So Much News, So Little Time – Obama on Wall Street, Ann Coulter & a Senate Briefing: The Daily Show

So Much News, So Little Time – Obama on Wall Street, Ann Coulter & a Senate Briefing: The Daily Show

Obama’s back
and so are the haters. TV REPORTER:
Former President Barack Obama is getting
a little heat tonight. The former president has agreed
to give a lucrative speech to Wall Street firm
Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Obama will be paid about
$400,000, but many people are calling the former
president’s move hypocritical, because in the past he’s been
very critical of Wall Street and the financial industry. ♪ Paper Boi, Paper Boi ♪ ♪ All about that paper, boy ♪ ♪ All about that paper, boy. ♪ Obama’s getting $400,000
to be a keynote speaker. He’s probably gonna give a very
important policy speech entitled “The Four Boats I’m Gonna Buy.” (laughter) Now, now, look,
I know people may say that it weakens public trust
when politicians cash-in immediately after
leaving office. But at least Obama waited
until he left office, unlike this guy, who’s using the White House
like an ATM machine. And, yeah, don’t get me wrong. I agree that the system
must change, but it doesn’t change
with Obama, all right? People are, like, “Oh, why doesn’t
he not accept the money?” No. (bleep) that. (bleep) that. -No. No.
-(cheering and applause) No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. So the first black president must also be the first one
to not take money afterwards? No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
my friend. He can’t be the first
of everything. (bleep) that and (bleep) you. Yeah, I said it. (cheers and applause) No! Make that money, Obama.
Make that money. “But Obama should know better.” Oh, what about the Clintons? “Yeah, well, I mean, the
Clintons, it’s already done.” Well, then let him already
done it, as well, and then you guys can start
that (bleep) with the first white president
to not take the money. (bleep) you.
Obama, make that money. Make that money. (cheering and applause) Instead of focusing on how Obama
can make so much money from Wall Street for a speech, maybe we should be asking why
Wall Street has so much money to give people for a speech. The loose regulations,
the intensive lobbying, and favorable– You know what? The truth is, we can’t get into
all of this. There’s too much…
There’s too much else that’s going on that we have
to talk about today. And fortunately,
whenever that happens, we have a perfect segment
on the show, and it’s called
Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That. ♪ ♪ All right, let’s get straight
into it. Recently, Berkeley has been
in the middle of a huge free speech
controversy. Uh, because, if you think Obama
made people mad with his planned speech, Ann Coulter was like,
“Hold my beer.” TV REPORTER:
Conservative firebrand and political commentator
Ann Coulter furious at UC Berkeley for rescheduling her
on-campus speech originally set for tonight. TV REPORTER: The university,
forced to sacrifice its reputation as the cradle
of the free speech movement for safety,
according to officials. I guess it’s ironic that it’s, that it’s the home of
the free speech movement. In any public space,
American citizens have constitutional rights. Why won’t they let me say
I’m a Nazi? Why? Why? Look, man, she’s right about
the free speech thing, but here’s my opinion. Even though Ann Coulter
is clearly trolling, and doing this for the publicity
of not letting her speak, they should just let her speak, because you realize she doesn’t
actually want to speak. She wants to be stopped
from speaking. Yeah, it’s like your friend
in a fight who’s like, “Hold me back, hold me back!
Hold me back! “No, seriously, hold me back,
I’m gonna get my ass kicked. “I’m gonna get my ass kicked. Hold me back!” The truth is, the truth is,
a side effect of free speech is that there will always be
hate speech. If you ban one,
you risk banning the other. Like, you might call Ann Coulter
hate speech, but then what’s to stop
Jeff Sessions from calling Black Lives Matter
hate speech? If there’s one thing America
has given to the world, it’s the idea
of absolute free speech. Which is why– and please,
be respectful, people– Ann Coulter is joining us live,
right now, via satellite, uh, because, Ann,
we really want to hear from you about your thoughts on freedom
of speech. Uh, oh, but I’m sorry,
we just do not have the time, because, uh,
Kim Jong-un has nukes. (cheering, applause) Kim Jong-un has nukes and Donald Trump has a bus. Today Mr. Trump summoned
all 100 U.S. senators to the White House to hear the latest on the threat posed by North Korea’s
nuclear program. REPORTER: A field trip
to the White House. One by one, nearly every
senator on Capitol Hill loading up on buses headed
to that classified briefing on North Korea
and its nuclear threat. I’m sorry,
I can’t believe Donald Trump made 100 senators
take a bus to his place. 100 sen… Instead of one person
just going to their place. Like, I’m actually disappointed
Trump used a regular bus. It would have been
such a power move if he had used
the pussy-grabbing bus. Remember that one? Yeah. That would have been amazing. And just had them
all there, like, “Remember how you all thought
this was gonna break me? “Yeah. Yeah,
who’s the winner now? “All right, let’s sing.
♪ The pussies on the bus ♪ “♪ Get grabbed,
grabbed, grabbed ♪ “♪ Grabbed, grabbed, grabbed ♪ ♪ Grabbed, grabbed,
grabbed. ♪” By the way,
we have actual footage of the senators riding the bus
to go see Trump, and it really is sad to see that Ted Cruz
still hasn’t made friends. Seat’s taken. Can’t sit here. (cheering, applause) That poor guy. Oh, and, uh, by the way,
it turns out, apparently, this whole thing
was just a publicity stunt that, according to senators
of both parties, had no real information
in it. Yeah. Donald Trump
just called them there. And I wouldn’t be surprised that
he just brought them to be like, “Did you guys know
there are two Koreas? It’s a lot more complicated
than we thought, folks.” A lot more complicated,
a lot more.”

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  1. Corruption is corruption Trevor. I won't accept it from Trump, Bush, Clinton or Obama and neither should you. Also it's this kind of whitewashing (!) of corruption that paints the dnc as criminal thugs as well. You can't paint Obama as the Messiah of change than bitch when people raise an eyebrow when he's the same old corrupt cunt as the guys before him. I love your take on most things, but you're deadwrong on this. Trump wins because of this shit, because you're not keeping Obama to the same standards you keep other presidents too. Who's the racist now my South African Oreo?

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  10. okay, Trevor. i know you just told me, "** you" but i must disagree with you on this one although i wont return your vulgarity because i respect your freedom of speech. Its not about criticizing Obama because he's black and getting paid, as your jokes seem to imply. Its about some of us wishing some leader in politics would exemplify the changes in the country that we wish would happen. Criticism isn't hate when theres a valid point to be made. And these speeches, in my opinion warrant some criticism given the nature of money, corporate/banking/wall st influence and corruption in politics and its degrading effects on the country's social and environmental sustainability, health, justice and equality.

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    Someone should do something about people cash in after holding office but he sure not going to be a Democrat

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  60. How about no politican, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or anything else, should takes obscene amounts of money from Wall St or giant multinational corporations? Great comedians, like Bill Hicks & George Carlin, spit in the face of the establishment & Nused comedy to expose corruption. Neoliberal hacks like Trevor Noah embrace bullshit partisan talking points & identity politics to normalize the rot in our system by basically saying, "my side's corruption isn't as bad as the other sides corruption, who cares if the people get screwed as long as we're making that $$$." Obama's corporatist failures allowed a fascist like Trump to be elected. None of this is okay, & Noah shows how he's a disgrace to comedy every time he does apologetics for our corrupt & broken system.

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