Seungjae’s real feelings towards dad [The Return of Superman / 2017.04.23]

Seungjae’s real feelings towards dad [The Return of Superman / 2017.04.23]

Seungjae. – Seungjae. / – Yes? I have something to tell you. I’m actually a goblin. – You’re a goblin? / – Yes. I’m a kind goblin from a goblin village. – You’re a kind goblin? / – Yes. Jiyong is a goblin? What is he talking about? Seungjae often says, “Dad, I hate you.” I can’t really read his mind. It’s hard to read children’s minds. But if you ask them questions through characters in their favorite stories, they might answer you honestly. Because I’m a goblin, I have a goblin hat. – Shall I bring it? / – Yes. – Should I? / – Yes. (Jiyong turns into a goblin.) Is that a goblin hat? Yes. I have it because I’m a goblin. – Is this a goblin hat? / – Yes. What happens if you put on a goblin hat? You become invisible. I want to try it on. – You want to try it on? / – Yes. Try it on. (He puts it on.) (He’s a goblin now.) I can’t see you. I can’t see you. (His eyes are acting.) Where’s Seungjae? I can’t see him. Here I am! There you are. (The hat really works.) – Is this a goblin hat? / – Yes. Where did Seungjae go? Where’s Seungjae? Have you seen Seungjae? – No. / – Where is Seungjae? Where is he? Have you seen Seungjae? Have you seen Seungjae? Where is Seungjae? – Where is Seungjae? / – Where is Seungjae? – Seungjae. / – Have you seen Seungjae? – Seungjae. / – Where is Seungjae? Where is Seungjae? Seungjae. (He enters the tent.) (Seungjae takes some jelly.) Where are you, Seungjae? Have you seen Seungjae? Where are you, Seungjae? Please open it. – Whose voice is it? / – Where are you, Seungjae? (She’s acting.) – Seungjae. / – Please open it. The jellies are flying. Seungjae. – I brought this. / – Seungjae. – Wait. / – Look at this. The jellies are flying. The jellies are flying. Where is Seungjae? (Seungjae dances with joy.) Where are you, Seungjae? – Seungjae. / – Here I am. There you are. Did you steal the jellies with the hat on? Yes. I stole the jellies. Seungjae. – Where did you get this? / – There. – Where? / – There. Give it back to the cameraman. It’s his. Give it back to him. Give it back to him. It’s his. (Seungjae runs to the cameraman.) (It’s the wrong tent.) I gave it back to him. – You did? / – Yes. Good job. Do you want to have jellies all the time? Seungjae. Where am I from? You’re from work. (Dad is from work.) You’re from work. – Am I from work? / – Yes. I said I’m from a goblin village. Goblin village? I have to go back there. (Jiyong has to go back to the goblin village.) You have to go back? Yes. I won’t be able to see you again. You won’t see me again? No. I was so happy I could be your dad. You were happy? Yes, because I could be your dad. Be nice to Mom and live happily with her. I’m leaving now. No. Don’t go back to the goblin village. Don’t go back to the goblin village. I have to go. I don’t like it. I belong to the goblin village. – I’ll get going. / – Dad! Don’t go! (Seungjae clings to Jiyong’s legs.) Dad, don’t go. You don’t want me to go? You’re my dad. (If you go back to the goblin village,) (who will make a blanket car for me?) Seungjae, I’m Tyrannosaurus. I’m a daddy dinosaur. (Who will be a dinosaur for me?) Aren’t I heavy? I’m okay. (You feel safe just because Dad is there for you.) Seungjae, we’re almost there. (Are you leaving me behind?) Do you want to say something to me for the last time? I’m going to miss you. Dad, don’t go. (Seungjae hugs Jiyong tightly.) Don’t go. – You don’t want me to go? / – No. I’m a goblin. Should I stay anyway? Let me go with you. You want to come with me to the goblin village? Yes. Don’t go back to the goblin village. Don’t go back to the goblin village. – Is it okay even if I’m a goblin? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. – It doesn’t matter? / – No. Do you love me? (He finally asks the question.) I love you more than anyone else. – Really? / – Yes. (Jiyong finds out how Seungjae feels.) If you shout it out loud, I won’t have to go. I love you, Dad! (Touched) I won’t go, then. I won’t go to the goblin village. (I can’t let Dad go to the goblin village.) Goblins are scary. You shouldn’t go there. Don’t go, Dad. – You don’t want me to go? / – No. Please don’t go. (Jiyong is about to cry.) You have something here. I’ll take it off. It’s a mole. You can’t take it off. Are you going to take it off? (Dad, don’t go anywhere.)

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  1. What if Seungjae grown up and had a memory of him being the son of goblin race 😂 then he tells his friends that he's a half-goblin🤣

  2. yup…complelety lost it with this episode….full blown tears! especially when Seunjae clung unto his Appa's leg for dear life!

  3. Is Jiyong a celebrety?

  4. Seungjae really is the perfect kid.. he's one of my favorites (triplets and seungjae are my favs <3 i luv them sm, theyre perfect kids)

  5. A goblin with a power of grim reaper 😂

  6. Sungjae is so cute

  7. He will have so many hood memories 😊

  8. 😍😍😍omo my heart

  9. I watched this so many times but still I cry as much i cried before.

  10. Just saw the news they'll be leaving TROS T_T

  11. Will miss Ko family so much❤️. I really want to learn more from this family

  12. Bye Bye seungjae yaaaa
    I will be miss u..
    No more him in tros
    Cry Cry Cry

  13. who's hear after heard that they will leave this program ?

