The 7 Days of Creation | GCED | Bible story for young children

The 7 Days of Creation | GCED | Bible story for young children

The Seven days of Creation.
The First Day. And God said, “Let there be light. Let there be day and let there be night.”
And it was so. The Second Day. And God said, “Let there be
sky, waters beneath and waters on high.” And it was so.
The Third Day. And God said, “Let dry land appear. Let grass and trees grow far and near.”
And it was so. The Fourth Day. And God said, “Let the sun
rise. Let moon and stars shine in the skies.” And it was so.
The Fifth Day. And God said, “Let fishes abound. Let birds sing sweetly all around.” And it
was so. The Sixth Day. And God said, “Let animals
roam. Let man in Eden make his home.” And it was so. The Seventh Day. And God said, “Let all things be blessed, and let the Sabbath be for rest.”
And it was so.

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  1. This video out of all the videos I have been viewing supposedly eligible for young children has served its purpose with flying colors. It remains simple, and to the point without any distortion of this very important scripture. I would recommend it in a heart beat, thank you!!!!

  2. These illustrations are simply lovely!
    Great narration too!

  3. Very good illustration!!!

  4. This is a great children's story, like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny! It doesn't matter if it's inaccurate or scientifically false. As long as you believe in it, it's as real as you want it to be.

  5. U never created people

  6. God said women shouldn't teach religion.

  7. If god created the earth who kill the dinosaurs………..GOD. Well he didnt created the earth, it was created naturally withe the sun and mater and other natural gases and stuff in space. If god created the world, how come he not here

  8. Because GOD lives in heaven if your good you'll go to heaven and you will be a angel

  9. John 14:6. Jesus is the only way… Accept Jesus to be your Savior and you'll be able to make it to heaven. you can be a "good person" all day but miss heaven because you haven't accepted Jesus CHRIST.

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