[SEOUL AR WISH WALL Campaign] by Mamamoo Solarsido(Full Ver,)

[SEOUL AR WISH WALL Campaign] by Mamamoo Solarsido(Full Ver,)

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  1. Unni~~~ ≧◡≦
    Mamamoo fighting 💪🏻

  2. I wish to see Girls ‘Generation 💗💓

  3. #VisitSeoul #SeoulCityWall #SeoulARWishWall wow i have alot of wish to you seoul

    so the first is with all the best season greetings

    the second is with much of cheer and joy

    the third is with much of life and happiness

    the fourth wish to seoul is with much of success in the futur

    and my last wish is livelong seoul the soul of asia

    the city of peace and love

    the heart of all the civilizations

    and the pearl of east and asia

    with love from algeria from the side of mr.ferhat bezazel

  4. Thanks you for this events 🙂 What are your wishes for 2020?

    I will visit Seoul City Wall soon ~

    I want to visit many place in South Korea .

    I want to have experience in South Korea . I want have a good memories in SOUTH KOREA . my friends join this events Rhea Ayu Eben Ezer Simanjuntak Marcella Qiu Pebri Hanna

    The Seoul City Wall was built to provide protection of Seoul, formerly called Hanyang, against outside intruders. This 18.6-kilometer long wall follows the four mountain ridges of Inwangsan Mountain, Baegaksan Mountain, Naksan Mountain, and Namsan Mountain. The wall was once called Hanyangseonggwak (Seoul Fortress Wall), but its name officially changed to Hanyangdoeseong (Seoul City Wall) in July 2011.

    A total of six different courses are available, each presenting a charm of its own. Four trails follow the major mountain ridges: the Baegaksan Mountain Trail, Naksan Mountain Trail, Namsan Mountain Trail, and Inwangsan Mountain Trail; while the other two trails pass by two major city gates: the Sungnyemun Gate Trail and Heunginjimun Gate Trail. Tip 1) Structures of the Seoul City Wall

    · City Wall: The city wall was built during three different periods under the reign of King Taejo, King Sejong, and King Sukjong.

    · Fortress Gate: The fortress gates consist of four main gates located on the four cardinal directions and four auxiliary gates in between the main gates. Referred to as the Sadaemun (Four Great Gates), the main gates consist of Dongdaemun (Heunginjimun) Gate in the east, Seodaemun (Donuimun) Gate in the west, Sungnyemun (Namdaemun) Gate in the south and Sukjeongmun (Bukdaemun) Gate in the north. The four auxiliary gates, referred to as Sasomun (Four Minor Gates), are made up of the southwest Souimun Gate, northwest Changuimun Gate, northeast Honghwamun Gate, and southeast Gwanghuimun Gate.

    · Ongseong: A fortress that was built in front of Heunginjimun Gate for double protection of the gate.

    · Chiseong: A wall barrier that added extra protection between Heunginjimun Gate and Gwanghuimun Gate. A rectangular pop-up lookout gave additional advantage against the enemy.

    · Gokseong: A lookout point built in Inwangsan and Baegaksan Mountains to strengthen defense in the west and the north.

    · Bongsudae: A beacon station used as a communication method by burning fires at night and smoke signals during the day. Currently, the beacon station in Namsan Mountain is the only one that has been restored.

    · Sumun: A water gate that controlled the water flow between Heunginjimun Gate and Gwanghuimun Gate section of the wall. Two water gates can be seen at Ogansunmun Gate at Cheonggyecheon Stream and Igansumun Gate near Dongdaemun History & Culture Park. #VisitSeoul #SeoulCityWall #SeoulARWishWall . #Mamamoo#Solar#Solarsido#SeoulARWishWall#SeoulCityWall#hanyangdoseong#VisitSeoul #LiveSeoulLikeIDo … share in my facebook : .

  5. Hahahha solar really is yeba….

  6. Seoul City Wall is another place that you should visit when you are visiting Seoul. The scenery is so beautiful and unique. You can find more information about it here #VisitSeoul #SeoulCityWall #SeoulARWishWall

  7. I didn't actually know about the Seoul city wall! I'll try and visit!

  8. Enjoy Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall, a precious piece of Seoul heritage, in a fresh way through an exciting experience where of videotaping

    your wish with AR technology and adding it to a virtual wall!

    “I wish you Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. May God give you the happiness and strength to overcome your past year failures”. “As this year is ending, I wish all the negativity and difficulties also end with this year and 2020 bring success and desired results for you”.

    We hope each one of your wishes comes true!

    #VisitSeoul #SeoulCityWall #SeoulARWishWall

    #Mamamoo#Solar#Solarsido#SeoulARWishWall#SeoulCityWall#hanyangdoseong#VisitSeoul #LiveSeoulLikeIDo

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