Struggles of Not Feeling Latino Enough

Struggles of Not Feeling Latino Enough

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  1. Omg Eli grew up in northwest Indiana I'm from there

  2. Love you guys so love yourselves (The whitest guy you dont know.) =)

  3. omg a big thing is if you are a little fair and don’t speak spanish but are latina omg they hate on you

  4. This is true. My dad's Mexican while my mom's Honduran- I'm 1st generation from both sides, but the only thing that I don't like are avocadoes. I swear I'm a Latina but not every Latino/a likes avocados. The same goes for appearance, I have pale skin and a mix between brown and blackish hair, so the dice is cast when someone is either surprised that I speak Spanish or that I don't look Latina.

  5. im puerto rican and white and growing up well i could speak spanish but well being around my white mother sometimes id be asked is that my mom or friend while well not being to close to my white heritage for me when im with spanish im white and when im with white im not one of them so yeah sometimes we have to except we are never gonna be enough for people and just be enough for ourselves

  6. This has been my life lol. I'm a pale skin Puerto Rican who grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. I've never fit in anywhere my whole life, it's pretty frustrating.

  7. I encounter this all the time, but no matter who our parents are or where they come from what matters is how much you choose to learn about your heritage. I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish but I learned it in school, lived in 2 Spanish speaking countries and met people who I consider “mi gente” . You can learn a lot when you are willing to take riesgos!

  8. cuajada is so good even tho I don’t even like cheese 😂

  9. I’m very American but I’m half Brazilian

  10. 2:12 the gasp that came out of my mouth 😂

  11. I can totally relate since my mother is mexican american and she doesn't really resonate with her hispanic side so I never really got to experience it until I was much older. Granted, I get a lot of sideways looks since I have a completely anglo name and look about me. I have embraced it much more as I have gotten older and yes there are still many things about mexican culture that confuse the hell out of me but hey it isn't an all or nothing situation.

  12. Go to your country and they will let you know asap.

  13. Honestly, Eli it doesn't matter if you don't like plantains. A lot of people here in Puerto Rico (and in any other Caribbean island) don't like plantains either. Its odd, yes, because the Caribbean is mostly plátano, viandas and seafood but it happens with us too 😂

  14. Im not latina but i can relate when its comes to my nationality

  15. Imagine being from spain

  16. Patas chuca

    Srry if i spelled it wrong and its a mini salvador in my house too

  17. Ughhhh I’m constantly being told I’m not black enough!!! And I hate it.

  18. Curly: ugh but it tastes sooo good tho

  19. Half dominican my dad, mom from Vermont, little Spanish but I am totally embracing my Latina roots even more now. I have felt out of tune with my Latina side too. But working at a Title 1 school and speaking Spanish with the kids helps me a lot. They think I dont know Spanish its hilarious!!🤣🤣🤣

  20. Im resinate with this video so much

  21. I RELATE SOOOOOOO MUCH😥. I speak spanglish but even when i try my friends jokingly say "stop speaking it" and i feel embarrassed to be dominican🇩🇴. I know how to dance to any spanish genre, and yet people like to call me gringa😑.

  22. I'm in Houston and I get called gringo from Mexicans quite a bit. I'm Mexican and was born here so I'm not a real Mexican lol

  23. I don't feel Latina enough because my Spanish is not that perfect:/

  24. El anuncio de Verizon me tiene saturada

  25. As a Mexican American I understand now as an adult that our communication is very … not tactful and sarcastic. It’s usually to have fun and maybe terms of endearment. Like “gorda” or “pocha” or …. like literally laughing and giggling when you’re speaking Spanish to them. I learned this really affected my self esteem. Most of the my relatives and family don’t do it on purpose maybe some of them did but I like what what curly said. You have to be kind to each other. And if not at least Know who u are. You are perfect the way u r❤️☮️ 🔥🇺🇸 🇲🇽

  26. Mamao = Asshole but some use it as gay, but Mexicans dont use it at all, but us from the islands use this but means different things

  27. Fake ass Latinos

  28. I feel like the most common problem is not talking spanish. Is that right?
    If it is so, the lenguage is a big part of the culture, so you have not really embraced it.

