Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 2, finding materials to build a hut

Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 2, finding materials to build a hut

I’ve found a small stream This is an airy place where has plenty of light, and food Beside the stream, there are soft soil which can be used to build houses We need to find sturdy woods to make frames And need to measure carefully so that the hut can be sturdy It is so lucky that there is a lot of soil There are many types of durable vines Which are useful for tying This place is rainforest, so there are also many kinds of dangerous insects So I make the floor higher than the land Bamboos are the materials used to make the floor They are common, durable and convenient But be careful! They can hurt you Bởi vì chúng rất sắc This material is really soft and easy to weave With the hollow construct, they are suitable for making the roof’s frames The roof is made by the leaves of palm tree Which is the local tree of Vietnam They grow annually and appear everywhere in the forest Their leaves are long and high durable We need to weave them and fix them by bamboo sticks And then stack over each other Therefore, I can ease even if it pours down with rain A yellow crab beside the stream

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  1. Near by wood cutting sawmill working

  2. bạn làm khéo thật, mình xem và biết thêm được rất nhiều kiến thức bổ ích, thanks

  3. i like your video

  4. What is the machete/hatchet you’re using a lot in these videos? I’d love to know how to make one or buy? Great videos thanks.

  5. Wow….amazing….😮😮👍👍👍

  6. Very nice, really good use of all the plants as materials.

  7. if any dangerous animals comes to get you just use tiger style 😛 i love the mambo it's very strong material.

  8. I like the way he almost split his own finger 🙂

  9. Great and usefull work

  10. the way you weaved the roofing sections was great!

  11. Wonderful and beautiful rainforests. for how long did you built this hut? are you alone doing this video or you have your own crew members? it is great video. amazing skills…. thanks so much for sharing this. { Love from Malaysia – Shah }

  12. He never EAT,.. 😂 should have

  13. Who cares about mosquitos..

  14. whre you come from?

  15. That's bamboo floor was one of the coolest things I ever see by handmade 👍

  16. Not another dick without footwear, nobody is falling for that shit anymore. Perhaps " Love Island " is more you're calling.

  17. Wow beautiful congratulations

  18. I choose to make friend with bear, to sleep in same cave.

  19. Bonjour depuis la France,

    Je suppose que vous parlez français: j'ai regardé votre construction avec un grand plaisir et grand étonnement de voir avec quelles facilités vous trouvez sur place toute le nécessaire à condition de savoir comment tout transformer (les poteaux consolidés à la base, la paillasse tressée, et le toit…).

    Cela semble si facile et formidable, et j'ai pensé àala patience et à l'agilité d'un maître bouddhiste avec sa hutte pour méditer au son de la nature et du cours d'eau…

    Pour faire les nœuds cependant, vous ne montrez oas beaucoup comment vous tordez les fins fils de bambous vert pour faire tenir et joindre les différentes structures entre elles… Un secret bien utile pour assurer une solidité contre le vent et la pluie torrentielle…

    Merci pour cette démonstration de votre savoir faire authentique, pratique et accessible

    Paix, joie et douceur
    Bien cordialement

  20. He used only one tool for everything… cool….!!!

  21. The construction skill excellent,but build a shelter in the shore of the river is insane,if star the storm the amount of water increace rapidly and will washe your hut in blink of eye

  22. very skillful….wow

  23. เก่งมากๆครับ

  24. Lo que no comprendo es porqué van descalzos por esos suelos.

  25. Thank you for sharing your skills with us.

  26. Me from indonesia.mantapp

  27. You don't need girlfriend or wife
    You can leave Alone..
    You can build hut
    You can provide food
    You are AMAZING !!!

  28. I have see so many people camp in jungle, but this person is same like me when go camp,,i also used machete when camping since i 12 year jungle machete very useful.we can see the different when asia and west go to camping. Asia only bring machete, west people will bring axe and saw..

  29. Good work. We said a hut is in mizo "Thlâm"..

  30. Very good camera

  31. May i know how long does you take to finish the hut?

  32. The loud buzzing would take some getting used to! These videos are amazing! They really show the ingenuity of the human being! Well done sir 🙂

  33. The govt. should fine him. At the cost of the environment, he shouldn't do stuffs the love of money. Stupid!

  34. Sounds of drilling and grinding.. 2.08

  35. He build hut EXPERTLY.. Awesome job! 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  36. Are u going to stay forever there?

  37. excelente, me gustaría saber cuanto tiempo utilizo para hacer esa casita

  38. I like this video, thank you sir.

  39. Please Share "how to create bamboo….

    And Answer goes Towards only ONE CREATOR… HE knows what we need to survive…. ALHAMDULILLAH FOR EVERYTHING….❤

  40. โคตรทึบ. ป่า.

  41. Que talento cuando iso el piso de su casa. Mejor q baldosas jajaja

  42. Anh này là người nước nào vậy nhỉ ?

  43. not many young people that have the skills to weave bamboo floors and tie leaves for the roof. Good work, good nature, good video. 👍👍👍

  44. Don't forget to press "like" and "subscrible" to support us. Have fun watching !!!

  45. The way you Build, the way you make your,s Fire, its unbelievable!!!! AMAZINGGGGG absolutly!! Thank you my friend, for shearing this SERIE….MAY GOTT BLESS YOU!!!!!

  46. So, how well does a bamboo hut last? 5yr, 10, 20? What is that buzzing noise?

  47. This guy is really a also from philippines a tropical country too..

  48. This is better rather than those fucking feral eating children

  49. Does your rainforest got Tiger?

  50. now this is what you call survival tactics , thumbs up for you mr. handsome guy.

  51. All primitive vedios I watch this one is the real primitive man. Good job bro be careful always 👌❣️

  52. 没有华人喜欢看野外求生视频吗?

  53. Thank u for not wearing shorts without any shirt like many other who copy primitive technology

  54. I wanna live with you and watch you work all day long while I’m doing my manicure😝😝😝

  55. Ra tauu sandaln sikl e kokk r knek rii yooo😅😅

  56. wow, really smart

  57. 竹紐はナルホド。

  58. 2:30 это че болгарка на заднем фоне?

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