Speaking of TAXES….

Speaking of TAXES….

hey everybody this is Deb with Truthification Chronicles and course it’s tax season here in the United States and our
taxes are due on the 15th and I’m recording this on the 14th so I just
wanted to kind of give you a little tax thing today and that’s what I’ve got
going on here this is a tax exempt organization search that you can find on
the IRS website I have no idea how I got here but I did and I thought maybe it’d
be something you would be interested in if you’re a researcher you can use this
to research various things now you probably don’t know their ID number or
anything like that but you can put in the organization name and when you put
in the organization name you’ll come up with sometimes the last one or maybe two
tax returns that they’ve put in so I did that for a couple of them and the first
one I put in was the McCain Institute and found a little bit of interesting
things now I’m gonna tell you I am NOT a tax professional in fact this is the
time of year I get very stressed out trying to get my taxes done and
everything because I do try to do them myself and I use an online tax thing so
it’s not like I’m really doing it on paper myself I used to though before I
got the chronic fatigue syndrome I used to have a better brain and I could do it
then so I wanted to share this with you this is from the McCain foundation and
there’s only one listed this particular return right here now I don’t know what
the 990-pf stands for it’s a personal foundation I believe the PF there
instead of being like a public charity or something along those lines so that’s
what it’s listed as and this is what it has now you can just click on that and
you come up with the actual form here it was scanned in so they sent them a paper
form and then they scanned it in so here it is and this is the information for it
now again I don’t know if I’m reading this correctly but I think I am I’m not
sure exactly what this was they had net gain or loss from sale of assets and
it was ten million dollars here and but it then it says revenue and expenses 1.3
million not sure exactly what the difference is here but if you’re a tax
professional you may know that and you might be interested in seeing these
anyway what was interesting to me is that when it comes down to it the gifts
that they paid out they only paid out five hundred thousand okay and if you
look at this you know it’s supposed to be their corporate stock is worth seven
point eight million oh well if you go down here the total assets eight point
three million so they only gave out five hundred thousand kind of interesting and
if you go on down here now maybe it’s because it’s a private foundation or
personal foundation or whatever that PF is that could possibly be it but
something else that you know it goes through all these numbers and everything
and I guess it appears here that they got a an overpayment six thousand six
hundred and eighty six dollars and they clicked here to have it credited to
their estimated tax in 2018 now this is for 2017 okay so anyway when it goes
down through here there’s a lot of questions that they asked about it and
they have to answer and again I’m not real big on this but here are their
trustees and they each put in one hour per week of work ooh they’re working
very hard aren’t they and so that’s their title and average hours per week
their trustee one hour that’s it and here are the three guys I don’t know
them but be interesting if you’re into digging it might be interesting to find
out who they are here’s their lawyer they got ninety eight thousand dollars
and lawyers tend to do that but anyway if you keep on going down
here again here’s their fair market value of the assets and all of this
stuff but what I wanted to show you I’m going down a little further I know
a really bad copy here I don’t know why this looks like it does and so it does
just how they copied out I guess anyway look at this they only had one grant
that they gave out one recipient for the money and it got the whole $500,000 and
that was the ASU Foundation for a new American University so they got it all
right there the whole five hundred thousand and that’s all they got
so that and that’s the only one see it’s the same thing same thing
I think it’s Arizona State University Foundation for a new American University
so they got that and then down here it tells who some of the contributors were
look at this whenever they have more than five thousand dollars I believe
they have two yeah four contributions totaling five thousand dollars or more
they have to list those contributors well look who they are William H strong
gave $25,000 and Benjamin Forrester Stein gave 20,000 and looky here sir
Evelyn de Rothschild and Lady Lynn Forrester – Rothschild hmm hundred
thousand dollars right there this is kind of weird they only brought in a
hundred and forty five thousand dollars it’s just not all that much really so I
guess they only brought in a hundred and forty five thousand from this and
they’re putting out five hundred thousand it’s kind of interesting that
it was such a low number anyway possibly maybe they didn’t get as many donations
this year or maybe there are some donations that are off the books so I
wanted to share that one with you and then and you can go through and see the
capital gains they got and everything off of it I mean again if you’re really
into taxes and you like taxes you should have told me that beforehand so you
could have done mine but anyway this just has you know different things but
when it comes down to it they have these securities you know seven point eight
million dollars worth of securities I guess
so I wanted to show that one to you and I thought it’s kind of odd that there
was only one listed but I did another one and guess what it was Bill Hillary
