Speak so He HEARS & LOVES YOU! No More Disappointed! Learn Feeling Statements | Adrienne Everheart

Speak so He HEARS & LOVES YOU! No More Disappointed!  Learn Feeling Statements  | Adrienne Everheart

(Music) Hey everyone I’m Adrienne Everheart
your feminine energy expert. Today I’m going to teach you how
to really lasso your man’s heart with your emotions. Now, something I teach it’s
called feeling statements and feeling statements to
me are the number one way a man can feel clarity
when he’s with you he can feel like he
really trusts you, that he’s truly getting to know
you and what’s inside your heart. And he won’t feel
manipulated or forced or like you’re trying to
out think him in any way. So often the man
will just realize how good he feels
when he’s around you and he can’t really explain it, but when he is with you he feels
this warmth and this trust. So, today I’m going to teach
you how to do exactly that and the biggest mistake
that my clients make when learning how to use
a feeling statement. (Music) (Music) Clients of mine come to
me and they are so upset because they used a
feeling statement and they didn’t get
showered with love and I asked them, well
what exactly did you say or how was this feeling
statement used? And I hear something like, I felt so angry when you did X or I feel like
you’re ignoring me. And they just put I feel
in front of a thought. This is thinking, this isn’t a feeling statement. If you’re putting I feel
in front of a thought, you’re basically saying I feel
and then here’s my thought. So, sometimes you really
need to be able to say I think to your man. You can say I think to him
about so many things. But when we’re talking about
the feelings in your body we’re going to be sharing with
him emotions that you’re feeling and your truths. So, he can really trust
you and feel grounded and not feel manipulated
in any way. A great example of this is I don’t feel like
you care about me. So, I feel you don’t
care about me and notice that,
that is an action or a little bit
what he’s thinking and instead, I want you to switch
this around to your feelings. And your feelings might
be something like well, what are you
really feeling. This is your chance to
drop down into your body and discover what
you are feeling before you speak and before you use
a feeling statement with a man. You might be feeling
unheard or not listened to and you can say, well
I feel misunderstood or I feel unheard,
I feel abandoned. These are things that you’re
really feeling instead of I feel like you are
abandoning me, I feel like you don’t like me. These are thoughts the
man might be having, these are actions
he may be thinking. This is what he’s thinking. Now, the most deadliest
of all I feel thought loopholes is the I feel to get my way. And this is when you say to a man
how you feel about something in order to get your way. Now this one every single time
he is going to feel manipulated and is angry with you
if you use it at all. There’s nothing wrong with
saying this is what I need. I’m very sure this is what I
need or this is what I want. A lot of those are just
really thoughts or feelings. Now let’s say you
need to do something like put some furniture together and you really need
your man’s help. If you wanted to use the
feeling statement loophole and you want to ask
him for his help you would say I feel then
action, which would be wrong. But I would feel really
good if you helped me with this project. You see how that’s manipulative? Instead say, you know,
I’m feeling what, I feel like I need help. I you know, I feel so happy
when we can do stuff together I don’t want to put
any pressure on you can you help me with my
furniture what do you think? You give the man the freedom and
the option to say yes or no. Now, if he says no and you feel
disappointed because guess what, you didn’t get your way and apply this to
anything ladies, you didn’t get your way this is when you can go back and you can just go back
to what you’re feeling and you can say oh, okay, I accept it. I feel bummed, but
I’ll figure it out. All right, so, your happiness
isn’t dependent upon him. That’s the purpose of I feel. I feel is all about owning
what you feel in your body. He might be tired, he
might be in a mood. There might be a million reasons why he doesn’t want to help
you do something or date you or call you or be with you, but just because you
use the words I feel doesn’t mean you’re going to
put him into action, okay. So, I hope I’ve
helped you clarify how to really use a
feeling statement and express yourself
from your body. Now, you can also use I
feel as like an analogy like I’m feeling so excited, I feel
like I’m on a roller coaster right now. That’s an analogy
about how you feel. Just remember you want to make
feeling statements about you. So, often I ask my clients when they’re going through
a tough time with a man I say well, how does
it feel and they say well, I feel like he’s doing
this because of X, Y and Z and you see how they’re
into what he’s thinking. That is not a feeling statement, that is about that man what do you feel while
he’s doing X, Y and Z? Let’s say he’s ignoring you, he’s not
calling you, he’s not dating you as much. Well, how does it feel? Does it feel good or
does it feel bad? If it feels bad,
you have to then go back to how you’re feeling and do what’s best for you. If it feels good, keep
nurturing the good. One of the best things you can do is
that whenever a man does anything that feels wonderful to you, you share with him
how great it feels. I have a husband who is so
good at scrubbing pots and pans and he really keeps the
kitchen looking good for me especially on my busy days. So, I always make a
point to let him know how great it feels to see
everything so sparkling and clean or how great it feels I feel so happy coming
home to a clean kitchen or I feel so excited seeing everything put away and
I didn’t have to do anything. I feel so honored
to have a husband who cares about how
our kitchen looks. This is really important
things to praise and reinforce the good
that is happening. Now, this last one is also one that I just… every time I
hear about this from a woman I’m like oh my gosh
put on the brakes we got to fix this fast. And that is, I feel
very disappointed. And I feel very disappointed or
letting a man volunteering to a man that he has disappointed you. If you make a man feel shamed, wrong, or that he’s
disappointing you in any way, you’re really going to lose him. You’re going to lose him because
one of the worst things men can do is feel like they’re
letting a woman down. And when they feel like
they’re letting a woman down, they’re actually not
winning as a man. They’re being less than and they may know that that’s not
really true about themselves and so again they feel
this manipulation and this feeling
of being slighted. So, instead of I
feel disappointed unless he ask you are you
disappointed with me? You might well, I’m disappointed
at how this turned out. You know, I’m disappointed
with the way it’s gone sure. You know, and it has,
that’s really how you feel, anything otherwise
would be to lie and you would not be in
your feeling statements. But instead of I
feel disappointed because you did not do an action or because you did
not do it my way, the way that I wanted it or the
action I wanted you to take. Like let’s say he
had plans with you for Tuesday night
and he canceled at five o’clock, he
cancels on you. I feel so disappointed it’s not
going to win you anything. Remember you’re going
to get more with honey if you really want to
practice these tools and you want to practice them while
you’re dating or preparing even for marriage. This is the time to have this
really difficult conversations. So, let’s say he cancels at
five o’clock for the day what do you really feel? If that happened to me
I would have to say, wow, I feel sad that we won’t
be able to get together. I was… I felt really excited, I
was looking forward to the date and that’s it. There’s no guilting,
there’s no shaming, there’s no getting it my way, and there’s no you should
have taken this action. So, ladies in closing I want you
to learn the difference between I feel plus a thought versus I feel and it’s a
feeling in your body. Practice the difference and
practice saying I think versus I feel. Practice your sentences
starting off with I think and I feel so you can
learn the difference and most importantly you find out
what you’re feeling in your body. When you’re really
thinking about something and wanting an action, wanting it your
way, versus I feel this is really what’s going
on inside of me. All right everyone I hope this
video has been really helpful. Please take a moment and
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what program really appeals to you. Thanks so much for tuning in and I look forward to hearing
from you in the comments bye bye. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music)

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