Roofing – Slating

Roofing – Slating

In this video you will see how slates are secured,
how lead is used to construct a valley,
and how ridge tiles are installed Slates are laid in alternating rows to ensure that
the roof acts as a one complete unit,
similar to how a block wall is constructed Slates are secured to the row below them using
copper disc rivets, and are also being secured to
the wooden battens using nails Here we see how lead is used to seal up
the valley of a common roof As lead is highly malleable, it is easily moulded
into the required profile Lead is also used to seal the roof around
a chimney. The lead is secured to the blocks,
then plastered over as seen Once the slate or tiles have been secured,
the lead flashing can then be unfolded
and moulded into place The lead in a valley is laid in strips,
this allows the lead to expand and contract,
depending on the weather As soon as the valley has been finished,
slating can continue once again Slates are laid in rows, starting at the eaves.
Note the double batten near the eaves, these
are used to secure a row of ‘undereaves’ slates Eaveslates ensure that rain water will not seep
through the joints of the bottom row of slates
and enter the roof Slates are measured and cut to suit
the valley of the particular roof Eaveslates are normal slates which are
shortened on-site and are secured
to the battens as normal Two rows of eaveslates are installed before
a full-length slate can be fitted in place An aluminium flashing is also used to overlap
the slate at verge level to ensure the
roof remains water-tight Vents are installed to supply ventillation to the
attic-space to prevent a build-up of moisture Vents help to prevent wood-rot in the
roof structure by allowing moisture in
the attic space to escape Vents are installed in the same way as slates,
by securing them to the battens underneath Once all slates are in place, the ridge tiles can
be installed. Ridge tiles overlap the slates and
prevent water from entering the roof structure Ridge tiles are secured to the
ridge board as shown The roof is now complete

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