  14. the poor kid has been tricked so often you guys

  15. why are these babies growing up sooooo fast(╯︵╰,)

  16. 1:46 wow, i realize that not all of the cameraman is a man 😂

  17. When u realise parents are really good with blackmailing their kids …. Poor us 😪

  18. Back to watch this because he wasn’t on TROS this week. I have a feeling that I’d be binge watching this father/son duo for a while after they leave TROS cause I’ll be missing them so much.

  19. My favorite scene 💕💕
    I am gonna miss u Seungjae! 😭😭😭

  20. i think Seunjae is just saying that he hates him so that they can play but Seungjae really loves Jiyong and Jiyong is Seungjae no. 1

  21. who's here on a marathon after knowing seuhngjae's gonna leave the show? 🙁

    going to miss him he's the one who made me watfch this show

  22. Hahahaha he is goblin but he wears grim reaper's hat lol

  23. And now he's leaving already 😭😭 imma cry my eyes out.

  24. I would be so happy if i had father like Jiyong. I wonder in 10 years later how's seungjae reaction after watch this clip..

  25. Sungjae is so cute ..Why u grow up so fast,and now youre leaving tros😑

  26. The first ever video of return of superman that I watched. After this I became a fan but sadly, he leave the show now. I will miss him.

  27. Seeing him leave at 280 episode makes me come again n watch all old episodes 💔

  28. Im so touched😢😢

  29. I cried…. so precious 😢

  30. I have 100000 tissues on the floor

  31. I'm wondering whose with him when her parents are at work

  32. I play back this scene because i miss them because last week they last day


  34. Watching this after watch their last episode :') ..
    It's really teard me up wondering how seungjae grown.

    Godness.. bye seungjae.

    Hope you doing good with your fams.

  35. Re watching since Sungjae is leaving

  36. 2019? Who’s with me?♥️

  37. I wish I had a dad like him. It's so heartwarming. He makes so much effort to be a better dad and he's such a good son too. It wouldve been nice to hear "I am happy to be your dad" rather than "I just wish i would just get a chance to abandon you"

  38. Who went here after Sungjae left??

  39. me screaming: IM NOT GONNA CRY IM NOT GONNA CRY
    me too: ~crys anyway~

  40. Still can't believe that u left the show …my babe m watching all your episodes from the beginning again

  41. Omg, he is so cute!!!! 👦🏻👦🏻 he is a sweet little boy….

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  43. I cried whe he go to jiyongs leg

  44. Who's here after seeing Seungjae's last episode

  45. Who is here after the last episode. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  46. I miss Seungjae 🙁

  47. I'm always proud of you, my baby. 😭💖 imysm

  48. going back to the old videos because I miss him 🙁

  49. He's a smart kid.

  50. Siempre lloro cuando Seungjae dice que ama a su padre T_T ❤ Estoy tan conmovida

  51. They are so pure😭

  52. OMG 😭❤😭❤😭❤😭❤😭❤😭❤

  53. I miss seungjae on the show yall😣😢

  54. jiyong: do you love me?
    seungjae: i love you more than anyone else…

    wow, very touching! i cried… remembering my late father… I didn't tell him how much i love him when he's still alive.. 😢😭

  55. Rewatching seungjae episodes. Im crying. Missing him 😭😭😭

  56. When 5:30 jiyooon was trying to hold back tears I'm so soft 😭😭😭😭

  57. Seungjae will forever be my favorite TROS baby 😭😍 THIS FATHER AND SON DUO NEVER FAILS TO AMAZE ME. WE MISS YOU!

  58. i cried so much when I saw this!! Sons and Dads have the best bonding ever!! I have no dad and thats why i can understand well!! well.actually my Mom is both for me…..I want all Fathers shud see this video that Fahers also have heart for their sons!! Stay blessed my soju!!:)

  59. Vj can act too😅

  60. What was actually more funny was that she was so calm about the jellies flying in the air! 😂😂😂🤣
    I loved how it suddenly ended with the mole! 🤣😂

  61. UwU this is just soo cute i love this 😭❤❤❤

  62. i miss seungjae oppa ☹💚😭

  63. i miss seungjae :(( this is still one of my favorite episodes of his

  64. Really miss Seungjae

  65. hes the cutest sweetest baby

  66. I love the camerapeople so much

  67. Aa litle ko seungjae, bogoshippo🥰🥰🥰

  68. Appa: Do you love me?
    Seungjae: I love you more than anyone else.

  69. I miss seungjae so much!! Please come back Ko family.

  70. He is such a cute and sweet boy😚😚

  71. Someday I want to have a kid like him 😙

  72. Why this keep poping on my recommendation?? Miss him real bad. Sungjaeeee ❤❤❤

  73. Seungjae really looks like jimin when he's a kid.

  74. "The jellies are flying!", has to be the most wholesome quote i've seen all year.

  75. Honestly, the camera men deserve huge appreciation for all the work they do. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💙

  76. Whatta smart kid..😍😘

  77. 2:33 okay caption I see what you did there

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  80. Bye… Continue tomorrow!

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  83. Just curious, why did Seungjae use to say that he didn't like his dad?

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  85. A wholesome goodness and sweet seungjae!


  87. Apa cuma aku yang berkaca-kaca? 😣

  88. im here bcs i miss them 🙁

  89. it's all fun and games until u promptly burst into tears

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