Texture Modding Tutorial for Metal Gear Solid V

hello in this tutorial I’ll walk through the steps with making a texture mod for metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain i hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful first you should download the tools and resources for texture modern you’ll need the GS tool BF text tool and the nvidia texture tool for adobe photoshop or gimp for this tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop and for convenience also be using the sage thumbs windows extension you’ll also want to download this modern resource for use later thanks to all these tools can be found in the description down below once you’ve downloaded all of these tools be sure to unpack them to someplace permanent for the purpose of this tutorial I’ll just be keeping them in the download folder with these tools you’ll be able to unpack edit and repacked foxygen texture files and the next steps of this tutorial I’ll explain what the tools are used for as well as some messages I’ve learned to make texture modding a smooth simple experience for the next step locate the texture 0 and chunks 0 dat files and your master folder inside your MGS 5tp directory just in case i’d recommend making to copy these files once you found and copy the two dat double click on one and manually associated with the GS tool alternatively you could drag and drop the DAT file onto the GS tools exe but associating the file is a faster solution in the long run the GS jewel will begin to unpack the DAT file you click on which allows us to edit the content expect the unpacked to take awhile depending on the bio five when junk zero impact we can process action of the game files chunky row contains a wide variety of files including the pact Fox texture file type also known as p.m. TXS since this is a texture tutorial will be focused on the pft excess file type the fence and pain has many textures but today we’re just going to walk through a simple edit of the ground zero sneaking suit will need to navigate their chunk zeros directories in order to find the player outfits open assets TP pack player parts in this folder you’ll probably notice a couple of familiar names there are multiple file extensions for each file name for example PL parts gmail has a PSP excess and fpk and an SDK d because of this I find it convenient to sort by file type just like with the DAT files we can associate pft excess files with the GS tools well click on a PSP excess and manually selected to open with a-gps tool the unpacked pft excess contains the textures that the game will load and if we edit these textures the changes will appear in game however an unmodified pft excess will only have a fraction of the entire texture file in a moment I’ll explain how to find the entire texture from the texture 0 dat but first I need to explain the games texture file type known as FX and FX s to put it simply a single texture is split into multiple FX s file with a single as txt file to bind them together for each texture there’s usually three Aztecs s file but that number can vary however there will always only be a single s txt file after opening any PSP excess you’ll notice that it only provides us with the text file and the first text s file for anyone texture so we’ll need to gather the other MXF files from texture 0 dat extra zero will contain all texture files for chunks Europe so we can be sure to find all the files we need there copy the name of the file you’d like to find and we’ll take advantage of the church parks the FTX and it’s f’d excess files will be in the same directory picture associate the f text file with an text tool the GS tool cannot convert text files so make sure you use the F text tool for this file type f textual will create a dps file from the texture you open the safe zone attention will come in handy for browsing dps files without opening for finding a particular texture or for opening multiple files a personal method that I find works very well is to mass convert all of the textures from PFS to do this I swear the pft access files by file type copy all of the x-files and paste them into texture 0 then I can sort by date modified to sort out the f text files that i copied over States thumbs will also let you preview the image through it thumbnail so this is particularly useful when you have a lot of files now you can edit the textures in Photoshop i’ll just be making some simple changes to show that the mock works after making changes to the file save it as a DBS save non-normal that textures as DX t1 and normal map texture as DX t5 make sure compression quality is set to max and the sharpening for the image is set to zero these settings will help preserve the image quality once you have saved the changes take the deep miles back to the PX s folder and open the dps filetype with EFT text tool Burt the file into an F txt file and FX s files you can confirm the conversion by checking the date modified column now that the edited textures are in the pft excess folder we need to repack the pft excess we also need to include the FX s files that were originally packed into the file to do this open the xml file that was created when we first unpacked the PFDs it will be a list of file path for every file included in the pft excess find the file path of the modified texture and add the new FX s file paths once the changes are made and saved to the xml now it’s time to finally repack the pft excess open the xml file with gps tools the textures will be repacked into a new BF TXS file using this modified pft XS are changes made to the textures will now appear in games step to installing this file is by using the snakebite mod manager in the next tutorial will cover how to format your mod fresh make buy it but for now I hope you found this tutorial helpful if you have any questions or better methods for texture modding we share your thoughts in the comments down below also if you’re interested in more modern discussion check out our mgs5 modding discord server to join all you need to do is follow the link in the description thank you for watching

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