SPEAKING DUTCH ONLY Makeup Tutorial! | NikkieTutorials

SPEAKING DUTCH ONLY Makeup Tutorial! | NikkieTutorials

Hello, glow babies.
It’s me, Nikkie. Hello, guys. So today’s video
is going to be a little bit of a change. If you didn’t know yet
and you didn’t ever hear about this: Hi, I’m Dutch. Meaning that I live in…
Well, I’m from the Netherlands. Holland. The Netherlands and Holland
are actually the same thing. So when someone says they’re
from Holland, it’s the Netherlands. I’m from Holland, I’m Dutch, I live here.
I’ve lived here all my life. For the longest time, people have wanted
an all-Dutch make-up tutorial from me. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never
really felt comfortable doing that… because I’m from Holland and the
Dutch language isn’t very special to me. But ever since I started doing
Dutch Word of the Day in my videos… you guys have fallen in love with
my language and you want to learn more. And ever since Dutch Word of the Day,
you guys have been like: ‘You need to do an entire video, right now.’ So that’s why I’m here today. Today’s
make-up tutorial is going to be all Dutch. But I will add in a couple of surprises
along the way… to keep you focused
and to keep you alert. I’ll have a little quiz here and there,
I’ll test you every now and then. So if you’re excited for some Dutch: Keep watching. All right. I mean:
Okay. Hi. Before we fully commence in Dutch, which
is going to be very challenging for me… I do want to let you know
that there are subtitles available. So if you want to know what’s going on,
click the subtitles and enjoy. The first thing we’re going to do
is apply primer. I’m using Milk Hydro Primer
and Cover FX Mattifying Primer. Do you want me to say that
in a Dutch accent? Let me just get the Milk Hydro. I’m going to pat that on… and then rub it in. For my foundation, I’ll be using Barry M
All Night Long Full Coverage Foundation. Great product. I don’t even know
what to say in Dutch. This is so weird. Oh, hi. My forehead is as big as Meerdijk
out of ‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden’… so let’s cover that right up
with a nice layer of foundation. There. For my concealer, I’m using
Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer… in the shade Chiffon.
And… Yes. Yeah. And you know what’s the hardest
thing about making this video? That usually when I do a make-up tutorial,
I automatically say everything in English. So now that I’m doing it in Dutch, I have
to think about what I’m actually saying. Pat away, guys. Now that that’s on perfectly, I’m getting
my Fenty Beauty Butter loose powder… and bake my under-eye area,
as well as set the rest of my face… so that tonight, when I’m working very late,
things will look ‘lekker’ neat. I really have to stop saying ‘lekker’,
or I’ll say it all the time. I’m going off-camera to do my brows,
because I never do them on-camera. I’ll also do my one eye and then show you
how to do the other. See you. The first product I’m using on my eyes
is a primer. This is P.Louise Base
in the shade Rumour 05. Nice one. For eye shadow, I’ll be using
the James Charles and Morphe palette. First, I’m going in with this shade here. It’s called… Finally, I get to speak English.
Punch me. Hit me. I have it on my brush now and I’m patting it
onto my eye. Packing it on. I’m starting on the lid, but moving into…
the crease. Now, to test all you English guys out there: What is the Dutch word for crease? Is it A: Kreukel,
B: Arcadeboog… or is it C: Brug? Choose your option right now. Comment
down below, choose in the screen. And the answer is…
Are you ready? B: Arcadeboog. I’m blending this shadow
into my ‘arcadeboog’. I’m also taking this colour and bringing it
all the way down to below my eyebrow. I’m blending it all the way in here… which makes the entire look
fall in line with your nose. Blend away, guys.
Now we take a clean big blending brush… and blend out the edges of this look
to perfection. You want to rest the brush on your skin
ever so lightly… and just tickle it.
Just tickle the edge. Some edges just need tickling. That’s how you create the perfect blend. From the same palette,
I’m taking this dark brown shade… called Tea.
‘Thee.’ And you just lightly press that
