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  1. Who here thinks that James should still make videos because I think he is awesome

  2. Can you kind of see his eyebrows were crooked

  3. and why aren’t you wearing a bikini sister


  5. 10000 anyone?!?! JUST mE? Fuck y’all…… depressed cowboy 🤠 *  *подавленный ковбой

  6. 12:16 this is hot

  7. :▂▄▄▓▄▄▂
    ◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤
    █▄ █ ███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬

  8. James are you talking about flashback mary

  9. Imma bout to save someone right now, DO NOT USE THE BETTER THAN SEX WATERPROOF!!! I REPEAT DO NOT USE THE BETTER THAN SEX WATERPROOF!!! I absolutely positively DOES NOT WORK! I went swimming for an hour rubbed my eye ONCE, and the mascra was EVERYWHERE! I have tried it so many times and each time it fails and runs. So listen to me and do not waste your money.

  10. I L💓V💓 Y😘U

  11. The red shade in the James Charles palette anyone agree

  12. What was you doing in the pool

  13. He looks pretty without makeup acually

  14. I can’t even get a date so I’m ok!
    Make this blue if you can’t get a date too!

  15. Almost the 1 year anniversary of this video! X

  16. He's grown up so much in just 1 year omg

  17. 10:41 what is that in his eyes

  18. Ur a boy and why do u use makeup

  19. Do your make up with one eyeshadow brush !!!!

  20. What is the name of the settle spray ?

  21. You’re really entertaining

  22. You have a PINK undertone omg. "This is a good match" its not tho lol

  23. His makeup is not it in this video

  24. Why he looks that bad here?😂

  25. There is waterproof eyeshadow and foundation and lipstick all made by the company senegence

  26. Lipsense lipstick is water proof I go to the beach and water parks w it and they make a remover to get the lipstick off I love it and it’s my go to lipstick !!!!

  27. What lipgloss was this

  28. I would just use skin products and mascara if i were to wear makeup to the pool but i rub my eyes and whole face..would all the makeup come off ?

  29. does anyone else notice the dabbing manikin in the background

  30. okay jade here i did it

  31. Love the makeup 💄

  32. Just found your channel, your beautiful and extremely talented. I’m an instant gan🥰🥰🥰

  33. You are so so so so so so pretty like wow!

  34. can you do my makeup for my bday in 4 more months on the 1st

  35. I don’t swim backwards right 😬😶

  36. Ok I have to be honest I’m only here because hextian said that you are the best but being seriously you are the best at make up and everything you do girl and you and hextian should do a video together would be a great Kalab🤩

  37. woah you’re lips got thin

  38. 6:30 the James Charles pallet bb 🙂

  39. that foundation match… sweatie 😤

  40. 2019 anybody?????


  42. Peeps of 2019 where are u guys at!!

  43. Did he just call me babe I’m not babe I’m a sister lol 😂

  44. at the start of his every video

    HeY sIStERs

    no affence james


  45. So freaking cringe😂😂😂

  46. I wonder how long can you last talking without moving your hands

  47. Discovered u today. Love your straightforward, positive vibe. Will buy the foundie coz of this!

  48. Hi i Love you❤️💋

  49. اول مشفتك خفت تكوت عربي مو نقصنا فضايح 😟😞

  50. You are a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Who else is questioning if the setting powder was water proof

  52. And James’s talks normal speed to me

  53. Are you a girl? Nah your not your so go to Jupiter to get more stupider and uglier

  54. Go get plastic surgery

  55. Hi James I love ya vids

  56. You have beautiful eyes

  57. This isn’t my actual user name or is it called aAccount

  58. Oh and I just started watching your videos and I already love them and you 😁❤️❤️

  59. Any sisters here in 2019. Like if you are

  60. Me: James, your eyes look really good today. How have I never noticed that.

    Me a second later: wait you have brown eyes. Those are contacts.


  61. Omg 18 year old jamesss

  62. who’s here after nikkis video 😂

  63. I love watching you James but….. my friends would make fun of me so I keep it a secret I never tell nobody.-. -.-

  64. 0:00 is that a dabbing mannequin

  65. I love your makeup so so so much. Love you James charles💖🌸

  66. You look like Dua OMG😂

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