Save Tens of Thousands – Combined Repair and Replacement of Failed Foundation Walls

Save Tens of Thousands – Combined Repair and Replacement of Failed Foundation Walls

Dan OConnor of HydroArmor Systems. We do Basement Waterproofing and Structural Repair. This is a structural Repair Job. Now this is the part of the wall I’m going to repair, down here I’m going to replace. Where once there was a horizontal crack and this wall is bowed, Tomorrow I’m going to put this wall back where it belongs. This crack will be gone. See how big this crack is? Remember the size of that crack. That crack is not there anymore . The walls are now back in place. Never even known the crack was there. Where once you had a collapsed foundation, The wall ‘s back. Now the home is structurally sound. On this job we’re not completely taking out the wall On this job we have a horizontal crack and this wall is bowed. You can just put wall pins in or I-beams up but that’s going to look like there was always a problem with the foundation, if ever you want to sell the house. If anyone goes into a basement and sees a bowed wall they’re leaving the basement and they’re going to look at the next house. You might have to spend a little extra money to do it the way that I do it but it basically depends upon
what you want. Do you just want the wall to be structurally sound? or do you want it to be to the point where it looks like a perfect wall and you’ll never ever have any problems in the future. The way that I do it: Dig out a trench on the outside. When I open up the outside of the wall that gives us an area where it’s easy to push the wall back. Once I get the wall back in place, level. Then I can run re-bar all the way down to the bottom
of this cell then it goes all the way up to the top They’re wired together. This cell
gets filled with 5,000 psi concrete. Solidify the walls with the steel inside of the walls,
let it cure up. Then I can backfill. You will have this steel re-bar surrounded with concrete so that it is a solid beam. This concrete will be put back and there is no way the bottom of this wall can ever come in. And the wall will never move. And a wall that once had a bow in it that foundation looks as perfect as the day it was built. And the house is always going to be structurally sound You will not have any problems.

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  1. Great video and explanation.  Wish you were here in the Birmingham Alabama area to fix and correct what so many shoddy foundation companies do.  I sell a lot of real estate in our area and routinely see odd foundation repairs.

  2. Are you willing to travel to western PA? I have a radon, wall bowing, water, and mold problem and I want it all done right before I finish it. PLEASE SAY YES

  3. how did you straighten the wall with the horizontal Crack before installing rebar and concrete?

  4. Awesome editing…not. Hard to follow.

  5. when I was looking to buy a house I come across a house that had horizontal cracking and the realtor tried to tell me that it's nothing and very common I passed up the house and within a few years the half of the house fell in because the foundation gave away.

  6. What is the typical cost of having collapsed foundation wall?

  7. Considering buying a home that has a bowed wall in the basement it doesn't have a huge crack but is bowed they put up metal reinforcement but I'm not sure if we should buy it or not? How hard and expensive is this to fix and is it something that needs to be fixed right away or could we save for a year and then fix it?

  8. Wall pins , do they get drilled into footing?

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