Shimmery Makeup for Special Occasions (with Contouring)

Shimmery Makeup for Special Occasions (with Contouring)

Hey guys! I’m back. Two of my really good
friends are getting married tonight and so I’m getting ready to go to their
wedding and I thought this would be a good opportunity to show you a little
bit more of an amped up version of what I do day to day. I’m gonna do a little
bit more highlight and just brightening and dewy and glowy and all of that, so
I’m probably not going to talk through all of like the foundation and concealer
and contouring and all of that… but when I get a little further into the process
and start getting into like highlighting, I will show you what I’m using.
I’m gonna go ahead and start concealing everything and contouring and foundation
first. So, right now I’m using Mac Studio Fix
24-hour Smooth Wear concealer and then in a second I’m actually going to kind
of make it a little pinker with MAC Prep & Prime and it’s in the color of
“Radiant Rose”. So, that’s what I’m going to do to kind of brighten my face up and make
it a little more pink. Then I’m gonna take my Luxie 680 pro precision face brush and sometimes I
use the Beauty Blender. Sometimes I actually use a combination. It really
just kind of depends on my mood and how my skin is at the time. So… I’m going to start out
with this, but I may end up using the Beauty Blender in a minute. We’ll see. When I get around my eyes, sometimes I’ll
use the Beauty Blender just because it gets a little bit… it’s a little bit
better to get it really good and blended so it doesn’t crease as much, so… I’m
actually going to switch to the Beauty Blender right now and I’m going to spray
it with my continuous setting mist from Morphe. This is my favorite setting spray. So, I’m gonna do the contour… and I switch
between a couple of different things but I actually generally use MAC’s bronzing
powder in matte bronze. So, that’s what I’m gonna use today. I’m actually gonna
be using two different brushes. For nose, I’m gonna use Morphe’s Y22
brush. It has a little bit smaller tip… and then for the rest of my face, I’m
gonna use a bigger contouring brush. Like I said, I use two different contour
brushes, so I’m gonna switch to the bigger contour brush. What’s funny is everybody’s been asking me
to do more of like a glam look, but I’m so used to doing full face makeup that
even my glam looks are not a whole lot different from my day-to-day. I mean I go
to the gym full makeup. A lot of people will do contour after they do their foundation. I just like to
do this because I feel like it helps me use less foundation overall and then
sometimes, I go in and like touch up and kind of re-contour a little bit. So, yeah…
It is kind of an extra step, but I really like the final result doing it the other
way. I’ve got a couple more spots through here… just make sure you have good
coverage. I’m gonna switch to my foundation brush and I like wetting the brush just
because it helps kind of soften up the foundation, so if you kind of go a little
heavy. Like, I sometimes am bad about going too heavy on my forehead, so I like
to make it just a little bit wet with just a little bit setting spray to kind
of help spread it out a little bit better. So, right now I’m gonna go through and just
kind of lighten up a couple little more spots. I’m kind of breaking out right now
so I’m just gonna kind of use a little bit of a powder. This… I don’t even know
what this is anymore. It’s definitely MAC but I just like it a little bit better
so it doesn’t make it look as cakey and doesn’t draw as much attention to
breakouts and stuff. I’m gonna go back through. I’m gonna put
just a little bit more concealer on just to kind of cover up. I’ve got some dark
circles right now. I’m gonna go back through and use my Prep & Prime
highlighter again just to kind of lighten up the eyes a little bit more
underneath. Pretty much you’re going through the
concealing process twice at this point. I just like the Beauty Blender for this
part because it’s… it’s… I go lighter handed with it than I do with my brush. Okay. So now I’ve got my foundation and
my highlight. I think I’m gonna go back through in a minute and like add a
little more shimmer and things like that, just to kind of amp it up and everything,
but I’m gonna do my blush next. This is the Laura Geller New York and the shade
“Tropic Hues”. it’s the baked blush and brighten and this is my favorite
favorite blush. I used to be just a MAC girl but I found this blush and this has
become my everyday blush now… and if you want to like intensify it, you can always
go back through and contour your cheekbones and stuff like that. I try not
to go overboard with contour but do enough just to kind of enhance
everything. I’m actually gonna use something I got
in one of my BoxyCharm subscriptions. This is the Cover FX glitter
drops and I like this because it literally takes a drop to go a long way.
