The Bumble Nums Make Purple Pear Pie! | Cartoon For Kids

The Bumble Nums Make Purple Pear Pie! | Cartoon For Kids

The Bumble Nums Today, the Bumble Nums are going to make Purple Pear Pie But what’s the secret ingredient? Aha! Six purple pears It’s a very special day in the orchard Today is the day that all the pears change color And it looks like Humble, Grumble, and Stumble
are already here Hello, Humble Yum yum Hello, Grumble Yum yum Hello, Stumble Yum…yum? Yum Yum? Look at that, the pear’s have changed color You know what that means, Bumble Nums It’s time to pick our purple pears for our Purple Pear Pie Yum! Now remember, Bumble Nums, we need six pears And they all need to be purple Yum One purple pear Two purple pears Good job, Humble Yum Three purple pears Four purple pears Well done, Grumble Almost there Yum Five purple pears And…hmm… Where’s the sixth purple pear, Stumble? We need six purple pears for the Purple Pear Pie Yum? There it is Wonderful, Bumble Nums Six purple pears Now that we have all six purple pears, we can make our Purple Pear Pie Let’s get these pears back to the Bumble Num kitchen Yum Yum Uh oh, Bumble Nums Looks like it’s time for a Bumble tumble! Follow those purple pears! Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Well, that was quite an entrance, Bumble Nums Do we have all six purple pears? Yum Excellent Now that we have the secret ingredient for
Purple Pear Pie, it’s time for the cooking countdown! 10…9…8… 7…6…5… 4…3….2…1 Bumble Nums, you’ve done it again Make sure everyone gets a piece What a perfect Purple Pear Pie picnic How does it taste, Bumble Nums? Yum!

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  1. what a great show!! yum!!! x'))

  2. Your cartoons are always cute, funny and ludic. Your cartoons are the best SO FAR !!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Are you going to make more of these? My kids love the Bumble Nums!

  4. I seriously don't get the high number of dislikes.

  5. when will be the 3rd episode coming out??

  6. more bumble bums please! baby loves it but only 3 videos to watch.

  7. Lucky their round so they can roll

  8. My mum had to babysit a 1 year old I put this and SHE LOVED IT!!!

  9. The purple pears look like eggplants.

  10. Thank you Bumble nums. My children were obsessed with the minions. Then they discovered the Bumble nums. There are only six episodes but it's enough to keep them occupied. Please invest more into them. I think you have a hit here with these guys. If they can stop my kids from watching the minions, you have something there. Now All they ever ask is for the Bumble nums. They are four and three years old respectively. Bumble nums are better role models.

  11. I did not know the bumble nums can turn into balls

  12. this is really good, even better then my kid show. your videos are the tops!

  13. Is fun for my baby and amazing idea. 😍😍

  14. Im eating while watching this

  15. my little sister likes the bumble numes

  16. can u plz make new eps?

  17. Lol things one right there on top of the tree

  18. 172616)/)/7272$21(/52 htojvplop

  19. This is so cute and I'm 11 and I like it good job on this you did a great job

  20. "Cookbook" by PestramiShowALT

  21. More BUMBLE NUMS eps please ! My sons LOOOVEEE THEM !!

  22. Fabulosos estos vídeos para aprender inglés les felicito y les agradezco de tdo corazón.

  23. I want Thier cookbook

  24. Can the bumble nums make potato chips?

  25. My Daughter is turning 1 in 2 months here and we are absolutely THRILLED to use these cute little creatures as her theme! I would LOVE to share these pictures with you and your team. Thank you for your most entertaining catchy tunes!

  26. the bumble nums

  27. Q why do they say yum everytime

  28. That's Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Ripoff I Prefer Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Chowder and Transformers

  29. I don’t like that show

  30. where can i find bumble nums paper puppets? are there any?

  31. Thank you for watching! Hungry for more Bumble Nums and much, much more? Take a bite out of the Super Simple App for iOS! ►

  32. i'm hungry for purple pear pie!

  33. Do the BUMBLE NUMS talk than YUM yum?

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