Russians Think Hacking Hillary Clinton is the Funniest Thing EVER! (PARODY)

Russians Think Hacking Hillary Clinton is the Funniest Thing EVER! (PARODY)

(Russian Accent) Several weeks ago my team successfully
infiltrate email and out details to crush Democrat campaign! But Donald
Trump ask us to continue hacking… so today we have made more personal attack on Hillary Clinton… and let’s just say… we decided to have a little fun with it. Ok here… come here… here. Max! Tell camera what you did for report! MAX: I am responsible for hacking into Hillary Clinton’s
Facebook profile… and I have changed her status too… Hillary Clinton is feeling… stupid… (Squeaking laughter) VIKTOR: Now everyone is going to think that she think she’s stupid! MAX: Cause it’s her Facebook! (more laughter and wheezing) MAX: AND! And, and, I changed her relationship
status to… it’s complicated… VIKTOR: UH OH! It look like Bill is up his antics again! (Making sounds of tongue kissing) DMITRY: Comrades! I hack into Hillary Clinton’s
twitter profile… AND look at what I wrote!!! (Laughing with anticipation) VIKTOR: If I win President of the United States
competition I’m moving to Canada! (Most intense laughter yet) DMITRY: I cannot breath! I cannot breath! MAX: Also! I changed Hillary Clinton’s LinkedIN profile to: Looking for work! (Laughter) And! And, and, and! Under skills…. I wrote… NONE! (HUGE LAUGHTER! SCREAMING! Things are out of control.) VIKTOR: Ok, hello. I am now here with Ivan Orlov. IVAN: I am responsible for hacking into Hillary’s Netflix account… to FWHS (Fuck With Her Shit) and release Netflix information to the American news media. First… I rate movies as Hillary… For instance I go to, Hello Dolly… critically
acclaimed American musical featuring Barbra Streisand in her prime… I give it one star. (Laughter!) MAX: This is my boy! This is my boy! This is my boy! IVAN: Already…um… in her favorites list, she has some porno movie… …entitled, Wet Hot American Summer. VIKTOR: Ohhhh! That man is going to have sex with those two lesbians! IVAN: Now everyone is going to know
exactly how horny she is… (laugh) MAX: I been telling you how always horny she is! IVAN: I don’t stop there! I add to her favorites list all of AIR BUDS. (Laughter!) IVAN: Now it’s just porno and Air Buds! DMITRY: Comrades! Comrades! Who
wants to see… Hillary’s HBO Go account? (Screams of delight! Everyone laughs and dances!) (Game of Thrones theme song) VIKTOR: So we were going to get screwy with HBO
Go account but then we accidentally ended up watching entire first season of
Game of Thrones it’s a very good show um… but… never fear, because I decided to
leave my best hack… for last. ALL: 98! 99! 100! (Cheering and applause!) DMITRY: Ok so… we just upload a video on to
Hillary’s YouTube account ok? Ok, and this will be as they say… the final nail in
the coffin. VIKTOR: Ok! Ivan hit play! (Mouse clicking sound) (Cheesy, Sweet music) NARRATOR: Hillary Clinton love many things… She love… guns… (gun sounds) She love shooting off bombs for funsies! (bomb sound) She love all the Air Buds! Even
Space Buddies! But most of all she love… Donald Trump. So this year… make Hillary very happy and vote for Donald Trump. She want you to! She just say to me: “I am so horny for Donald Trump to
become president… if he not become president… I will punch all the babies!” Do you want to see baby get puched? (Cheering! Applause!) NEW CASTER: Between her Facebook, Twitter, and
Youtube posts, all of America has fallen in love with Hillary Clinton. Kudos to her
campaign team who seem to be using humility, candidness, and a sense of humor
to win our hearts. (News music ends) MAX: Well… do we want to watch more, Game of Thrones? ALL: YES! I DO! YEAH! VIKTOR: I really like, Hodor, I hope he makes it! MAX: YEAH!

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  1. you guys need more subs. I would love to see a Suits parody in the future

  2. Best campaign ad ever!!!

  3. idk why but this is fuckign funny as fuck

  4. Hilarious LMAO!!!

  5. If only I was there it sounded like he said Hilary klinterous


  7. Yeah… Go on Americans and vote for Trump or other republican canditates. Your will turn your country to other Russia with republican policies… Although I'm not saying that Clinton is ok, she is exactly worthless as Trump.

  8. I'm Russian how should I feel about this

  9. Hillary really does want to start a war with Russia. For the same reason Hillary Killed Kadhafi…..becasue Russia (and china ) are refusing to buy oil with US dollars. Hillary knows this will collapse the Dollar (because the USA have printed over 4 trillion dollars since 2009, Russia and China won't nothing to do with US dollars, its not worth anything when you print it.) The only thing giving the US dollar value is that the whole world has to buy oil with US dollars… its not illegal to not buy oil with US dollars but the US have a secret policy; if you don't we will destroy you. (why Kadhafi was killed) The problem is Russia boarders China and Afghanistan , and Russia and China have nuclear weapons so, there is a serious problem that needs to be discussed. Hillary is less then two weeks from winning the election, and this hack stuff has nothing to do with Russia its about Oil and $$$$

  10. Good work!! You guys should replace SNL.

  11. When I was 5 I hacked my grandmas cabinet full of candy, I was banned of the street for 2 days.

  12. lol 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  13. This could pass as a documentary the hacking probably was hilarious. Well done again guys gold stars.

  14. I cried with laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. что за дебилы причём тут Россияне если бы я был хакером я бы в жизни не подумал про харли.

  16. Finally damning evidence on those crazy Russians! Our tax dollars at work. Glad they had that investigation going on for so long.

  17. believe it or not but here, in russia every cell phone has a special hackpentagon button, так что пиздец вам всем

  18. they are such hard core prankers in their own minds
    I feel like they're all the rejects the government put in one place just to get them out of the way!

  19. Haaaaaaa, this was great!

  20. These Ruskies are frikin' diabolical!

  21. Well, that explains the election..

  22. I lost it at "all of Air Buds". Hats off you guys.

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