into the outer corner of your eye. Just lay it on there. I’m touching my skin very lightly.
Just super softly. That’s how you make that outer corner
ever so smoky. On the lid, I’m applying
this champagne shade. It’s called So Good.
‘Zo goed.’ For my lower lid,
I’m taking my dark brown shades… and connect them to my upper lid. When I get to about here,
I just take the lighter brown shade… and take that all the way
into the inner corner. All the way to here. Let’s put a quick highlighting shade
in the inner corner of my eye. And now it’s time for glitter.
These shades are so incredibly pretty. These are ColourPop’s Glitter Gels. I have two shades here.
This is called Wish Me Luck… and this gold one is called Puffin. I’m about to take this lighter colour
to the champagne part of my eye lid… and deposit that right over there. And to bottom of the inner corner
of my eye, I’ll be using the gold colour. Let’s slap it on
in a professional manner. Check it out, here we go.
Right here. What, it doesn’t show up on camera?
Come on, it’s so pretty. So this is amazingly pretty,
but it doesn’t show on camera at all. But I just want you to know… Oh, right there. You see it?
Glitter. Yay. I’m keeping the gold shade
for the next step. Here we go again:
What is the Dutch word for lashes? A: Lachen, B: Gordijn,
or C: Wimpers? Place your bets right now.
The right answer is… C: Wimpers. I’m going to be applying some false
‘wimpers’ and I’ll be right back. I mean:
‘Ik ben zo terug.’ All right. The falsies are on
so now it’s time for more glitter. I’m taking the shade Puffin
and I’m just placing it right here. On the tiny bottom
of the inner corner of your eye. Like some type of glitter liner. Right on the inside.
That gives you a sparkle of glitter… without it dominating your entire look.
Isn’t that cute? Okay, eyes are done.
It’s time to move on to cheeks. Cheeks are ‘wangen’.
‘Wangen’ are cheeks. First I’m bronzing with Fenty Beauty
Private Island bronzer. What I’ll do is take my brush
and draw little circles… on the tops of my cheekbones. This way, we turn this
into more of a summer look. With just the eyes,
it’s a lovely smoky eye with glitter… which you could wear any time. But by adding warmth to the skin,
you get a much more summery look. And then of course there’s
my forehead the size of Meerdijk. Let’s make that as small as Urk. I have summer on my mind… For blush, I’m in the mood for a nice coral.
If I can get it open, that is. A kind of peachy coral shade.
Peach is ‘perzik’. I’m going to use that to bring
some colour back into my face. Right now, I’m about as white
as a fitted sheet. In Dutch, that’s a ‘hoeslaken’.
Lovely. Goodness. I’m like Annabelle.
Annabelle Comes Home. A little on the nose. And it’s time for highlighter. For highlighter,
I’m using my own creation. This is my highlighter that I developed
with Ofra Cosmetics. This is Space Baby, Glazed Donut
and Glow Goals. I’m using Glazed Donut
to make everyone nice and jealous. Good afternoon.
Hi, how are you? Love you. Time for lips.
I’m starting out… This is a lip liner by Marc Jacobs
in the shade Sugar High. I’m blending out the edges
using a tiny brush. Just to make the line a little bit more… Blurry? Blurred?
Blurry. Time for a nude lipstick.
Naked lipstick. For lip gloss, I’m using
this gorgeous peachy shade. This is Marc Jacobs lip gloss
in the shade Rah Rah!. ‘Rara’, who am I? And the final step: setting spray. ‘Zetsproeier’? What?
‘Zetsproeier’? ‘Afmaakspray’?’
-I don’t know. ‘Afmaaksproeier’.
Completing sprinkler. And that’s us done. I’m going to make dinner. This is the finished look.
That’s us done. So can we stop speaking Dutch?
Are we done? We’re done. All right guys, so that is a full
make-up tutorial, all in Dutch. I hope you enjoyed it. As always,
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel… and don’t forget to give this video
a thumbs-up. And the Dutch Word of the Day,
‘Nederlands Woord van de Dag’… is for bike.
Here we go. So now when you go on holiday
here in Holland, you can be like: ‘Hi, where can I rent a ‘fiets’?’ Thanks again for watching this video.
I love you all so much. I hope to see you all again… in English.

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