and Chelsea Clinton Foundation yep there it is and they had actually three
different forms but two of them were from 2016 and this one is a slightly
different form it’s a tee at the end there I’m not sure what the difference
is there but these two forms the 2017 and the 2016 kind of interesting here’s
the 2016 and you can see it’s all here publicly you can look through the whole
thing if you want to and they had contributions and grants this year this
was the prior year which was 2015 and it was a hundred and eight million dollars
over here the current year which was the year she lost 62 million look at the big
difference there I mean that’s huge and then when you come down here to the
bottom line you know the revenue less expenses 17 million negative 16 million
negative negative negative they lost money and this was the year she lost
okay very interesting you would think that if she was running for president it
would have been you know just really a lot more but then she lost so nope nope
nope not a lot more if you go over here to this one this is the one from 2017
and if you go down here you can see similar things but the numbers I mean
this was the prior year you just saw and look at it now twenty-six million I mean
it went from a hundred and eight million down to 26 million
that’s huge folks really huge and you know you look at the total revenue half
it’s half and then you look at the again it was negative 16 on the last one it’s
negative 16 on this one a little bit less but still Wow and it goes through
it gives these you know different things it tells
you briefly described the organization’s mission the Clinton Foundation is
committed to improving lives by working together with partners across the United
States and around the world to create Economic Opportunity improve public
health and inspire civic engagement and service oh how nice of them to do that
right and then it has this big long description here that it’s just like
there’s no periods there’s no punctuation at all it just kind of all
runs together so you can read that I like I said I always put the links down
below and you can go through those on your own and there’s not a lot more that
I wanted to point out on this they have all these questions that they ask and
this and that and you know it’s just very interesting gives their salaries
and who the people are you’re there these are the people this is their
average hours per week that they work and you can see here he makes three
hundred sixty two thousand dollars that’s not too bad and then he gets
another forty five thousand this is estimated amount of other compensation
so he also gets more these people oh look at this Chelsea works for free
isn’t that nice of her she works 25 hours a week approximately and she
evidently works you know other organizations that’s what the ten is
there and you know she is she gets nothing for it how nice of her to give
over time but look at this Cheryl Mills yeah Cheryl Mills also donates five
hours of her time every week to something we don’t know what of course
but she doesn’t get compensated either and then there’s these other people you
know I’m sure if we looked into all of these people we could really find out a
lot oh there’s bill bill gets 20 he has 20 hours a week that he puts into it yep
good job bill and then here’s their general counsel who gets paid
sixty-eight thousand dollars a year fifty hours a week Wow
this person’s putting in 50 hours a week and they’re only getting
paid sixty-eight thousand dollars a year that’s not very much and this is the CFO
and the CEO oh and yeah so here’s what they’re getting paid kind of interesting
this general council only gets paid twenty three thousand and fifty hours a
week well you know this is not realistic here I just don’t see that happening but
anyway these are the people if you are really into researching they might be
people you want to look into more none of the salaries were totally outrageous
but you know they go on and here they have other you know the accounting and
their event management and all this kind of stuff but I just thought it was
interesting you know it is tax season and I just thought maybe you’d be
interested in seeing one of their tax forms since now the Democrats are crying
out for you know Trump’s tax forms so anyway this is just very interesting and
I thought it was mostly interesting about how much it’s dropped off in the
past couple years just immensely so anyway I’ll leave the links to these
down below and you can look through them at your leisure maybe if you know
something about taxes you might find some more interesting things about them
then I have found looking over them but I just thought it was kind of fun to see
and especially noticing how bad their donations have dropped off so there you
go I’ll have both of those down below and
also I have this link here so you can search for yourself because I think it’s
kind of interesting to keep track of these tax exempt organizations
especially ones that call themselves tax exempt and really shouldn’t be there
they are yeah you can look up any of the others and be interesting to find out
maybe what some of the other tax-exempt foundations are because almost all of
these really rich people that are in Congress have won and so I think it
might be kind interesting to see if we can’t find
those and discover just how much they’re making and everything about that I also
wonder why there’s not more listed I mean I understand but why is this the
only copy that’s there 2017 so kind of a question I have there if you happen to
know why there’s only one listed for the McCain Institute I really would like to
know so anyway if you’ve got any thoughts about it I’d like to see them
down in the comments and that’s what I’ve got for now so happy Tax Day and
I’ll see y’all later

