The Founding Fathers on Christianity…

The Founding Fathers on Christianity…

they’re likely more interested in the
possibility that dinosaurs were trippy and that’s the way it is for the week of
February 23rd 2015 I’m Thom Hartmann and science and green its them done good good welcome back down here would be a
twenty-eight minutes before the hour II wanna share some some thoughts at thomas jefferson before a
judge Roy Moore drops in ’em and and the actually to and I’ll do that no actually we got talking to Brittany
is committed only okay here’s this is the personal Ben Franklin this is this is
what the founders thought of Christianity Ben Franklin quote it’s in his blood autobiography toward the mystery is that
I found Christian dogma unintelligible early in life I absented
myself from Christian assemblies thomas jefferson in his personal diary
February for $17.99 he says when the clergy address general
washington his departure from the government was observed in their
consultation that he had never on any occasion said a word to the
public which showed a belief in the Christian religion and they thought they should soap and
their address as 24cm at link to publicly declare whether he
was a Christian or not they did so however Jefferson wrote in
his diary the old Fox was to come in for them he
answered every article at the dress particularly except that which he passed
over without notice I in any added is washington never did
say word on the subject in any his public papers accepted his valedictory valedictory the letter to the governor’s
the states when he resigned his commission in the army when he speaks at the benign influence
in the Christian religion I know the governor Morris who pretended
to be in his secrets in washington confidence and believes himself to be so has often
told me the George Washington believes no more in that Christian
system then he himself did the treaty with Tripoli 1797 John
Adams’s was president starts out as the
government up the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian
religion his the Virginia statute for literally
just freedom the Thomas Jefferson authored this is
when he was a member of the house a Burgess is in Virginia as a young man in
his twenties was won his first major pieces of legislation any row where the preamble to the
Virginia statute for religious freedom declares the coercion is a departure from the plan of the Holy
author of our religion and met an amendment was part proposed
by a nurse inserting the words Jesus Christ so it
should read a departure of the plan Jesus Christ all the author of our
religion insertion was rejected by the great majority in proof that they meant
to comprehend within the man to love its protection maybe the Virginia statute for religious
freedom within the metal bits protection the Juno and the Gentile the Christian and the Mohalla TN the
Hindu and infidel every denomination and then
he talks about how the ten commandments are not part a British common law therefore not
part of American English lies is finally an answer to protest cue I this is a February 10 18:14 later
doctor Thomas Cooper finally an answer to Fort sq Allans
question why the tent mamet should not now be a party the common law of England we may say they are not because they
never were christianity was not introduced until the 7th century the
conversion the first Christian king and have turkey have been taking place around the year
598 and that’ll last around six eighty-six here then was a spacehab two hundred
years during which the common law is in existence in Christianity no part of it we might as well say Thomas Jefferson
wrote but the new Tony in system of philosophy
is part of the common laws the Christian religion is in truth the alliance between church and
state in england has ever made their judges accomplices in the frauds the clergy and even bolder than they are our judges
to atlanta handy for these frauds and have been willing to lay the yoke
other their own opinions on the neck some others to extend the coercion to
municipal law to the dog must have their religion by
declaring the these make up part of the law of the land he goes on I got
a bunch more quotes here but just f.y.i okay all that said mana and bear Delaware is a manner mott
harrowing yes may not may not make a minute what
soft I trauma I I like your broadcast to really speak true watch and I i I apologize

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  1. Cut the first 38 seconds of this video, eh?

  2. i find it strange that Thom (and other liberals) never says anything bad about Islam, and nothing good about Christianity. 

  3. Christians seriously need to learn how to have an adult conversation. Quoting bible verses should not be your go to option for every time you discuss something with someone. Bible verses are black and white. The issues that we face are gray for the most part. Only Authoritarians deal in absolutes.

  4. Every state Constitution has some quoted text from the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.

  5. *******It's part of Jefferson's history when asked if he was a Christian Thomas Jefferson replied (paraphrased), " I am a Christian in that I follow the doctrines of Jesus Christ."
    *******John Jay, the first chief justice of the Supreme Court was a strong Christian who actively sought election of Christian politicians as being in the best interest of all colonist, and was one of many of our nation's founders who've honored the deity and or importance of Christianity in America's history!
    *******Another great incident involving faith in a Biblical God was reported to be that of a sighting of General George Washington who was spotted knelt in prayer during the dark period of the American Revolution, so much for the myths of Godless men but men of Christianity or at least who honored Christianity were indeed the founders of the United States, not communist or atheist!
    ******The historical Great Awakening was a mighty spiritual transformation that made America a predominately Christian Nation that continues into our, 21st century. The Great Awakening saw huge numbers of America's colonist chose the Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord during the years of the, 1730s to the 1770s; bringing forth the reality that Christ's Gospel of spiritual and moral regeneration is essential preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven, is as important today in the, 21st century as at any moment in humanities' existence!

  6. Many of the forefathers were students of the Enlightenment. Read or listen to Christopher Hitchens if you want to learn more about the forefathers, and how they felt about Christianity. Christopher Hitchens especially wrote some of the best material on Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Pain. I love reading Hitchen's work. He writes so well that you can't help but understand the subject.

  7. How unbelievably dishonest
    Deliberately misquoting

  8. THIS!!- BIBLICAL-CHRISTIANITY/IS/One Subject-YOU!!-a-Modern!!->"Catholic" &-By-Some-CATHOLICS/a-FRAUD!!-to-True/Catholicism=(Loosey Goosey!!!)… Like the Ones!!!-Who/NEVER/REMOVED->ADOLPH'S->Name!!-from-Records!!!!!!!-&-Helped NAZI'S Escape/w/The RAT LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………… Hmmm.

  9. 33rd Degree MASON->Ben Franklin->SATANIST/w/the-> "HELL FIRE Club"…… Yet Washington-converted from Anglican-to-Catholic-ROME!!!!!….. Hmmm. Intellectual Jefferson/Could NOT!!!! RECEIVE!!!!–> Child-Like–FAITH!!! We Acquiesce!!!! To-Almighty GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What a pile of misrepresentation… zoglodite and jew alert.

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