Sesame Street: James Gandolfini Talks About Feeling Scared

Sesame Street: James Gandolfini Talks About Feeling Scared

STREET” THEME] [CRASH] ZOE: Oh! What was that noise? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Hey,
Zoe, what’s wrong? ZOE: Oh, Mr. Gandolfini, I’m
so glad you’re here! I heard a loud noise and it
really, really scared me. JAMES GANDOLFINI: Don’t worry,
Zoe, everything’s OK. Come here. ZOE: Oh, thank you! I feel much better now. JAMES GANDOLFINI:
Good, I’m glad. Because I know what it’s
like to be scared. ZOE: You get scared? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Yeah, sure. Everybody gets scared
sometimes. ZOE: Really? Well, what scares you? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Well,
there are three things that scare me, Zoe. ZOE: Don’t joke me. What three things scare you? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Well,
one thing I’m afraid of is the dark. I’ve always been afraid
of the dark. But luckily I have my nightlight
and my teddy bear, and they make me feel better. ZOE: Oh, that’s good. JAMES GANDOLFINI: Want to know
what else scares me? ZOE: Yeah, yeah what else? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Getting
a haircut. ZOE: Really? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Yeah, I’m
afraid of haircuts. But luckily the barber gives me
a lollipop, and that makes me feel better. So you see, Zoe, sometimes
I get scared, too. ZOE: Yeah. But wait a minute. You said there were
three things that you were scared of. What else are you afraid of? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Giant
talking vegetables. ZOE: Giant talking vegetables? JAMES GANDOLFINI: But luckily
I’ve never seen one of those. BROCCOLI: Hey, excuse
me, watch it! Coming through here. Hey, oh-ay. ZOE: Are you OK? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Yeah,
but that giant talking vegetable scared me. ZOE: Oh, well, don’t worry, Mr.
Gandolfini, I know what to do to make you feel better? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Yeah, what? ZOE: This! Better? JAMES GANDOLFINI: Yeah. ZOE: Good. JAMES GANDOLFINI: Yeah. Thanks. ZOE: You’re welcome. JAMES GANDOLFINI:
Thanks a lot. [SIGH]

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  1. He had this charisma that made him a natural children's show actor as well. What a guy.

  2. Tony never had the makings of being on sesame Street

  3. He should have wacked Zoey.

  4. "Let me tell you a couple of tree things Zoe…"

  5. "Let me tell ya a couple a tree tings that scare me Zoe"

  6. RIP James Gandolfini

  7. That noise at the beginning was Tone whacking somebody over a debt and he was actually scared of the feds catching up to em.

  8. When he was getting his haircut 😂☠️ I can’t

  9. That made me laugh. Funny!!

  10. You know what else scares me? …. A Varsity Shinebox

  11. R.I.P James Gandolfini we will miss you

  12. Hes scared he will never have the makings of a varsity athlete.

  13. tony was made and the vegetable wasn't

  14. That loud noise was Big Bird not paying his protection money

  15. This guy never had the makings of a varsity mobster!

  16. He’s there to settle a garbage route dispute with Oscar .

  17. Wait a sec I think I saw this as a kid

  18. Man this is so surreal. Can't stop but to think it's Tony and Chris or Paulie will show up at any moment. It's how much of an impact James left in that show.

  19. 0:46 three things scare Tony soprano… FBI

  20. Luckily I had my night light, a teddy bear and a Russian hewa to make me feel better.

  21. There are a couple of three things that scare me

  22. That puppet is wearing a wire.

  23. I miss this man so much.

    A true legend.

  24. He put a hit on the grouch

  25. This skit was so cute. If I saw that broccoli, I would be freaked out too!

  26. She's a hoooaarr Tony

  27. Alabama, where's our coke and where's Clarence, and when's he coming back?

  28. Lemme tell you a couple of three things Zoey

  29. One if the Muppets must have owed him money

  30. I understand why he's afraid of the dark and haircut.

    1) Afraid the Feds storming his house while he's sleeping.
    2) While enjoying haircut, it is an opportunity for mob to whack Tony while sitting on barber chair (Albert Anastasia).

