The Difference Between Concrete and Cement

The Difference Between Concrete and Cement

Concrete vs Cement Have you ever wondered what the difference
is between cement and concrete? Well, wonder no more.
In general terms, the word cement refers to any kind of binder that tightly holds other
materials together. Concrete, on the other hand, is a mixture of materials like sand,
gravel, and small rocks combined with any type of cement and water. The concoction is
then allowed to dry and harden. Basically, concrete is the stone-like structure formed
after cement and other materials are mixed together. The cement is just a part of the
recipe. Cement has been used as a binder of materiel
for millenia. No one knows for sure who first came up with the idea to use a cement substance
to bind materials together to make concrete, bricks, and other building materials. The
process can be traced back to Ancient Macedonia, but was more widely popularized during the
Roman Empire. Early forms of cement used things like lime and pozzolana, a type of volcanic
ash. The Romans were able to produce massive structures like the Pantheon and the Roman
aqueducts using this formula. Currently, cement comes in two forms: Hydraulic
and Non-Hydraulic. Hydraulic cement refers to any cement that uses water to begin a chemical
reaction that hardens the mixture and, when fully formed, creates a water resistant product.
This reaction is independent of the water content of the mixture so allows for the material
to harden even underwater. This makes it a very versatile construction material. Most
all cements used today are hydraulic cements. Non-hydraulic cement uses materials that do
not harden when exposed to water. While this type is much cheaper than hydraulic cement,
the problems of long drying times, combined with the inability to use it in wet environments
makes it a poor choice in most applications. The most common type of modern cement is portland
cement (sometimes referred to as OPC for “Ordinary Portland Cement”). This type of cement is
typically made by grinding small rock-like bits of sintered limestone and aluminosilicate
minerals into a very fine powder. Its fast drying times combined with its higher compression
strength compared to other cements, makes it a great choice for use in concrete, mortar,
grout, and stucco. Concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and
aggregates. Aggregates make up approximately 60-75% of the mixture and cement and water
make up the rest. Aggregates are usually inert course materials like gravel, crushed stone,
sand, or recycled concrete. The type of aggregate selected depends on the application of the
concrete. Given that concrete starts out as a semi-liquid,
has great weather proof properties, and high strength, its applications for use in construction
are almost endless. The benefits of concrete include its durability, fire-resistance, low
maintenance, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In fact, concrete is the most
widely used man made material on earth. From all this, it’s easy to see why some
people would use the terms cement and concrete interchangeably. One is a main ingredient
in the other. Bonus Facts:
• “Concrete” comes from the word “Concretus” which is Latin for “compact or condensed”.
• On March 21, 2011 Ed Byrne broke 55 concrete blocks with his bare hands in 4.86 seconds,
setting a new world record. The previous record for this same amount of blocks was 17.49 seconds.
• The Three Gorges Dam in China is the largest concrete structure in the world. It contains
27.2 million cubic meters of concrete. The previous record was held by the Grand Coulee
Dam in Washington State, at 9 million cubic meters of concrete, which is enough to build
an 8 foot wide sidewalk around the equator of the Earth.

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    24,874(equator in miles)*5280=131,334,720 feet
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    9,000,000 meters^3=317,832,000.5 feet^3
    317,832,000.5/1,050,677,760=.3025 feet which, due to slight rounding was most likely originally set as 1/3 of a meter

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    Concrete is a mixture of glue (water activated {processed rock based} … Portland cement or similar) , sand and small rocks.

    Mortar (used in gluing bricks, cinder blocks or large stones together) is a mixture of glue (usually Portland cement) and sand.

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