The Bumble Nums Make Sparkling Strawberry Smoothies | Kids Cartoon

The Bumble Nums Make Sparkling Strawberry Smoothies | Kids Cartoon

the bundle numbs today the bumble numbs
are going to make our cooling strawberry smoothies but what’s the secret
ingredient free sparkling strawberries the bumble numbs are in their garden
sitting ready to fix sparkling strawberries for their smoothies right
stone Rumple and that was quite the bumble tumble the
Sun is going down it’s almost the perfect time to pick the sparkling
strawberries remember bumble nums you need three
sparkling strawberries and these are flying sparkling strawberry
go catch them one good job humble too great work stumble you just need one
more sparkling strawberries three excellent Rumble now that we have
all three sparkling strawberries we can make our sparkling strawberry smoothies
let’s get these sparkling strawberries back to the bumble num kitchen yum yum
yum bumble num hit getting dark how about
giving those sparkling strawberries a shake it worked
terrific there’s the bumble nom kitchen now that was illuminating bumble nums do
you have the sparkling strawberries yeah sweet now that we have the secret
ingredient to make our sparkling strawberry smoothies it’s time for the
cooking countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 bubble mum you’ve done
it again how did it taste bumble numb

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  1. i like it ı am from turkey

  2. no hablo inglés pero estuvo muy bueno el vídeo

  3. no se si me entiendan sorry

  4. 1st, no one called it xd

  5. I saw an shooting star and that was an bright adventure that light up my mind

  6. Wow!! Amazing!! I love to drink the sparkling strawberry smoothies one day like that. You've done a good work, Super Simple Songs!! Wait for the next, dear!!

  7. I think beside use Sparkling Strawberries for cooking, Bumble Nums acn also use it on Halloween, and if they come to my house, I think I will scream really loud and give you all of the candies I have.

  8. My 2 year old absolutely loves this series.
    you guys are amazing, keep up the good work n lots of love.

  9. my daughter just loves the bumble nums! she starts cheering whenever it comes on ❤❤❤

  10. Always love your videos.

  11. I wish I can have some strawberry smoothie with blueberry inside the smoothie

  12. My students have been waiting for this episode.
    They simply love these series!
    Thank you! =D

  13. We're from the Philippines and I have a son who's 1 year and 9 months. He loves the Bumble Nums and asks for it every time he's in our room. Looking forward to more episodes!

  14. 1:42 Grumble's Secret Flying Carrer. :O

  15. how many bumble num episodes 😑

  16. Translate to language syrian

  17. Hi Super Simple TV — My daughter's favorite show is Bumble Nums, and her favorite part of the show is seeing the ant at the end of the show. She can't find the ant in show #4 (the strawberry one). So, a request: please don't forget the ANT in show number five! Thanks!

  18. My 16m old daughter love BN♡

  19. You forgot about the ant

  20. you guys should do some more of this show. Me and my little brother love this show!!😁

  21. you made me want to have a smothie

  22. I drank a strawberry shake while watching this

  23. 😁😀😁😁😁😀😁😁😁😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊

  24. ر رووونمنىووو.

  25. Fcguggkghvvhhkkhgjjhgkgjhkhgjkhgkhffhkjuyf

  26. I see stumble like a orange ball

  27. Why the bumble nums has long arms and legs

  28. A sparkling strawberry smoothie?

  29. enak jus stroberi 🍓🍓🍓

  30. the bumble nums

  31. You say strawberry smoothie

  32. My favorite strawberry

  33. Do tumbling orange cheesecake

  34. Thank you for watching! Hungry for more Bumble Nums and much, much more? Take a bite out of the Super Simple App for iOS! ►

  35. next up is stretchy spaghetti surprise – i can't wait for it!

  36. the three flying sparkling strawberries is made into smoothies.
    it's a type of drink!


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