So, I’m going to use this to kind of illuminate just a little bit more than
normal. Like this is basically a lifetime supply of this honestly. It’s
crazy. I’m going to take my eyeliner brush. I don’t really wear this that often but I like the glow that
it gives. Hopefully the light is catching it. Just kind of amps it up just a
little bit more than my day-to-day. I’m going to switch back to my normal highlight
that I use. This is the Hyper Real Glow palette from MAC and I can’t remember what this one is
called, but it’s the lightest one of the options that are out there, I believe. Another highlight that I really like is
from Thrive Cosmetics and I just like the convenience of this one. If I’m
in a big hurry and don’t have a lot of time, this is a really, really good one to come
in and just add just a little bit of highlight too… but since I’m going a
little more amped up, I’m not gonna use it today. Alright. So I’m gonna work on
my eyebrows and I apologize because it takes me forever to get my eyebrows like
shaped right. In real time, it probably takes me about an hour to do my makeup
and I won’t make you guys through an hour, I promise. So, one thing that I like to do is
actually take a selfie with my phone, just to see what it’s gonna actually look
like when it’s done. I always have trouble with my eyebrows for some reason.
So, I’m gonna check this out. So now I’m gonna do my eyes. I think I’m gonna start
out using one of my Tarte palettes. This is Rain Forest at the Sea Vol. III and I
think I got this one from BoxyCharm or BoxyLuxe… one of those two. I like this one
just because it has a lot of shimmery colors and everything… a lot of different
options. I’m gonna be wearing a purple dress
so I’m also gonna use the Classic Cutie palette from MAC, just to add some more
purple tones into it. I’m going to start with the Tarte palette first. So, I’m
going to use the color “Escape” for my highlight in the Tarte palette. I think I’m gonna get back into my MAC
palette here. I’m gonna use the color “Maybe So”. it’s kind of a shimmery, dark
purple right here. I use this color a lot actually. I really like the shimmer in this
palette. It’s definitely my go-to So… that was “Maybe So” that I just added in and I’m really gonna darken this up and
make everything a little bit more intense as I go along… but next, I think
I’m gonna use “Malibu” in the Tarte palette right here. It’s a little bit
lighter than what I just used for my crease color. The nice thing is if it’s not a perfect, you
can always buff it out as you go along. Alright… So now I’m gonna use “Good
Karma”. This is actually my favorite color in the MAC palette. I’m gonna go to “Heat Wave” right here in
the Tarte palette and use it on upper lid. I really like this palette. It’s
pretty… and I’m gonna go back to “Good Karma” that
I just used some minute ago. I’m gonna put just a little bit more in the center
here. Super, super shimmery today… and then I’m
also going to use the color “Heart Melter”, which is the one of the lightest shades
in the MAC palette. I’m going to do that kind of in the corners here. So, hopefully this is a good view but yeah … super
shimmery. A little bit more amped up than normal, but still similar to what
I do every day. So, I’m just gonna show you a close-up so you can gonna see. I
did lots and lots and lots of shimmer in the color… a little bit over shimmer than
I would day to day… I just remembered… I didn’t do my Cupid’s Bow, so I’m gonna go
back through with my highlight. Actually, I only use the drops I think. Again, doing a little bit more than normal. Yeah. The drops are super concentrated… but they’re really really pretty. I might have overdone it a
little. I don’t know. So next, I’m going to do my under eye liner. So, I’m gonna use a
couple of different eyeliners. I’m gonna start out with Urban Decay’s 24/7
glide-on eye pencil. This is in the color of “Perversion”. So I’m going to do that on my bottom lid for my waterline. I’m gonna use a little bit of “Graph
Black” on the outer part of my bottom lash line and then, I’m going to take “Designer Purple” and ProGlide intense eyeliner from MAC. It’s… This is pretty old. I probably shouldn’t actually use this one, but it’s the only purple I really have
right now. Alright… So, I’m actually gonna go back
through again with the Tarte palette and I’m gonna do a little bit more “Malibu”
just to kind of blend the eyeliner on the bottom here just a little bit. So I’m gonna go ahead and do a little
bit of setting spray and then I’m gonna finish up my upper eyeliner. Okay. So now, I’m gonna do my upper
eyeliner and I’m gonna use Pretty Vulgar’s gel liner and this is quickly
