Roofing Leads & Sales Marketing Coach Lee Haight

Roofing Leads & Sales Marketing Coach Lee Haight

My name’s Lee Haight. I want to
teach you expert secrets to growth. I started at zero.
My company does $50 million annually. Yeah. You could be a great salesperson, but what do you need to do is
duplicate yourself process. I’m going to help you do some millionaire
marketing with better marketing. If you’re a contractor like me.
Your business depends on consistent sales. After getting his sky diamonds university, I sold nearly a million
dollars within three months. Lee Haight has shown me how
to build that competence, and I just got my first lead from a blue
collar marketing method and it works. It’s like Tony Montana. Okay,
first, you get the money, then you get the power
and then you get them.

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  1. From 0 to 50 million. Very cool story!

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