  31. You can tell he was resisting the urge to swear

  32. That Giant talking Vegetable was clearly with the Vipers!

  33. Easily one of my favorite Sesame Street sketches. R.I.P. James Gandolfini, you and Zoe, er Fran Brill made a terrific team!

  34. Happy Birthday to James Gandolfini.9-18-61.NJ

  35. Wish my friends watched the sopranos so I could send them this.

  36. Zoe never had the makings of a varsity muppet!

  37. In the outtakes, Furio curb stomps the broccoli

  38. I clicked and watched this thinking it was Saturday Night Live!!

  39. This made me so happy and sad at the same time and i dont know why,idk it just felt so nostalgic and wholesome

  40. Above all… jokes and trolling besides…
    Gandolfini was an angel on Earth. Research about him.


  41. Plot Twist: Sesame Street is in the New Jersey, meaning Elmo and all the others are associates of the DiMeo/Soprano Family lol

  42. He’s such a teddy bear 🧸! I love James !

  43. R.I.P

    He died way too soon 😔

  44. What a terrific actor.

  45. Published in YouTube, Sesame's St. Channel a day after his death.

  46. He's afraid of the dark, but he loves the duck.

  47. He forgot about brass knuckles and Tommy gun.

  48. Oh no Tony’s having another fever dream

  49. Stay away from Sesame Street, that's Soprano turf.

  50. And here we have Tony Soprano starting beef with Veggie Tales

  51. This is so pure🥰

  52. There are 3 things that scare me
    3. My wife
    2. My Uncle Jun
    1. My mother

  53. Rest In Peace to the legend 😪😭😭

  54. well zoe, theres a couple a tree tings that scare me

  55. Cue “Don't Stop Believin'”

  56. What did u do to tony soprano?💰🔫🚬

  57. Tony was scared of three letter F.B.I.

  58. He was an AMAZING actor

  59. He forgot to mention small talking fish

  60. That man was special.

  61. He's totally out of his element here.

  62. Wait till he finds out Richie's been selling blow along sesame street

  63. I didn't think I could respect this guy any more. Then I saw this. Such a nice soul

  64. What a gentle, kind soul he was. We lost a great person.

  65. Rest in Peace James

  66. RIP James Gandolfini.

  67. Is this tony or james Gandolfini

  68. James Gandolfini on Seasame Street, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, how many under 10s actually watched The Soprano's

  69. James Gandolfini actually has that what the F**** am I doing here look on his face, God bless Him

  70. This is the end of The Soprano

  71. 1:31 That was Broccoli Aprile.

  72. Fear of not having the makings of a varsity athlete

  73. Then Paulie spells the letters W .i .s .e .g .u .y . What does that spell kids? Wise guy!!!!

  74. James Gandolfini was a great person. I have a lot of respect for him. Did you know you can buy painting of him with his name on them / his cigar in the frame of the painting?

  75. Everyone in Elmo In Grouchland are just people Tony disposed of

  76. He forgot to say the 4th one FBI

  77. I miss gandolfini so much

  78. There’s tree tings dat scare me. 1. A rat. 2. The can. 3. Getting clipped

  79. Anyone watching this in 2019? I miss James and especially the Soprano's! Even though I know this is Sesame Street, how many of you were just waiting for him to snap and turn into Tony's character?!

  80. I’m never eating veg again after seeing that giant talking broccoli ?
    That was scary as hell

  81. What a nice man he was. Rest in Peace.

  82. Fed: the giant talking vegetable?
    Is Luppetazzi in the coma?

  83. 😢 this is incredible

  84. He never had the makings of a sesame street athelete.

  85. 4th thing: the vipers.

    Insert mock face

  86. “Everything’s ok.. I’ve already talked to Paulie and Chrissy.. They’re takin the life size vegetable on a drive to the Pine Barrens”. 😂

  87. I kept waiting for the little orange thing to get wacked.

  88. Seven foot broccoli? Is Ginny Sac making a salad?


  90. That warm, reassuring smile he offers Zoe is the same one he offers Patricia Arquette in “True Romance.”

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