Roofing – Rafter Assembly

Roofing – Rafter Assembly

In this video you will see how a hip rafer is cut
and constructed for a traditional cut roof All rafters rest on the wall plate and are equally
spaced throughout the roof Unlike common rafters, jack rafters are secured to
the hip rafter, rather than the ridge board Firstly, measurements are taken for
both hip rafters The rafters are then cut to size using the
given measurements The cut rafters are now ready for assesmbly As seen here, hip rafters give great strength and
support to the overall roof structure Each rafter is secured to the wall plate,
which runs along the perimeter of the roof Measurements are now taken for ‘Jack Rafters’,
these are shorter rafters which support the hip
from both sides These rafters are also secured to the wall plate
and joists as shown Here we see a jack rafter on the the opposite side
of the same hip rafter, being secured in position Finally, we see a fully finished hip roof, showing
the hip rafter in the centre with a full set of jack
rafters to either side

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  1. Whatever happened to the trusty roofing square, no need for a tape measure when using a square

  2. Lovely job lads , you not like using nail guns ?

  3. u use Kerala carpenter metered that so simple

  4. Nice job Malcom. Was Barry sick that day😜. The dude with you wasn't much help😂

  5. Makita circular saw!!!not on my site mate, real tradesmen use Ryobi power tools.

  6. You guys never heard of prefabricated roof trusses. We can build two house in a week (roofing). Compared to your 1 I love wood working. But… Seriously…. Way faster then this old school method. One section takes you what 2 to maybe 4 hours a day… We erect it in 1 day. And the rest is money. Nice job tho… Horrible video. If it was suppose to be instructional I learned you like Makita saws lol

  7. when did the footage take? The nail gun hadn't been invented yet?

