Textured Gold Foil Wedding Cake Tutorial

Textured Gold Foil Wedding Cake Tutorial

Hey I’m Tracie! welcome to or welcome back to my youtube channel. I absolutely love how this texture turned out! it’s subtle
and yet beautiful; kind of marble-esk and of course the gold leaf is shiny!
(Who doesn’t want a shiny Wedding Cake?) Enough said let’s get to it! Since this is only a display cake, I’m using a foam dummy, and to make it taller, I’m just
using a layer of rice krispie treats. I’ll coat that in buttercream. As you can see, I put a little lid on the
top, that’s just so I can hold it down and scrape at the same time. That’s a
trick I learned when I did pottery smooth out the surface of that Icing. here’s a piece of mylar folder to crisp
up that edge. here I’ve covered a 10 inch, an 8 inch and a 6 inch cake all in some
marshmallow fondant. here I’m using a little fondant paste to fill in that gap. and now I’m going to create the texture.
here I have some ivory food color, mixing it with a little alcohol. and this is just a scrunched up piece of
plastic wrap. I’ll dip it in the color and I will dab it on the cake like a
sponge. it creates that nice texture effect I have moistened the fondant just a
little bit with a little hand steamer and I’m going to apply the edible gold
leaf. I’ll have a link in the description box so you know where to buy that. It’s easy to place the gold onto a wet surface using a dry paintbrush I have a general idea of the direction
I’m going to place the gold but mostly I’ll be putting on randomly. now it’s finished with that beautiful
ivory texture and that shiny gold foil So, recently I teamed up with a company
called SCALEABOUT. It’s a platform where you can go on and you can ask me a
question and then I will come on a video, just like this, and answer you directly
and personally. Go to I am going to leave a link down in the
description box and ask me your questions I would love to hear from you

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