Texture Pressing

Texture Pressing

Hi, this is Ky at Splitcoaststampers and I’m
here to share with you a way to get texture onto your cards without adding a lot of bulk.
Sometimes when you’re ready to do a card you want to have a texture that matches your stamp
set but you don’t have a mask or a way to create one. This is an easy way to do it.
It’s called Texture Pressing. I’m going to be using some Whipped Spackle, some Stampin’
Up ink (Pacific Point), and then a textured stamp. This is from Awesomely Artistic, also
by Stampin’ Up. Just a little piece of cardstock and a palette knife. You can get the really
cheap package of plastic palette knives. What you’re looking for is one that’s going to
give with you. You’re going to take some of the texture paste on your knife and you really
don’t need very much of this, this stuff lasts forever. You just want a little bit. It’s
a little bit like icing. You’re going to come right to your paper and smooth it out. You
don’t want a whole lot. If you get some someplace else you can move it – this is movable, workable. I’ve only got just a little bit on there if you can see that. I’ll take my stamp – when
you stamp on this, it’s wet and it’s slick – you saw that I was moving it around there
very easily – so when you put your stamp into it, just press, but don’t push too hard because
it will just slip right out from under you. Lift while you’re holding the cardstock. And
there you have it. Here’s an example of one that I’ve already done. When you’re out shopping
for product like this and you can’t find Whipped Spackle, there are other options. Liquitex
and Golden both have a product called Modeling Paste and it works exactly the same way. The
only thing is it’s a little more expensive because it’s artist grade and it’s made to
last longer. . There’s also a variety of colors of Modeling Cream, so if you wanted to take
your stamp and instead of going into it with an ink color, just get up a little scoop on the back of your knife and come across. This does dry a little bit faster
so you don’t have quite as much time to work with it but it still works beautifully. Then
again you just go back in with your stamp and gently lift. I’m pushing the card down
while I’m pulling the stamp up, and you get that wonderful texture. When you’re done with
your project remember to clean your stamp. I have a used toothbrush that I keep right
by the sink specifically for cleaning stamps. You don’t want to let that dry in there. This
technique does not work well with clear polymer stamps. They just don’t have the structure
needed, but you can try it with yours and see what you get. I always encourage you to
try things. If you’re like me and you really want to stretch your dollars, you can go to
any home do it yourself store and you can buy spackling or joint compound paste in a
big tub like this for about the same price as this. Just sayin’. 🙂 So give it a try
and I’d love to see what you do in our gallery. Thank you.

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  1. love the concept, will try it. TFS

  2. Hi Kyra ~ Love the look of this!! I was looking for a new technique to try today and this is perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us paper crafters!

  3. Hi Kyra! Thank you for sharing. Take care, Kim 🙂

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