Star Texture Tutorial

Star Texture Tutorial

The galaxy is a texture. This is the
Galaxy you’re looking at, it is set to linear doge. Let’s practice with another picture cause I don’t wanna undo what I’ve done. Let’s add stars to something different.
Ok? Let’s add stars to Rose. Ok so you’ve got a picture and you wanna add stars. Here we go. Tutorial time! Get a texture, make sure
it’s decently high resolution. This image right now is
1400px by 945px so roughly wallpaper size. Copy that shit. Paste that shit. That’s
actually surprisingly good size. Anyway you’re going to set this… you can play
around with layers to see what you actually like. Linear Dodge is gonna kinda
brighten it. I ended up going with linear doge with Dipper because he’s
just so dark that nothing else was really standing out. Let’s see overlay like, I actually like
overlay with Rose, it stands out. Obviously though you don’t necessarily
want it where she is, like you might just want it in her hair. Anyway so if you’re in
Photoshop there’s a nifty thing down here. Add layer mask. This actually exist
in Sai too it just works a little differently, but essentially ‘add layer mask’.
Ok see now I have this white box and it’s ready to be masked. So what I did… white is what
will show and black is what will hide so I paint bucketed the entire layer black
so now it’s hiding everything and then I took a brush and made my brush white and
picked my brush and now as long as this mask is selected, anywhere I paint, stars
appear. That is why it looks like it’s a brush. I’m painting in the layer mask. If you want to erase it make your brush black and it disappears. Make your brush white and it reappears. Make your brush gray and it kind of appears, you have scale of the whole spectrum over here. Now it’s the same thing in Sai. Look how nice I’m being. All right. Sai is gonna work a little differently
because i dont have that really cool brush. That is a Photoshop only brush, but
regardless, you make your layer. You copy and paste that shit. There you go. all right we’re gonna play around. Here’s
overlay… overlay’s not bad. Luminosity, I really really really like
Sai’s luminocity. Today we’re actually going to be taking Dipper back into Sai so
I can make this glow. Cause Photoshop’s glow just doesn’t impress me. We’ll do overlay again. Ok so Sai’s layer mask is over here it’s this little dot thing. And as soon as you
click it, it’s actually going to auto make everything black.Llike where in Photoshop
you have to manually go in and paint bucket it black if you want, in Sai it
does it for you. So you actually have to paint bucket the color and um… Sai… is finnicky with what it will and will not let you use with clipping. um Sai really only want’s you to use a solid pen for it. Like if you see here, I’ve grabbed a solid pen and I can go in and with white… actually any color, that’s another thing
with Sai is Photoshop pays attention to black and white. Sai doesn’t Sai strictly pays attention to ‘are you
coloring or are you erasing’ it’s completely different from Photoshop. Photoshop is
‘are you coloring with black white or gray’ Sai is ‘Are you coloring? or are you erasing?’ that is it. Does not matter matter what color you have, it doesn’t matter if it’s white it doesn’t matter if it’s black, does not matter if it’s teal. As long as you have a color, you’re doing it. And if you have an eraser, you’re taking it away. The downside with Sai is the brushes it will let you use. like I said it’s pretty much limited to just a solid pen. It’s not really nice for like
blending I’ve got this pen here but if I want to
take my watercolor it’s like ‘nope can’t let you watercolor a mask, can’t let you marker a mask, can’t let you airbrush a mask’ …you really can’t do shit. So I’m not actually sure how useful this is…
this is useful not so much for this technique. Like I said you could go in and just paint over her hair. basically no soft fluffy masks. You have
to deal with the fact that it’s going to be a solid hard edge.

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