becoming my favorite eyeliner actually. It’s super, super comparable to MAC’s gel
eyeliner. It may actually be a little bit better honestly. Yeah. It’s
definitely my everyday gel eyeliner now. I do have still a little bit of a hard
time sometimes controlling it. It is very, very easy to get too much on a brush. I’m
using a super, super fine pointy brush to help with precision. This is what I’ve
been using for probably about ten years now. I don’t really like any other
brushes for eyeliner except for this. I will say the only complaint that I have about Pretty Vulgar’s gel eyeliner
is that it starts to build up on my brush really easily and so sometimes I just
have to wipe it off a lot more. I feel like I waste a lot of product just
trying to get rid of the build up to get a good, clean line. That’s kind of what I’m
struggling with right now… but it’s long lasting. Like I said, it’s
still one of my favorites. It just builds up really easy. So, I started it a debate awhile ago and
it’s a super, super common one of whether you should do your eye makeup before you
do your foundation. Obviously, I do my foundation first, but there is some
fallout through here, but… if you get a super fluffy brush like this. You can
just kind of buff it out and it doesn’t really leave streaks. Everybody has their own method but I
prefer to go ahead and get my foundation really good and smoothed out everything…
and I love this brush because I can go back through and it’s just kind of like
my touch-up brush for lack of a better word. Like, I use it pretty much
everywhere and I just use it to kind of like blend out parts of my makeup.
Sometimes I have a little bit of finishing powder on it… just kind of
depends on my mood. It kind of depends on my skin, but that’s what I use this brush
for… and I know I use the drops earlier on my Cupid’s Bow, but I’m actually gonna go
back through. I’m actually gonna try the new little… This is Nature’s Cartel and
it’s pretty glowy looking. I just wanna see what it looks like, just to
give it a shot. Wow! It’s super pigmented. My lips are a
little chapped today, so I’m going to use MAC Prep and Prime Lip to kind of help
my chapped lips out a little bit. I know like matte lipsticks have been
really popular this year. I have yet to find a really, really good matte color
that I like. Give this a second and then I’m gonna go ahead and do my mascara. I’m
using the Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara. This is seriously becoming my
favorite mascara. I like BANG. It kind of just depends on my mood. I like this
one if I’m going for softer looking lashes, which since I am a lot dewier here, I’m gonna go ahead and use this. If I want like super, super defined looking
lashes then I use Bang’s Bad Gal mascara. but for today, I’m going to use this. If I had time, I
would actually attempt to use some lashes that I’ve been holding off since
I’ve still never done lashes before, but I’ve never brave enough to try it when
I’m actually getting ready to go somewhere. So I’m going to save that for
another day. I’m gonna go and just kind of go and touch up
again. So, I’m gonna use the color “Dervish” in
MAC. It’s just a lip pencil. I don’t really do a lot of lipsticks. I do a lot
of lip gloss, but I’m gonna go ahead and do the liner and then do the Feny
Beauty glossy bomb in “Fussy”. This is what I wear every day but normally, I wear it
without lip liner. So, I’m gonna go ahead and go in with my
normal lip gloss that I use. It’s my favorite color.
It’s just a really pretty pink without being over-the-top. It has a little bit of
shine and it’s my favorite. Alight. So…. um… this is this the finished
look. Like I said, not a whole lot different from my day to day. Just a
little bit more sparkle and shine and gloss and things like that, but… That’s pretty much it. You guys have asked me to show just kind of like what
I do for maybe like a wedding or a formal event and I thought since I’m
going to a wedding again… second one in two weeks… I thought I
would go ahead and just show you what I normally do in that case. If you like
videos like this, definitely let me know. Again, I didn’t really want to like talk
you through the entire process because it takes forever but I did want to show
all of the process just because I know a lot of people complain that when people
do beauty videos they don’t show them actually putting on foundation. So, I
didn’t really want to skip that step but I didn’t really want to focus it either. But yeah. This is it. You guys have a great rest of your weekend
and I will talk to you soon. Bye!

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