Social Media and Your Mood: A Conversation

Social Media and Your Mood: A Conversation

– I’m Myles. – And I’m Shirin. – And we’re the hosts of Above the Noise. The show that cuts through the hype. – And digs into the science
behind the headlines. – We’re here in San Francisco in KQED’s green room and we’re
gonna talk to you guys about our episode on social
media and depression. – And, we’re also gonna respond to some of your questions and comments. – So, first up just a
little recap on the video. – Teens – Social media – Obsessed – Obsessed – The big takeaway we
were tryin’ to find out was if social media can
lead to a depressed mood. And, what we found was the research says how you’re using it is
what really matters. Typically, passive use is associated with depressed mood. Active use is associated
with positive mood. So, yeah, basically what
the video was about. – So, Myles have you
ever had an experience where you’ve been depressed because of social media? – Not because of social media, but I did find that with the study that it kind of fit me perfectly. Like, you know a passive,
every time I’m on there passively, just scrolling
for hours and hours, and hours, I found out
that oh, I might be sad. – You’re right. It’s like when I’m
tryin’ to distract myself from something else like
a lotta times these days politics, I’ll just
start scrolling through and through and then I’m like, where have my two hours gone. I’m not in a better mood
than when I started. – That’s what I noticed too. It’s kinda like at the very very end. It’s like ’cause usually what I do when I wake up in the morning. So, I’ll get up say nine o’clock and I’m like oh, I don’t have work, I don’t have school til later on, whatever. I’m scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and I’m like whoa, it’s eleven thirty. I haven’t showered or eaten or anything. I’ve been on this phone and like or I’ll notice it when my
phone is about to die. I’m like, damn. I’ve been doin’ this for way too long. – Alright, so let’s to
through some comments about what people said. So, Elliot Haywood, out there said he enjoyed the video. He thinks it’s really relevant and he can relate because people from his high school right now, they’re, you
know they’re seniors, and they’re all getting into colleges and posting pictures and what not and he feels a little self conscious
that they’re posting pictures at these elite
universities and things that maybe he didn’t get into. So, he was wondering if you know, you guys had more information about if self esteem is affected more by
Facebook or people post really picture perfect
photos with Instagram versus somewhere like
Snapchat, where it’s not really like as curated or as manicured. – One thing that I thought was pretty interesting was while
they said that you know Snapchat can you know
boost your mood, that it doesn’t really have
I think they call it social support, you know what I mean? ‘Cause you’re not really obligated to like or to comment or something like that like you would on a Facebook or Instagram or something like that. But, on the flip side,
they said that Snapchat felt closest to face to face interactions because you know on
Snapchat at least with me, I’m more likely to interact with like my homies, like my actual friends that I see on a daily basis as opposed to like an acquaintance or just some random like you would on Instagram. So, I mean like that
was kinda the connection that I saw, but you know. – Yeah, I feel like
Snapchat’s not the place to go if you’re sad or
if you need support. You know, like for example like a really good friend of mine passed away when, like right when I graduated
college and you know no one expected it ’cause he’s young, he was young, and that’s nothing that you would ever go to Snapchat to talk about or like to have that place where you can share memories with your friends. Facebook can be really
powerful in that way. It was like a platform for us to all talk about how much we missed him and share the good pictures and all the good times that we had with him. So, like on the flip
side of seeing like these perfect pictures of
everyone’s lives and making you feel down, Facebook
can also be this place where, and same with
Instagram actually, like you all kinda like each other’s comments and like each other’s posts and pictures when something like that happens. – Snapchat’s mundane. Like, yesterday I posted
on Snapchat a gold fish in a plastic cup, just
’cause like I just seen that somebody at my school had it. Yeah, exactly you know like it’s random, it’s funny, it’s mundane but it’s like there’s way more power
in I feel, Instagram than Facebook and other social medias too, platforms too ’cause it’s like you know more inclined to. – But, on Snapchat, I
get why it doesn’t have that aspect of no one’s
tryin’ to be perfect on Snapchat like you just press the button and it is what it is. Like, you know, it’s
day to day life, right. So, it’s more a label. You don’t have this fomo with other people like doing more fun things. Alright, we just did a
lot of talking and now we want to hear from you. – Let us know. What would you guys like to see for a future episode? And, we’ll do our best
to cut through the hype – And take you above the noise. – Peace.

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  1. I use FB and YouTube primarily as news sources. I subscribe to a wide variety of channels that report and discuss current events, as well as political and social affairs. Hence I use these media quite passively, yet I'm not in the least depressed because I think others have more exciting lives than I do (I often get quite saddened and frustrated at the news reports and opinions, however). Very few of my Facebook friends post pictures of their meals and such, mostly they share calls for political action or merely entertaining posts they've come across.

  2. Well, there aren't many comments there…
    So here's mine:
    I don't use/like social media because most of them have ZERO respect toward privacy.
    And all the leaks that happened and will continue to happen proves that.

  3. You don't snapchat funeral selfies?

  4. Personally, I also find myself way happier when I'm being more involved when it comes to social media(commenting, liking, etc.), however, I can see where getting depressed/stressed out can happen too, especially if you have a lot of friends posting about politics or "perfect pictures" as you put it because I've also experienced that as well. There have been times when I just took a break from all social media to retune to my own personality and happiness.

  5. Like si heres nexicano

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