The best way to apply foundation with Caroline Barnes | Ask The Expert | Beauty | The Pool

The best way to apply foundation with Caroline Barnes | Ask The Expert | Beauty | The Pool

Hi, my name is Caroline Barnes,I’m a
makeup artist and this is my base masterclass. Welcome to my base master
class. This is pretty much what I do on myself and all my clients. It’s really
easy, it makes the best out of your skin and its texture and therefore makes
your foundation look really fresh, natural and last as long as possible.
Right, first is skin prep. Now, whereas good skin care and makeup come together,
so do exfoliation and hydration and it’s key, There’s no point spending a fortune
on expensive moisturisers if you’re not exfoliating your skin. So, because I’m on
the go with the case of equipment, I like these masks. It’s a Murad Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel. This is a delicious face mask that is literally enveloped in hyaluronic.
Hyaluronic it’s a wonderful ingredient that literally attracts all the moisture
from around you, and it’ll seeps into your skin. So, when the time’s up just
take off your mask really gently, but don’t waste any of the product that’s on
your skin. Just basically use it on the back of your hands, on your arms, legs
that you’ve got a short skirt, and just let it absorb really well into your skin. So,
the second stage is a facial massage. Now, I really believe in facial massage but I
guarantee if you do this massage, once you’ve finished it you will definitely
feel better afterwards, so try it and see. I love to use facial oils and for this
particular massage I’m going to be using willow berry. This is a very beautiful,
natural, 100% natural oil, that looks beautiful under makeup. And I’m sure I have a really wonderful
erythema on my skin, now, which will naturally calm down, but my skin feels
invigorated and much more alive. So, before you apply your foundation just
remove the residue of oil on your complexion. Now, if you’ve got drier skin
you might not want to do that, but if your skin is very oily you might want to
remove it just in between your eyebrows, either side of the nose, and just under
the chin. You’ll find that your skin will really absorb this oil and it will
really help the connectivity and natural looking effect of your foundation. There
are many ways applying foundation: with your magic hands, which are warm and
really supple, enabling the foundation to connect well with your
skin, or a real variety of foundation brushes. Flat, tight, compact foundation
brushes like these guys give full coverage. They apply the foundation,
you’ve got little wastage, and you get the product where you want it. If you use
a slightly a fluffier brush, like this, which is a mix of synthetic and natural
fibres, you’ll get a much more delicate approach. You can always apply it with a
real dense foundation brush, like this, to start with, and then polish off your
complexion with something softer. The options are endless, it’s completely up
to you and your personal preference. So, for this masterclass I’m going to use
the new Radiant Lift from Max Factor. this is a long-wear Radiant Lift
foundation. This foundation also contains hyaluronic, one of the ingredients that
was also in my mask. Now, I’m going to start in the T-zone area because this is
where I need most coverage, around my forehead and the outer parts of my face
aren’t so red, and in the areas of pigmentation just around my brow I will
add another layer, and then I will just blend it through onto my forehead, into
the sides of my face where I don’t really need so much coverage but I just
want a kind of a lighter veil of foundation. So, I’m just taking the
foundation onto my neck as well because I’ve got really uneven skin tone. I’m
very yellow on my body, pale on my neck, and red on my face, so, I
just need to migrate the foundation, just slightly, underneath my chin so the whole
tone of my foundation looks more uniform and therefore looks more natural.
Okay, I tend to be super fussy about the way my foundation looks, so a really
good tip to make sure your foundation is really connected is to use the heat from
your hands. Rub them together and press over your complexion and just the warmth
of your hands really breaks down the foundation, making you look natural. You
can also do this if you’ve overdone the powder or maybe your skin’s a little bit
too dry. It just kind of really connects the makeup and skin together beautifully.
Now I’m going to be using a very light concealer, but I’m going to push these
two colours together because I applied the foundation all over my face, but I
want to lighten the darker areas of my face. If you want to conceal little
blemishes, obviously you use the same colour, but if you want to lighten between
your eyes, go lighter. Again the warmth of your fingers really quickly and easily
helps the product to migrate into the base. Then last but not least I’m going
to be setting my look with powder, and this is Max Factor’s Creme Puff. So, I’m
using a brush to mattify the areas of shine right in between the
brows here, either side of the nose – don’t go too close to the eyes – and underneath
your bottom lip. Now, if you mattify these areas of your face the rest of
your complexion still glows and that makes your skin look much more natural
and less made-up. So, that’s my masterclass, that’s how I like skin to
look. I hope you learnt a few things and I hope it’s been helpful.

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