    And so you all know, you are third culture persons, and that is great. But do never forget your two root cultures

  29. I'm a quarter Mexican I was raised by my Mexican grandma she always is saying that I look like her but Im to white and I need to get a darker tan

  30. Ser latina blanca es deficil

  31. Is it weird I saw a Spanish ad before this

  32. que no te gustan los plataNos….QUE !!!!! seguramente eres republicano tambien 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎

  33. You can’t tell the difference because you aren’t Mexican . That’s understandable not everyone is lucky

  34. I definitely can relate! My father is Cuban and mother is straight white! When I was a teen living in my dad's house and my stepmom was straight Puerto Rican I started speaking a little Spanglish and sometimes I get crap from other Latinos . I'm not gonna lie it hurt. I am lacking in tan lol but that I'm older I'm more comfortable in trying to speak Spanish and yo soy cubaña and when others ask why are you so white I am able to know yes my mother is white but also I can educate others about the Cuban heritage and how we have a wonderful blend of people.

  35. To paraphrase Mace Windu:
    – You are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of insert hispanic nationality here

  36. They should make a video about Latinas with white skin it is really sad when something you’ve grown in and around as a culture people think you lie about your culture and roots :/

  37. This that hurt. My friend born in Venezuela. Who came to the U.S less then a year ago and I had to help her. Now she speaks good English. But then I hung out with her for her birthday and was telling her step mom about me and my friend. Are “Gringas” because we were born in the states. Umm. That. Shit. Hurts. And like I normally don’t care about what people think but when it comes to my race. Yes it hurts.

  38. Im Italian but I can relate it sucks not being able to speak your ethnicities language and I dont know certain customs because I was never taught them so I have to learn them using the internet

  39. Thank you. Love being apart of LITERALLY the most diverse ethnic group on the planet. We have the power to literally end racism. We Latinos range from Afro-Latinos, to Asian Latinos and to blonde hair and blue eyed. I love it. 💕
    People from Portugal speak… Portuguese … doesn’t make them less Latino 😂 cmon ppl

  40. Northwest Indiana!!! Represent! I’m mixed race (white and Mexican) and it is a constant battle between the two experiences

  41. I dont like america even though I was born in america. Plus dont u dare say that i am American because my mother tongue was mexican and i didn't even speak spanish till i was 7 for some reason and I'm still bad at english

  42. People always tell me that I'm not Latino enough because I don't speak Spanish I don't know how to dance and people are always calling me gringa and always ask me if I'm sure that I'm Latino and tell me that I look too white

  43. Why is Curly my Salvadoran god mother 😭😂

  44. I can relate so much to everyone growing up in the US And in SoCal and not knowing Spanish! I really wish I learned Spanish cause I feel it kept me away from my culture, the only thing that keeps me rooted to being Mexican American is my cooking 💕

  45. My Dad is African American And My Mom is Chicano I’m born Murrieta and Raised In Temecula California USA 🇺🇸

  46. in Now I Live in San Carlos/San Mateo California USA 🇺🇸

  47. Dude I'm Mexican 🇲🇽 and PR 🇵🇷 and Mexicans roll their R's but Puerto Ricans don't roll their R's a lot it's difficult ash 😂

  48. I'm half anglo half Hispanic, raised as a child with mainly my anglo half up until I was like 14 or so. I've always felt like I could never be the right amount of both but I loved being both, so it wasn't that big of an issue, internally, for me. I am a grown ass adult now and try to soak in as much history and culture as I can, from each side, so I can continue to stay a proud half-breed.

  49. I’m Latina and I like listening to Kpop and my cousin used to tell you not a true Latina

  50. Omg so much people tell me that😕 and it sucks

  51. Hahaha, the Latins were the ancient inhabitants of the Italian peninsula. Dude, you are Tainos no Latinos. Buy a couple of books of history you lack the very basic of history. Please explain to me how the Latins managed to get from Rome to South and Central America considering they only had boats like the "Deceris, Actuaria" and so forth does are boats that are ok to cross the Mediterranean sea but definitely not to cross the ocean. So, how did your Roman family came to South or Central America? Are you descendent of Julius Cesar? How do you feel to have a forefather like Julius Cesar? Must feel very nice I guess. Hahahaha

  52. I get literally passed over by older hispanic people for looking white and not being able to speak Spanish. None of these things are my fault! I feel like the very people who are my family/community are telling me that I'm not wanted where I am. I didn't know any white people before college, and now that I do I KNOW that's not where I belong. #homeless #lonely I feel like the dog that people bring to that family's no-pet house that should be left outside while everyone else parties in the back.

