Supersized Clamshell Box Culvert Install – 407 ETR & Anchor Concrete

Big highways require big box culverts and
that’s why Anchor Concretes clamshell box culvert was specifically designed for the
407 ETR extension, an Ontario publically owned toll road. This culvert, once it is complete will serve will serve as an underpass for local wildlife, a short span bridge for motorists that use the highway and also for water conveyance. The clamshell box culvert was lifted and placed in two sections starting with the base installation. The cantilever joint design allowed each piece weighing over 35 tonnes to be quickly and easily placed
in about 7 minutes. Once this project is complete the culvert will be 76.6 metres long, making it one of the largest precast installations of culvert in the province of Ontario. Once the base is installed, mastic sealant and liquid grouting is applied to the groove of the base giving the structure a watertight seal. The culvert tops are then ready to be
lifted from the trucks and placed on the groove of the base. In just 4 days, over 2640 tonnes of concrete was placed on this site. Quick and easy installations are just one of the ways Anchor concrete helps you and the 407 stay on time and on budget.

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