Stanford design students show off their creations from the Product Realization Lab

Stanford design students show off their creations from the Product Realization Lab

[MUSIC]>>Stanford University.>>You change the way.>>This course succeeds in part because it
reignites or ignites in the first place,. The energy that comes from the joy of
making things. They have time to fail, learn, try again,
do a little better, learn some more, try again and finally deliver
something in which they will be proud of.>>I made a table that I call the
Starburst table. It’s a cast aluminum top with a walnut
base. I really like mid century design. So that was a lot of my. My inspiration for the table. I learned a lot about the manufacturing
process. I’d never spent anytime in the machine
shop before, or the foundry. I just never thought that I’d be able to
design something and actually produce it, so I think that’s why this
class meant so much to me.>>I made a rocking fore-arm crutch. I’ve rounded the bottom. We don’t walk on pegs, so it makes sense
that a crutch would move forwards with you when
you walk. I took a class last quarter called the biomechanics of motion and it was really
neat for me to use what I had learned in a bioengineering class in a mechanical
engineering class.>>They really have to learn to dance with their materials rather than fighting
with them. So materials will win every time if you
try to go into a boxing match. But a little waltz and the chances are
that you’ll get some of the exquisite creations you
see out here today.>>I made the Emi tea pot and I was
interested in making a tea pot because I find that tea is a way that I
can help slow down my day. I wanted to design something that was
modern and not too goddy and frilly and floral but also just
simple and warm. A lot of handles kind of come up and over
or come, like Japanese tea pots they come
straight out of the teapot. So I think the handle is probably my
favorite part and it just, it feels really nice in the
hand. It feels really sturdy.>>ME203 transforms the lives of it’s
students. Giving them the agency and the confidence
that they can go into the world and actually modify materials to
create things that change the world.>>For more, please visit us at

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  1. Very cool teapot! Especially the handle 🙂

  2. The very act of creating those inventions are the most importance and not the invention itself. 

  3. Love it! I want to encourage thinking/applying of young minds. Wonderful plan you don't see just right on youtube, schematic of inverter from power-in to power-out, step-by-step, identify/explain every little item/component, what it does, why it's there from the point of power-in to power-out. Then can build sine-wave inverter. The best possible application of knowledge/skills. Need help? Let me know. Survey people via random phone calls to determine the top issues people want, you'll discover Green Energy (i.e. Tesla car, get off the electric grid, end reliance on residential natural gas, how food-stuffs can be turned into a fuel, how to make/store hydrogen (step-by-step, via electric separation), how a turbine works & how easy and cheap hydrogen can be made (for almost nothing, need help let me know).
    Challenge the students and wonderful and exciting things will happen.

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