Roofing Safety invention for commercial roofers from Certex

Roofing Safety invention for commercial roofers from Certex

one of the coolest things I have scene in
the show so far little mechanism look at what it does
it was invest invented by yucks man and pretty- much if your on the roof safety
first but this one here it will allows you to keep the role in your ropes
around the corners like this which is amazing
obviously patented product some great stuff (intro music) hold on cuz how does it go over this this is awesome this is where a human
brain dominates the nature what is going they can be built specific to your needs. depending how many you need what its going to do to the time your land this is the
coolest thing i have seen right can you do it really slow so when you go over
yeah right there this step I guess this was invented by a yachtsman who they
yachtsman really sailing vessel he lost a friend he was trying to do something
on the yacht so he built this system to put around the eye and can hang off
makes perfect sense I mean this is awesome so there were to be a fall not
do any damage to the roof or he knows so this pops comes out

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  1. ive roofed my whole life. both flat and pitched. still dont understand wtf this is. movable saftey harness attachment?? how bout some jacks eh

  2. Looks great until you think about the fact you'll be working BELOW that line and to move over the "walking" points as demonstrated you'll have to get back up there every time to lift it from above.

  3. What trade show was this at?

  4. these stupid I'm a roofer my entire life never used that kind of shit 💩👎👉👌

  5. And where would thr rails go

  6. Just looking at it and not listening to the sales pitch I can say as a 30 year flat roofer and a 25 year shingle on the side I'd never use that thing ever. I have to mount that metal guide someplace? Ya ok. More shit I need to take to a job no thanks

  7. A great invention for somebody, somewhere, sometime and someday.

  8. If there's a fall,screw the roof, ha

  9. That's good for one roofer on one side but the time it takes to dismantle and reassemble isn't with it

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