  8. Typical framing … kinda old-school .. I see 3 rafters "King Rafters " that are a waste to install .. All they are used for in old school is to establish the ridge .. .. Cheek cut the hips instead of a wedged ducktailed hip . 2 hips can establish the ridge as well if not better than 3 Kings and 2 hips .. Then you gotta deal with the kings in straightening when sheathing the roof and interference with joist .. Then when I see the 100' tape to the heel .. That is a heel sweep and when they match that is not actually the hip rafter length , but two points that come into agreeance or if the roof is out of square .. A reference point for individual length to be transferred to the hip .. Now many moons ago , I too used to reference a king or the straightest layout rafter , hook a tape and lay out unto the rafter and then measure to Heel Sweep.. have someone hold the tape on every individual hip jack rafter sweep and list them .. Or the other system of Common Length Difference and walk off the numbers according to the tables or a nifty Construction Master .. The problem with CLD is it only works in a perfect world and many times ends up fishing out the hip jacks and sliding off layout ..Thus customized sheathing cuts or scabs !! .. .. I estimate this is a 6/12 roof .. . I have developed a way besides eliminating King Rafters .. That guarantees supreme accuracy regardless of conditions .. That doesn't require a ton of bracing to straighten , a ton of scaffolding . someone measuring each one individually nor following a Construction Master for CLD .. No marking the hips .. Just cut and install .. But center string the hip and as soon as the hip is straight at that point .. Nail it .. and it will be a perfect layout be it 16" -13.71" -19.2" or 24" and takes 20 times less effort and a 100 times more accurate and 20 times less work .. Kinda complex at first but simple once learned and I have freaked out other carpenters that said " It couldn't be done " .. Here goes how it works .. The CLD on a 6/12 hip jack rafter = 17.88 @ 16 o.c. .. So there is the number of inquiry is at 17.888" Heel sweep the longest rafter and transfer it to the top of a Heel Plumb Cut Line.. say it come out the longest hip jack rafter is 226-5/16"… " Record !!" .. Heel Sweep the shortest hip jack rafter and transfer it to the top of a Heel Plumb Cut Line and say it comes out to 12-3/8" … Now subtract 12-3/8 from 226-5/16= 213-15/16" .. I personally transfer all my fractions to decimals " … Now you have 213.9375 " … Now divide 213.9375 by 17,88" The Common Length Difference " = 11.959.. .. Now round to 12 .. There will be 12 Hip Jack Rafters.bays or 13 Rafters . Take 213.9375 and divide by 12 = 17.828 " .. That is your CLD .. and in going back to your longest hip jack rafter or 226.3125 begin to subtract 17.828 as a constant .. Your rafters will list as and return to 12.375" or 12-3/8 " 226.3125….. 208.48…. 190.65….172.82…155.0…137.17….119.34…. 101.51…83.68… 65.86…48.03…30.20… and behold 12.375 .. ..This system takes away all the guess work and reduces the amount of work in scaling around a roof .. especially when you are working on hips that are 38' long and are " Bastard Hips " with one pitch one one side being a 10.72/12 and the other side being a 14.625/12 and you have a 19.2 " layout .. This system also works on the simplest homes .. I guess I am hijacking this comment page .. I like to teach .. I stress ..learn basic math .. the more the better and my last recommendation Not only learn to transfer fractions into decimals .. learn to translate Fractions into a simpler language .. If you are lifting off a undulating slab for instance and the walls are basically in the " Say " 143" range .. Instead of listing the studs individually as 143 -3/16 .. 143 -1/2 " 143 -3/4 " .. Toss away the 143 .. relegate it to memory .. Now change the fractions to simple numbers of 15 .. 143 -3/16 .. becomes " 3 " … 143-1/2 " becomes "8" .. 143 -3/4 becomes "12" .. So if a number is giving to you from atop a roof .. You hear " 226-2 " you know it's 226 -1/8 .. and when people write hurriedly .. and I can't tell you how many times I saw 3/16 , 3/8 and 3/4 written that you couldn't decipher .. They are 3,, 6 and 12 … I live by these motto's " Efficiency is intelligent laziness " and Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication " … I have nearly 40 years of carpentry experience .. I have seen it all seemingly , I have dangled on a roof rolling felt , smashed my thumb , carried trainloads of lumber and wallowed in mud , ice .. But I never stopped thinking .. I know architects by name now , have built homes that have graced the front covers of magazines , offered professorships in other states , asked to write books .. Built for billionaires and helped friends out on a set of steps to their double-wide .. My greatest love is finding something after all theses years and seeing someone else improve upon them .. I was young once and told I could never learn .. That drives me ..

  9. what a good job !!!

  10. As soon as you pull out a tape to measure the hip rafter you become a hack.

  11. Nice job fella 👍
    Still confused on how to calculate each jack rafter lengths.
    Any tips?

  12. so you don't have the balls to make the calculation for rafter length and start cutting?

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  17. You should have been able to cut your hips and Jack rafters in one go with framing square or construction master plus youre wasting your time with a makita side winder.get yourself a Worm drive unless you're left handed.the whole operation is a bit amateurish

  18. I like how you put your nails in straight so theyll back out easier, said every real framer

  19. Just for all those diy doughnuts out there: nail guns are for pussies.

  20. nice video! 🙂👍

  21. nice job but every roof should be made so it can be converted to an attic house or apartment blocks we pay enough money for our houses should always have that option…. just from from my own carpentry point of view. good video.

  22. I don't know. Looks like just at the end of the video the hips are just about to fail due to lack of bearing . Despite the 4×4 inner bearing. What inspection would pass the dead load on the joists is beyond me.

  23. How do you cut the hip rafter using the saw. Thanks

  24. Hips are too short haha

  25. Common difference and a tail pattern. If it’s square and you cut the three commons correctly, should be able to cut em all at once. Get some guns and a compressor. Can’t make money doin it that way.

  26. construccion wordk #1
    buen trabajo

  27. C’mon we are living in 21st century use a calculator

  28. Good tradsmen at work, real chippies is a pleasure to watch, from an aussie builder. Do our own framing, and only use a nail gun on nogs or flooring . Love your work

  29. Fucking hating ass people.
    .just appreciate the carpentry you dumb fucks …

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