Supreme Revenge: Josh Holmes Interview

Supreme Revenge: Josh Holmes Interview

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  1. mitch mcconnell is not a nazi. but he's the enbler of nazis.

  2. The Taliban have shaven their beards and slipped back into their communities.

    The KKK no longer wear their pillowcases …. they wear suits now. They are walking in your halls of power.
    The klansmen are your "mainstream conservatives". You normalised them …and this puppy dog is the next their generation.

  3. After viewing the program, and listening to this and other interviews, I have to conclude the Frontline team in this case was completely biased towards the Republican point of view. Certainly the Democrats have not always acted responsibly, but to hear how you have spun the story, the Republicans are pure as driven snow on judicial nominations. Bullshit! And a center-right Supreme Court? Who does this arrogant fellow think he is fooling? Merrick Garland was a centrist judge. Even if Hillary Clinton had been elected she would only have been able to seat centrist nominees. The so-called threat of a super liberal court, with a Republican majority, was a fantasy. What Trump and McConnell have given us is not a center-right court, it is a far-right court, the consequences of which will tear this country apart. Don't even get me started about Mr. Holmes suggestion that the women who filled the halls of Congress, during the Kavanaugh hearings, were all paid/organized protesters. And invoking the nuclear option…gee who did that for Supreme Court nominations? Why it was Mitch McConnell! I sincerely hope Republicans come to rue that decision!!!

  4. Bork was "QUALIFIED"? Bork was the William Barr of his day. Did Nixon's bidding in obstructing justice. Bork did not believe Americans has a Constitutional right to privacy. To be fair, this little fascist would likely consider Barr an excellent choice for the Supreme Court. The good news is: The GOP has written their own death warrant. They are roundly despised by huge majorities of voters under 40. Demographics doom Republicans to irrelevance.

  5. McConnell is solely responsible for the downfall of American democracy as we know it. Never considering the welfare and the Good of the American people, instead, pushing agendas for power.

  6. I've tried to figure out Mitch McConnell. I need to read more. But, in simplest terms he seems to be a good guy who turned evil. Common consensus seems to be that his motivation is solely power for power's sake, which has been true for a long time. I have not been able to find him now being committed to anything being raising money for Republicans, maintaining his own power, and making every other human being's life a living hell. I wish I knew something that would allow me to see good in him. It is very hard for me to believe I am living in a world with a person who is pure evil. Maybe I will learn that there is some hidden good in him?

  7. I always thought FRONTLINE was respected journalism. This is so bias! (The whole series.) I am very disappointed with PBS.

  8. McConnell the most corrupt leader in us history.

  9. Koch bros runs pbs all bullshit. After Revolution getting rid of corrupt Supreme Court and corrupt PBS.

  10. Don't watch this shit its all lies

  11. Frontline needs to stop being subsidized by taxpayers. Get this passive aggressive stealth liberalism bs off of public television.

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