Sesame Street: Abby Cadabby teaches Josh Gad about Texture

Sesame Street: Abby Cadabby teaches Josh Gad about Texture

JOSH: Hi. I’m Josh. ABBY: And I’m Abby. JOSH: And we’re here to tell
you all about the word texture. ABBY: Yeah. Texture is a great word, Josh. JOSH: It really is. And texture means the way
something looks and feels. ABBY: Mm-hm. And right now we are going
to show you some textures. JOSH: Wow. We are? ABBY: Mm-hm. JOSH: Cool. So cool– how are
we going to do that? ABBY: A fashion show! JOSH: A fashion show! What do you mean a fashion show? ABBY: [GIGGLING] Texture! JOSH: Oh, a magic fashion show. These PJs are awesome! ABBY: Yeah. And check out their
amazing texture. JOSH: Hey, yeah,
these jammies look and feel so soft and fuzzy. I love this texture. ABBY: Well, it’s time
for another texture. JOSH: But I like this– ABBY: Texture! JOSH: Um, Abby, what–
what am I wearing? ABBY: It’s a wetsuit, Josh. JOSH: Oh, I know. Why am I wearing a wetsuit? ABBY: Well, for the texture. Check out how the
wetsuit looks and feels. JOSH: Well, it looks and
feels smooth and rubbery. ABBY: Right. The wetsuit has a smooth
and rubbery texture. JOSH: Great. Great. That’s terrific. Can– can we change
to a new texture now? ABBY: Absolutely! Texture! JOSH: Um, Abby, this itches. ABBY: Well, it’s a burlap sack. JOSH: Yeah. Why am I wearing a burlap sack? ABBY: For the texture, Josh. Check out the texture. JOSH: Well, it looks and
feels rough and scratchy. ABBY: That’s right. Burlap has a rough
and scratchy texture. JOSH: Well, this texture
really itches, so you can just poof me into a new texture. That would be so good. ABBY: Well, sorry, Josh. That’s all the textures I have. JOSH: Oh. BOTH: Texture. JOSH: Oh, can I borrow this. Thank you. Oh, that’s the spot. [MUSIC PLAYING] NIA LONG: I could
take these birds and divide them into two groups. Penguins over here. PENGUINS: [QUACKING] NIA LONG: Come on, guys. Let’s go. Let’s go. And chickens over here. CHICKENS: [BOCKING] ABBY: Wow, that is so cool.

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  1. Insert Olaf-related comment here.

  2. Every time I hear josh gad, I can't help but think of olaf! lol

  3. Oh my…. ducky clothes, I want one!

  4. Olaf! or if you're a fan of The Book of Mormon, it's Elder Cunningham!

  5. Great video! Love Josh Gad

  6. I wish I could use magic to change textures!

  7. From a Molehog, a Snowman, and…. what else???

  8. You could've given him the jammies back!

  9. Boy, did Josh Gad ever voice Olaf on Frozen.

  10. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💖💖💖💖

  11. ok the first time when i saw frozen i didn't know that it was josh gab

  12. he likes warm hugs

  13. Aww, this is just to adorable for words!

  14. come on, he stared in Pixels. He doesn't need more torture!

  15. This is the funniest thing ever! 😂

  16. Did anyone remember him act like Chuck from Angry Birds and LeFou from Beauty & the Beast?

  17. Josh Gad is a wonderful actor who voiced Louis on Ice Age 4, and also voiced Olaf on Frozen. Speaking of texture, a suit and tie to make people handsome is part of texture.

  18. Is Josh from goosebumps

  19. He is so good with Abby ! I wonder if Josh got to keep the jammies , his children would like that .

  20. Josh was in the 2016 movie pixels


  22. Nice
    Love him he my favorite snowman olaf from movie the frozen

  23. Just olaf to much he s my friend

  24. Josh Gad is also from Pixels.

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