonizers were just that, invaders of an entirely non-Native race that discriminated against all Native peoples regardless of ethnic identity. At, least with the Aztec in power, South America was still in the hands of the Indigenous race. Rebel tribes would have eventually destroyed the Aztec, without the interference of the European ("White") race, thus keeping the fate of South America in the hands of Native groups as it had been for thousands of years before.

  55. Heavens to Murgatroyd!

  56. is that king dedede

  57. Man and I thought the greek gods were assholes

  58. I feel bad sometimes when I think about the Spanish slaughtering off the Aztecs, but then I remember their history and how literally everyone else in the region hated them

  59. I can't imagine the mental scar the king probably had from witnessing that…

  60. That warning at the beginning was no joke.

  61. I'm pretty sure this one doesn't fit neatly into history BECAUSE it isn't true. Love the videos!

  62. That god sucks and is obviously evil.

  63. Extreme cartoon violence indeed

  64. amazing video and legend, but just remember, all this information is FALSE as mexican y can tell, the true history is another one…

  65. Holy crap, Mesoamerica was METAL.

  66. A white eagle? Poland, is that you?

  67. 4:53 "Goodbye horses…"

  68. The story of Tzeentch and Khorne as told by Telemundo

  69. When I was a kid I heard how evil the Conquistadors were for killing these people. The more I learn about this though, the more I think the Conquistadors saw some truly horrifying stuff that cinvinced them these people needed to die. Not just "oh we're white Europeans and they're peacable brown people and we'll just kill them like a one dimensional villain.

  70. This story is completely wrong. It is inspired by the lies told by the Spanish genocidal invaders, who needed to defame a great culture to save their asses, to date they do, something that is little known is the fact that the supposed "Mexican archaeologists" who say these lies of our ancestors are actually Creoles (people born in Mexico of blood and foreign origins, mainly Spanish, do not have native blood) and also many of those supposed Mexican experts are actually Spanish nationalized, I do not lie, if they investigate a little about archaeologists Higher-level Mexicans will realize that they are white and of Spanish and foreign origins, from the archaeologist who discovered the Mayan city of ichkabal (whose name I do not remember) who was born in Spain to the supposed greatest expert of ancient Mexico, Leon Portilla, which was also born in Spain

    Like them, there are many more Spaniards posing as Mexicans to continue feeding the lies of the Spanish invaders, who needed to justify their atrocities to avoid being executed by the Spanish authority which murders them for invading territories without the permission of the King of Castile, that It's the main reason for all those twisted lies

    In Yucatan there are many of those false Mexicans, Spaniards posing as Mexicans, archaeologists of pure Spanish origins and surnames such as the archeologist Diego de Anda who is dedicated to continue talking again and again about the false Mayan sacrifices

    it is the same thing that is done even with the Vikings, whom popular culture portrays as invading and brutal warriors, genocidal stealing, killing, invading everything in their path and raping women, only that Viking facet of the brutal legendary warrior is shown and invincible that slaughters entire populations and drinks came from the skull of his enemies, but his virtues and greatness are not mentioned

    We are not a people of genocidal sacrifices, we are a people defamed and polluted by the European genocides who came to take over everything and still do today

  71. Okay THAT was far more brutal than I was expecting! O_O

  72. “Myths are not stories that are untrue”
    Um… no I’m pretty sure they’re not true…

  73. Quetzalcoatl: god of wind, wisdom, good goverment,diplomacy in some cases harvest , fertility and day, protector of all mesoamerica, the one who ban the human sacrifices
    aztec1: this guy have pretty nice ideas ¿should we listen more of his teachings?
    Aztec2: nah we should expel from this land into the sea and put our effort in pleasing the gods of blood, sacrifices, wars, night, and enslave and harassment our neighbors to feed them, i am sure that never gonna give us bad consequences

  74. "All cultures are beautiful"

  75. 3:15 this is how scp-354 was made

  76. Hmm… sadistic. But, I have been warned.

  77. Oh so thats the thing from the mexican flag .

  78. I feel far less sorry for the Incas and Aztecs now.
    The Conquistadors were no worse than these monsters.

  79. A conquering tribe didn't win any of the fights they got into in this video lmao

  80. Aren't there any slavics

  81. YouTube: Now I know this video is violent but since it’s educational I ain’t demonetise it

  82. For a god of war and strife, he sure leads his people into unwinnable battles alot

  83. Heavens to Mergatroid!

  84. 4:56 best prank of all time


  86. Learn how to pronounce words

  87. Warriors blood but for all the wrong reasons .

  88. this sounds like a violent schizophrenic

  89. Is this to defend against COPPA?

  90. – a tribe of warriors
    – loses every single battle.

  91. Everyone else: Talking about myths and gods and how awesome they are

    Me: Is there a way to date Malinalxochitl? XD

  92. This is easily among the most insane, sadistic pieces of garbage people have come up with in order to justify their nonsensical worship of imaginary friends.

  93. That awkward moment when cartoon violence requires a disclaimer. -_-

  94. He calls himself a God of War!?

    Kratos does not approve.

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