She Was 10 and Loved Her Dog, But Poverty Meant a Hard Goodbye | FRONTLINE

She Was 10 and Loved Her Dog, But Poverty Meant a Hard Goodbye | FRONTLINE

>>Grr! Nala, she was, like, my dog. Like, she was, like, my favorite dog. And now we have to take her to the pound. We have to get rid of Nala, but not Tanner. Nala’s so adorable. Like if you had her, she would sleep on your bed and she would sleep on you. She’s like your little guard dog. We’re getting rid of my perfect little lovey dog. Yes, Nala, I hear you stressing out. I love you, Nala. ♪ ♪>>Does she have any favorite toys or games?>>She needs lots and lots of bones. She’ll chew one in, like, an hour, so… (whispering): She hates baths.>>Oh, yeah.>>Doesn’t like baths?>>No. This is my animal lover.>>Yeah. She’ll have to go into our isolation room, since she hasn’t gotten any vaccinations yet. So she’ll be in an isolated area right now. All right, sweetie. Do you want the leash and collar back at all?>>Just the leash.>>Okay.>>And the collar!>>Why the collar? She can have it.>>Collar, Mom… Fine. Meanie. (whimpers) (crying) (barks)

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  1. I thought…. poverty meant she had to end up eating the dog. But it didn't come to that. So I guess she wasn't that poor.

  2. That is one thing I would not take my dog to the pound never he would eat before I do

  3. no no no. I don't to see this.

  4. Where's Machete? He'll save the dog

  5. Man that's sad. How could you film that and not help the kid out? Hopefully there is a back story where the producers of Frontline get the kid her dog back.

  6. So you exploit their poverty to make a buck online and then don't help them keep the dog? You people are fucking vampires.

  7. Thank you for showing the hardships of poverty in America. If only we had a government that cared more about helping the poor than the rich.

  8. But would you feed your dog before you'd feed your children…..? I think that's the dilemma here

  9. If you can't afford pets, don't buy them. If you can't afford kids, don't have them.

  10. 😭 That's absolutely horrible n cruel. You take an animal on for it's life. I make sacrifices to keep my dog. This' so heartbreaking for the kids n especially the dog, he don't know what's happening n loves his family. People are so selfish… 😭

  11. I really wish I didn't watch that. Devastating.

  12. You could even see the pain in the dog eyes at the ending of the video

  13. 😒😒

  14. What happened to the dog after being surrendered. This is tugging at my heart strings.

  15. This is an old clip from 2012, but if you watch the current episode, it fast forwards the kids to 2017. This scene is truly heartbreaking because it shows the tough choices this family has to make. I think they had to give up their dog because she is a pit bull breed and probably over the weight limit for the motel the family eventually moves into. I hope the girl, Kaylie, remains optimistic. She's got a good head on her shoulders and I hope she (and her family) find(s) a way out of this proverty.

  16. I am going to watch this right ……. now.
    Thank you PBS and Frontline β™₯

  17. i'm a tough guy.
    I'm crying like a baby
    just lost my dogs

  18. To everyone rushing to blame the family for being unable to "feed" the dog, it is more likely they had to surrender it for being a pit bull. Pit bulls are unfairly subject to many regulations and unfortunately a family living under the poverty line isn't going to have the means to just up and move once the land owner demands the dog be removed. This is a perfect example of why Breed Specific Legislation hurts not just dogs, but families as well. It's a devastating reality. Luckily, if you read the description in the video, it appears Nala was adopted out to a good family.

  19. She Was 10 and Her Dog was her lover But Poverty Meant a Hard Goodbye | FRONTLINE

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  20. I can't believe I ever liked Frontline. Just execute these lefties and end it.

  21. I believe these dogs were adopted thru Vilalobos

  22. You could of helped ! So sad !

  23. Just a dog, oh my God. It is just a moving toy. It is a teaching moment to let her know that human lives are way more important than those of animals.

  24. Dear God that was horrible to watch.

  25. If you can't afford to have kids in today's world there are numerous forms of birth control. Not fair to the kids if you're poor but have them anyway.

  26. Buzzed and Huffpost say they just need to use their white privilege….

  27. Give men there jobs back and the dog does not have to go to the pound.

  28. No kidding how awful and hearbreakingβ€”- they are family at a soul level.😭😭😭😭😭😭😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  29. This exact story is how our Millie came to live with us. The Mom brought her to to Humane Society because the landlord told her other family the dog goes or they have to go. We picked Millie out and brought her here to live with us, but i remember the VERY sad face on the little girl who was Millie's first best friend. I hope she knows Millie is still here and happy and healthy and loves to eat snacks and go outside walking. I will give Millie love from her first bff so she never forgets her. ☺

  30. Sad story and so cruel.

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