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    Deb, check out this article on ASU's "New American University":

  3. Deb, this is a bit off subject, but CFS is a man-made disease as is Lyme, FMS and others which I have all of them. I have recently learned that there is a coming implant which will cure all diseases and extend life. Now we know why they have made us sick. People will run to get that implant so they won't feel so crappy anymore. Thank you for all you do, God Bless you.

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  6. I believe it is a private foundation. Sale of assets may be taxed on the profit portion even if you are a charity. Income is not generally taxed even if it is not all paid out.

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  9. I'm a retired tax preparer. I still do a few for older people (I'm 67). I can bet you those trustees get a little (?) kickback. I don't do 501's or charities just personal, military and small business. There are a few really messy items that happen like losses. You can carry losses forward and backward to cover deductions but, only the amount you're allowed. That happens in stock losses, vehicles and a myriad of other things.
    Chelsea doesn't work for free. Remember who paid for her wedding. Bill makes all that speaking engagement monies. I'd like to go over this return. Yep. This is a cleaned up return. Who cleaned it up? Hmmmmmmmm.

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  14. Deb, I was curious about the foundations that a lot of the politicians in DC have. I too looked up a couple. Nancy Pelosi, for example, was the sole employee, and got paid. They gave out very little yet had a few million in the foundation. Now, Bill and Hillary, as you probably know, have over 45 foundations. The 501 3 (c) non-profits aren’t supposed to do any political things. The newest one she’s got is paying people to run for office., as well as other political endeavors. The IRS only has about 12 501 (c) auditors. This. EEDS to be looked into.

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    Due to the "toto" confusion and havoc this most fortunate of events led to, 17 investigating government agencies were called in.
    Despite assurances evidence did exist and would be quickly forwarded, they could not determine which Witch was Witch.
    Mueller, the great Oz was happy this day. Mueller, often called Muleface, had just returned from his own four minute interrogation of Horseface, often called Stormy.
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  29. Thanks Deb for the informative information on taxes like we all pay way to much. Shalom my sister Shalom

  30. Charles Ortel deals with the Clinton's filings for taxes.. it is very interesting, how phony it all is, and they are not even a legal charity. How they get away with it is because of bribes. All of their financials and tax returns are FALSE. All of them.

  31. Bill claimed in public that their overhead is on 9% of the donations but it is not reflected in any form. Actually he lied… He claims it all goes out in "charity" but in reality, they are just stocking up their profits in off shore accounts, and their fraudulent "charity" does nothing for anyone except themselves.

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  44. You can also register with the company called guidestar they give ratings online profits and have two to three years of the 990 forms on file depending on when they're fiscal year is. For some Churches or religious organizations it doesn't always tell the whole story I used to work for 1. And there are ways to hide things and not disclosed reimbursements for their phones cars and overall benefits. They're all shady

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