SCP Foundation Tales: Diary of a Young Girl | SCP-1048 story

SCP Foundation Tales: Diary of a Young Girl  | SCP-1048 story

Diary of a Young Girl dear diary My name is Lizzy Byrn, and i am 7 years old. My mommy and daddy and me just moved in a
new house in a town called Frankinberg. Mommy says that we came here becouse of daddys
job and so the baby can have new room. i am excited for the baby. Mommy says his name will be tommy and we will
be friends. i hope he will be my friend. Lizzy Dear diary, Today when me and mommy were in the top room
of the house i found a teddy bear. when i found him he started to move. he gave me a hug! i took him in my dress and
hid him in the toy cabinet. i named him benny. he is my new friend. Lizzy dear diary today my friend jenny came over to play with
me. when i showed her benny, she said she thought it was the best toy ever! then benny
went over to my crayons and drew a picture of me and jenny holding his hands. it was the cutest thing ever. then mommy came in and saw him, and she started
to yell about it being un-natral. so she took him away and made jenny leave. i was sad but then later benny came back!
i gave him my biggest hug and made him promise to never leave me dear diar today mommy had to go to the doctor. i dont know why, but daddy and the doctor
said mommy will be gone for a long time now. they wont let me see mommy. i dont know where benny is he went away and
now i dont know where he went. the doctor said that tommy is gone too. i want to see tommy he was supposed to be
my friend all my friends are gone dear diary! today i went outside while daddy was at the
bar. i was out by the bench when benny was there!
i picked him up and hugged and kissed and told him i loved him. it was happy. and then the best thing ever happened. tommy was there too!!!!! he moved kind of
funny and he looked like benny on the outside but i knew it was tommy. i picked them both up and took them to the
toy room. tommy is all lumpy and slow, but he plays
just the same as benny. i love him. Lizzy dear diary today i saw that daddy was sad so i asked
him why he was sad. he said that lizzy you need to stop asking so many god damn questions. i asked him if he missed tommy and he didnt
say anything. so i went and showed him tommy. daddy went all weird and ran into the kitchen. he wouldnt stop crying and crying and crying. i told him that me and tommy loved him forever. he told me to go. i went to my room and held tommy for a long
long time. Lizzy DEAR DIARY
Tody i found a new friend. his name is davey and he will be my friend
forever. he is made of daddy. i dont know where daddy is but he didnt love
me as much as me and tommy loved him i thought daddy loved me he told me he hated me. i dont go in the house anymore. i stay with benny. he brings me and tommy
food and we have all the love we need we are a family together with love. nobody can take it away.

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  1. This story is a tale about SCP-1048. It was one of the first SCPs I ever read and you can see it here or at the endscreen

  2. Great timing I was just looking for something to fall asleep to. Thanks for the Video and keep up the good work

  3. I've got a bad feeling about this one…

  4. Is it just me, or did the hairs on 1048's face look like the were moving around and distorting?

  5. Uh nice one. Good reading as always. I have listend to your voice for at least 15 hours now, and I just can get tired of that realistic approce. Its sometimes hard for me to read an scp without hearing your voice and that music in the beginning… kind of prepares my mind and vibe for whats Coming. Keep it up bro!

  6. Whoa. Eastside. Bro. I didn't know you were a 7 year old girl.

  7. This kind of reminds me of that one Creepypasta with the little girl who befriended a ghost named Lisa except Lisa is a killer teddy bear

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    would run away like a cry baby to another planet if possible.

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  16. One of the creepiest SCP out there, and it has a knack for making copies of itself out of fetuses.

  17. Holy crap it's way creepier if u imagine the narrator is actually the "girl"

  18. Nice going! I couldn't watch for a while because my phone had no charge and there was a hurricane 😕

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    If someone does an SCP of a teddy bear that fights of manifested nightmares, like that picture you can see online, I would love that teddy bear to kick builder bear's posterior.

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  22. Stares at my stash of stuffed animals

  23. Yay scp tales!!! These are always great. Can you read more in the future? Anyways Nice job steve!

  24. Now i know that scp-1048~1 to -4 wasn't built on site before it ran and hid

  25. Sorry for disliking but shits scary and this flashing on my dash at 3 am isn't helping me calm down and sleep, sorry

  26. Great quality reading.

    But I can't stand what your reading, through no fault of your own of course.

    This "little girl" who's only seven knows WAAAAAAAAAY to many words. and some how she can tell that a horrible fetus monster is her unborn brother? or that a bear made of presumably human remains was once her dad? and neither of these things seems to scare her if seven year old me saw a god damn fetus walking around I can be pretty sure he would have screamed and cried himself deaf rather than keep it as a fucking pet.

  27. Kinda gives a motive to the bear's actions, doesn't it? In a horrifying way he is making friends and trying to help. It is the kind of logic of a child but dark and twisted.

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  30. Most SCPs are creepy but none are as creepy as a 7 year old child playing with dead people and a talking bear.

  31. 1. Frankenberg is in Germany.

    2. "Tommy" is the name of the intended recipient of SCP-2295. See addendum:

    So, is this Tommy the same Tommy who was transformed? And who is Grammy? What is her connection to Liz, if there is any?

  32. That one was really creepy. The tales can be pretty good stories, too

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  36. Good fucking god, I always thought 1048's ability was fascinating, but I can't read this and not hate this bear. He aborted her brother and murdered her parents, and she had no clue, that's dark even for SCP–..

  37. Well this puts a new spin on the bear, it seems the creations are NOT immediately hostile like the files lead us to believe just make sure he has materials that are "cuddly" and maintain a positive and warm demeanor to him and his creations and boom we got a mountain of teddy bear guards

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  41. Another perfect video as all ways

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  63. so scp 1048-b is tommy and the victim that was left bloody before scp 1049 was lizzie's mom?

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  65. Okay, this is just incredibly disturbing. But I wonder what happened to the girl and why 'Benny' never made her into a clone of itself (presumably). I also want to know what happened to 'Tommy' and 'David' and why the Foundation doesn't seem aware of their existences

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  70. Why is no one mentioning that the other bear SCP that has a heart for patchwork, was gifted by a grandma too "Tommy" with a letter saying "time heals all wounds" there is most definitely a connection here.

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