Star Wars + COVERGIRL : Get Ready With Me | Girls Night Out

Star Wars + COVERGIRL : Get Ready With Me | Girls Night Out

♪ ♪ What’s up beautiful people? It is your
homegirl Ms. Shameless back with another Star Wars
and CoverGirl collaboration. And after visiting the dark side with the Dark
Apprentice inspired look, I’ve decided to
return to the light side. This time I’m
finding inspiration from out of
this world beings, mystic. I had so much fun creating
this look, as you can tell. The vibe here is
fun and playful, and if those of you
that enjoy a pop of color this one is perfect for you. Let’s do this, boo. I’ve already
moisturized and primed my face. I’ll be using the CoverGirl
Stay Luminous foundation. Next I’ll be using the
TruBlend Fixstick Concealer to hide any dark circles. And this time I’m
using my finger to blend. Now make sure you use a
powder to set the foundation. This is going to ensure
all day long wear coverage. I’ll be using CoverGirl’s
Violet Quad Shadow Set. Start off by taking the
lightest color of the quad duo, and apply it over
the entire eyelid. This time I won’t
be using my finger, I’ll be using a brush, since there’s no
shimmer in the shadow. Take this third color and use it
to blend along the crease line. This deeper color is
creating more depth. Then take the darkest color and
apply it to the outer corner with a small blending brush. This is creating a
subtle smoky wind effect. Now take a fluffier
brush that isn’t so dense, and you’re going to use
that to blend out the edges. You know how it goes,
boo, blend trick, blend. Now that you have your base, we’re going to take
the Vivid Impact Eyeliner and we’re going to go
along the lower lash line. Here is a tip for eyeliner. Take the product and
just run it along your hand to warm it up. this is going to help
the liner go on smoothly. And what I love about
this liner is the pigment, it’s so pigmented
and it’s easy to blend. Now I’m going to
take CoverGirl’s
Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner, creating a winged effect. And I’m just going over my
lash line with short strokes, because it is a pencil, and it’s easier for
me to navigate that way. Now I’m blending the liner
with a small blending brush, and mistakes happen, so just use your finger
or a brush to blend it out. I’m going to use this Lime Green
Shadow Pot in my inner corners, and this is just going to
take the look to another place, but still here.
[laughs] Now to finish off the
look we’re going to use Star Wars CoverGirl’s Limited
Edition Collectible Mascara. But first, curl those lashes. And a tip for applying the
mascara is to twirl the wand, and fan the lashes out. Just think twirl trick, twirl.
You know what I’m saying? There are ten mascaras
with quotes to choose from. Collect the one with
your favorite quote. For my brows, again, I’m using
their Bombshell Brow Powder to fill in the sparse areas. It’s helpful to comb your
brows in different directions to reveal the areas
that need filling in. Go over your
cheeks with some blush. And now for the lips. I’m going to be
using the Limited
Edition Lipstick in Lilac. I prep my lips by going over
them with a foundation brush. It’s going to give
it a more neutral base before we get this
frosty realness on these lips. And there she is,
to complete the look add some gold
accessories, and viola, she is fun and she is playful. So far I have
three completed looks. I got one more
look for you boos. What’s more your style? The
light side or the dark side? Like and share this video. And you guys check out and finds loads of images to inspire some
makeup looks of your own. I’ll be back with the
last Star Wars CoverGirl look. And that’s it. Remember to do you, be
you, and stay true, boo. Be shameless.

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