Textured Nail Design Using Caviar Micro Beads – Quick and Easy Nail Tutorial

Textured Nail Design Using Caviar Micro Beads – Quick and Easy Nail Tutorial

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m going to do a textured nail and we’re gonna use the micro beads. It’s something that I’ve wanted to try out, so why not try it on camera? It’s gonna go wrong, ain’t it? So, I’ve got a nail here, we’re gonna use a tip today for safety reasons. Now, if this was a natural nail, you would apply the base coat and you would do this with the urban graffiti topcoat. Ideally, I think this would work better on a hard gel extension or an acrylic nail extension. So I’m gonna imagine that this is an acrylic nail extension. It’s been filed, and it’s ready for artwork. The artwork we’re gonna do is this textured nail and we’re gonna work with mega gloss. It’s slightly thicker than the urban graffiti topcoat. I’m gonna do one coat. Do you know what? I’m gonna slight, I’m not gonna full cure it. I’m gonna give it… Adam: That’s what I was just thinking. Kirsty: …gonna give it a 20-second cure, so it’s slightly tacky when it comes out the lamp. Second coat. You want enough on there so the balls can sink into this layer. Doesn’t matter what colour the microbeads are, that you use at this point. I’m gonna use this little tin lid just to catch the balls. I’m gonna sprinkle. This is like amazing already. I love it! Adam: You’re not doing a very good job of catching them. Kirsty: I’m trying. Oh dear! The more you put on, the better really because it’ll sink into any little tiny bits. Adam: Question. How are you gonna get them back in there? Kirsty: Not thought about it yet. Right! What I need to do is make sure that they’re not sticking over the edge. You can use your finger or you can use a gel brush. A dry gel brush, you don’t want it to stick to your brush. We need a nice clean edge because we don’t want them to get caught. So, if any are sticking up, you can sort of flatten them down as well, push them into place. Right! I’m gonna cure that. Into the lamp it goes. I quite like sprinkling them. I feel like I’m decorating cakes. Now, we’re gonna use from the metallics range, this colour. I think this is called Going for Gold. Ooh, I like it already! Adam: I thought you were going to …. Kirsty: Not do this? Adam: … topcoat then put that on because… Kirsty: No! The balls are shiny. Adam: I thought you had to topcoat them …ah, right. Kirsty: See, there’s top coat underneath. The balls are already shiny. These sort of microbeads are already shiny. Kirsty: It has to go on to a shiny surface than the metallic polish does. Adam: That’s what I was confused about. I thought you were gonna topcoat, then put that on, then topcoat again. Kirsty: No! Now, if any balls come off like that one there, see? Just wipe that away. You don’t want to put that back into the lamp. Lamp? Bottle. You want to let that dry and then, I think we’ll need one more coat. I’m gonna put another coat on now. Drag it nice and thin. It’s reminding me of something like something a Greek god would wear or Egyptian or something. You know what I mean? Adam: I do! Kirsty: What is it though? Adam: It’s like a beard. Like the depiction of a beard or a sheep. The golden fleece, that’s it. Kirsty: The golden fleece?
Adam: Yeah! Did you pick like the way it was depicted? But I’ve seen beards like that as well, but I don’t know what in. Kirsty: What? Like a real beard? Adam: No. Depictions of… Kirsty: Right! I really like it. I’m gonna use, I’m not gonna use a mega gloss to seal it. And I’m gonna use the urban graffiti because it’s thinner and it works better over the metallic range. Make sure you cover all the nail, make sure you go around the sides. Get all those edges done. Then just give it a few seconds to sink in. The gravity will pull it down through all those little bits. And then you can pop it in the lamp and cure that. I like this! It’s like one of them games. That is cool. I like it. I Want one. Want one. It’s worked! I like it! Adam: So it is textured?
Kirsty: Yeah! Feel. Adam: Oh yeah.
Kirsty: Ain’t it good? Adam: That’ll be another like fidgety one. Kirsty: Oh, you’d have to keep rubbing that and messing with it. Yeah, I would mess with that. I think you would have to clean it with a toothbrush… Adam: Yeah. Kirsty: if you’ve got foundation stuck in it and things like that, clean it with a toothbrush and you’ll be fine. So, there we are guys! That is how to do a textured nail using the microbeads. I hope you’ve enjoyed that. All the products that I’ve used today will be listed below. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye! Let me just answer this it’s Jam. Jam, jam, jam, jam. I love jam. Jam: Hiya.
Kirsty: Hiya. Jam: Are you coming home?
I’m just saying jam, jam, jam, jam. I love jam. Babysitter: Jam’s the best. Are you still coming to mine at half 9? Yeah, I’m at work still. You’re at work still?
Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: Do you really call this work? Kirsty: Have you heard him? Says do you really call this work? Jam: Are you with Adam?
Kirsty: Yeah. Jam: Hi Adam.
Kirsty: She says, “Hi Adam!” Adam: I can hear her on me headphones.

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