  53. Family: your so grino! Friend's: ur mexican! When I'm half Dominican and half colombian Smh. My parents didn't teach me Spanish bc they wanted my first language to be English

  54. I thought Vicente Fernandez and the other guy we're the same

  55. el queso con lastortillasssahhhh

  56. Wait you can’t tell the difference from Vicente and Pedro Infante!!?

  57. Am I the only Mexican that doesn’t like beans or Mexican cheese

  58. I was born in Colombia, adopted to Caucasian/USA parents. I had zero influence or knowledge about my culture. Many LatinX have been extremely mean and totally rejected me is some of the rudest ways. I am baffled by how unwelcome I feel. I would think, someone would want to welcome a lost daughter and embrace her/show her her missing culture.

    Apparently, not.

  59. Why is no one talking about what Curly said. He said that the cheese smells like dirty feet I'm crying😂😂

  60. Too latin for your white friends, too white for your latin friends

  61. In my childhood my grandparents decided to get rid of Spanish in the house hold because my uncle was Down syndrome. And that caused my mom being the youngest child to not speak any Spanish, and bc she never fit in with the Latino crowd for not speaking Spanish, she grew to separate us from the culture. So then comes me and I never identified with anyone because our traditions/ customs were cast away from us in an effort to help my uncle be able to live easier here in the u.s.

  62. I love this group so much! I identify with not being Latino enough because I look white. My brothers all look different. I speak Spanish fluently. And I get praise and then I get people looking at me like I’m stuck up. I can’t win either! Keep up the great work!!!

  63. I remember growing up not speaking to much spanish! Always embraced my culture, the music, the food and everything! All my friends was spanish! Hung out with a lot of them, but always felt like I was left out cus I didn’t speak to much! Years later I am happy I learned and understood the importance of my culture and have slowly adapted to it and wanting to embrace and learn more! Soy un puertorriqueño negro pero, siempre se confunde con ser dominicano! pero amo a mis dominicanos de la misma manera que amo a mis puertorriqueños

  64. I am 50% Colombian and I don’t speak Spanish

  65. Everyone just finds a way to be superior to others. If youre family is latino and you grew up in America you grow up in both worlds. So you are not from here or there making you an easy target for the insecurities of others. Its whatevers at the end of the day. You are your own person.

  66. I can’t even EXPLAIN how much I understand you guys! Even my American friends would tell me I’m not Latino enough because I don’t know how to dance batchata, salsa, or speak Spanish around them when they want me to. My family in Mexico always made us look lazy because we use washing machines and don’t do it by hand. They said that we were spoiled brats. I mean, it’s in my veins I know I’m Latina I don’t care what you say!

  67. OMG I can relate soo much !!! 😭👌
    Like I will go to Mexico i be told by my family "you not real Mexican" but when I'm in the USA I'm told "you not real American" 🙄

  68. I struggle with "identity" a lot just because I don't feel like I belong anywhere. im Puertorican, Dominican, black, and white. The problem with that is I don't speak Spanish and I didn't come from D.R or P.R along with im pale af .so when ppl ask me whats my race or ethnicity I tell them and they don't believe me or I get judged. It's really weird because every summer I go to Puerto Rico and I feel so welcomed but then when I come back to texas I feel soooo judged. So yeah I'm trying to feel comfortable with being me along with learning Spanish.

  69. I'm from Spain, so what I'm supposed to be, Spaniard, Latina or European, or vasc? And vasc cuz I'm from the vasc country and I speak euskera. This is so difficult to explain to everyone all the time, what I am, it just freaks me out when people doesn't get it

  70. That cheese though. Aye, it's so good.❤❤

  71. I’m first generation Panamanian and Puerto Rican amd because I’m lighter skin lots of people are confused and don’t believe I’m full blooded Latina. It drive me crazy but I know who I am and I am proud! Panamanian Puerto Rican American! ❤️🇵🇦🇵🇷🇺🇸❤️

  72. This helped a lot. I was always told “There’s no way you’re Latina. You’re too white,” Or people immediately assume that I don’t know Spanish, or when I start speaking Spanish, they immediately assumed I learned it in school. Like no honey, I lived with my Abuelita as a chiquita

  73. Both of my parents are from Perú. When I am asked "Peruvian" questions and I just don't know the answers. I get the same reactions that you all get.

  74. Culture is constantly evolving. You’re obviously not going to be as culturally latin as Latinos living in those countries, you’re surrounded by American and english speaking culture. 2nd générations latino who try too hard to be Latino are annoying af. Be natural

  75. I can relate 100%.
    Edit: I can speak Spanish pretty well, but I still need practice with it. So my friends that know how to speak Spanish better than I do call me gringa.

  76. People don't believe me when I say i'm when I say i'm hispanic because i'm too white or because my accent is really bad when I speak Spanish so I get shunned by the latina kids and everybody else doesn't even know i'm latina.

  77. Mi mama es de Argentina y mi papa es de Texas (but grew up speaking both Spanish & English). Yo nací en Oregon & speak both languages but… I CAN'T ROLL MY Rs 😑 I get a lot of 💩 from ppl 😑🤣🤣

  78. I dont know the difference of Vicente Fernandez and Pedro Infante, that means nothing, just that im not into that type of music.

  79. What breaks my heart the most when I hear these Brothers and Sisters stories are they've been ridiculed and ostracized for not speaking a Slave Masters Language. That's insane to me. Much like the Black Expirence in the America, Latinos in many cases are in fact products of the environment they grew up in. Like a Black Parent who does everything in their power to raise their children up to not speak or act "Hood or Ghetto". I measure you by what's in your heart. As well as the spirit you project towards and for your People.

    Ezekiel 37:19
    [19]Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand.

  80. I feel you all!! I'm Puerto Rican and I was born and raisedin Hawaii Lol 🤣

  81. Of course Gadiel is not shown in this video because he is soooo Latino and he is proud of who he is.(he is Dominican)

  82. I had the same thing growing up cause I’m half Irish and half Colombian and to my white friends I wasn’t white enough and to my Latino friends I was a gringo or whiteboy so it was hard for me to find myself but know I proudly identify as Latino cause I feel that’s who I am inside

  83. Why is slim dude with the glasses so extra. Love it.

  84. Many a time not Many a times pendejo

  85. If you think queso petacones is nasty ass cheese then I understand they don't give you Salvi points

  86. I’m Afro Latina and proud asfccc, and it’s alwyas an argument when I tell people I’m Afro Latina they alwyas wanna say “ you don’t look black “ or “ your not black enough” liek you can’t tell me shi bc you don’t know me like Dat my dad is Latino (Guatemalan) , my moma is Dominican and her dad is black and her moma is Latina so yes I do have black and Latino ancestry

  87. You should all listen to Snow the product- bilingue and Snooze.

  88. My parents were both mixed with white and Mexican. I have blue eyes and light skin. I would hear, "Embrace your culture" and at the same time "you don't look Mexican". Throws me into a tailspin of self doubt and shame like I'm not supposed to claim it.

  89. You don’t like plantains lol it’s good lol I’m Puerto Rican from both sides but my mother didn’t teach me Spanish at least to speak fluently lol and then tells me even my dads side you need to learn Spanish the Nerve I swear lol I like your channel

  90. As a "Dominican-York", I so relate.
    Walking between worlds but never feeling that I belonged to either.

  91. No matter how much spanish you know, to your parents youre a dissapointment for Not knowing any Spanish

  92. Ong when I go to Mexico there like O la gringa and I speak fluent Spanish and my cousins tease me Bc I say I’m Mexican and they go where were u born and I say Mexico and they say no but where do u live and I say in America and they say no ur not mexican Bc u live over there 😐

  93. Patas shucas 😂😂😂

  94. If barely being able to speak Spanish is not feel Latino enough, I’m at fault to this. I can’t even roll my r’s, I’m salvadoreño and hondureño. Not being able to speak Spanish is one my insecurities, my family even gets mad at me when I miss pronounce something. I don’t really think it’s totally my fault because who decided to not teach me enough about the way to speak Spanish correctly when I was young.

  95. I could care less.

  96. I’m Dominican and Trinidadian and I don’t speak Spanish fluently and Everytime I try to speak Spanish I have a Trinidadian accent when I speak it and it’s so weird😂😂😂

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