Roofing Best Shingles: Atlas Certainteed Owens Corning Malarkey GAF

Roofing Best Shingles: Atlas Certainteed Owens Corning Malarkey GAF

welcome back everyone Dmitry here for
roofing insights and this is our last video in a series of who makes the best shingle
in 2018 for the last six month we’ve been
comparing shingles by olympic system comparing them from one to seven against
each other today in our final video in our final announcement we’re doing
something completely different in respect to all big players from the
market we’re only going to compare them in the two categories pretty much what
we’ve done instead of comparing them one to seven in the final we felt like it
was a little bit unfair so we broke them into two categories category number
one tier 1 and category number 2 tier 2 so the way we come up to with our
conclusion we mainly look at the three key factors number one initial quality
of the shingles everything we possibly could measure nailing zone weight how
much manufacturers do know about their shingles we’ve been calling
manufacturers asking things about their weight before we weigh them and so on
and then we would compare them against each other second factor was feedback
from installers huge factor here what installers are saying do installers
enjoy installing the product or they have negative feedback what do they have
to say about these brands and thirdly online brand reputation do consumers at
the end homeowners enjoy the product or there is a class-action lawsuit so there is
a major issues for the product so those three where the key factors how we come
up with our conclusion and here is the final result Tier one Atlas manufacturer owens corning certainteed and malarkey in our humble opinion are Tier one the best
of the best asphalt manufacturer companies in the
country right now and the number two tier two is Pabco IKO tamko BO and some
private labels private labels are spending for some products the means of
this manufacturers but there is kind of like second grade or a little bit lower
quality more of a builders trades we have quite a few for example here in
minneapolis it was produced by Atlas we bought them we tested them but their
quality of that shingles is actually less than the main line so we put them
just in the private labels so here’s what we think we think as Tier one is
your premium brands it’s a premium product they have most fans by installers and
majority of them starts with we’ve noticed in the forums in the community
roofing communities have huge respect to other brands for example if you install
certainteed most certainteed installers would recognize other three
players the same goes with Atlas the same goes for OC the same goes for
malarkey so this four brands have most followers most fans and most installers
who swears by their brands but also even if they don’t install other brands they
still speak highly about them though not other hand tier two products who ended
up there they either have major problem with the quality now or in the past maybe
some reputation issues maybe quality initial quality the roofers don’t like
pabco kind a little bit at the top I would say pabco is very close to get to
tier one but still with the size of the brand with the issues we’ve seen they’re
still going to be there but it was pretty good surprise lots of issues were
with IKO tamko has pretty bad reputation online with their warranty
claims and things like that BP Canadian company the same a lot of
people are saying bad stuff installers not really capable the product and of
course private labels one thing is there’s one brand you can see it here
big brand obviously we could only speak our opinion about something we actually
test it and we compare against each other so there’s one brand that we
invited to participate and they didn’t we want you to know we want to make
public announcement that everybody is welcome to a big brand wants to be part
of this comparison they’re welcome to come to us even with their reps we would
love to compare their shingles and put this on the chart right now this is
going to be right here kind of in between two categories and they’re not
part of this comparison so this is the result and I would say you will not be
sorry if you choose any of these four brands
now the second brand also not bad if that would be me and if I would be
choosing brand for my own house I would choose from here now either one of those
asphalt shingles also will last but maybe maybe looking for something
cheaper may be looking for something builders grade or something for your
cabin or something for that you don’t need to last you know 25 years either
one of those will last five ten years no problem they’re gonna look decent
there’s pretty much nothing wrong with that but we still want it to be fair and
we feel this is reflects the reality this comparison is very very accurate we
at roofing insights standing behind it and we want it to be as scientific as
it possibly can obviously it’s our opinion I do believe that this opinion
backs up by thousands of installers in the country and please let me know if
you agree or disagree in the comments below maybe you have a better experience
with a my top four versus other four I want to hear from you I want to hear
your feedback we’ll listen to everyone and we invite everybody to participate
in our future test thanks for comment let me know what you thinks
in comment below don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel
see you in the next video

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  1. Big brand ie. GAF

  2. Did GAF not submit for testing ? and we love Duration the best.

  3. Not mentioned, but i believe Gaf let's off too much asphalt. Flimsy shingle as well. Won't say no to installing it, but i usually try to refer other brands first. Maybe put it under tier 3.

  4. CertainTeed Landmark Pro should have gone against Duration as those are same tier, and Landmark Pro is in our company's opinion through many years of hands on experience, a better shingle. Landmark and Oakridge are same tier.

  5. im just sad to see bp in tier 2, the history from those organic ramparts really lingers with them.
    when im selling brands it always ends with oc's technology that no one else is coming close too.
    certainteed has the best stick out of everyone.

    i tell em to pick a colour in the end and i'll put it on lol

  6. Not sure why you didn't include GAF.  All you had to do was buy a bundle from Home Depot and compare them with the rest.

  7. Don't have to watch, they don't make good shingles anymore. Make a NCO with the materials today for universal installation and lightweight with efficiency.

  8. shakes are junk. NCO NCO NCO learn

  9. GAF=big brand? maybe they are scared:)

  10. I've installed Tamko shingles on one job and immediately saw that they were not up to par with Atlas and CertainTeed which I have installed on many jobs and love both atlas and certain teed shingles

  11. I would not recommend IKO at all. Our community had wind gusts up to 64mph with shingles rated at 110. At least 12 homes required repair. IKO warranty only covered up to 60mph. Its a terrible product.

  12. My favourite is Owens Duration. I wish they would design there Ridge capping so the nail penetrates the previous cap installed kind of like the shingles do. In Alberta the durations cost 3 dollars a bundle more then IKO Cambridge. Shingles Malarkey Legasy and Landmark Pro are in a league of there own but very expensive.

  13. Atlas is not the best CertainTeed is (they have the most asphalt) and why isnt GAF on your tier 1 list i think its obvious you guys got paid by Atlas to do this video and is totally biased and Owen Corning suck! too much fiberglass I always hated installing them because of the fiberglass

  14. Obviously Big Brand is GAF and can you blame them for not playing with this amateurish "testing". I am sure all of these brands payed to be included. You think they could afford a little better graphics? There is no mention of how they were tested, did they hire a lab? Were there any labs used? And the installer feedback is ok, but is an installer going to say bad things about the shingles they are installing? That would be hypocritical. If they are bad, why are they installing them? The so called evidence is mostly hearsay. Roofers chose a shingle for a variety of reasons. One is call backs, which no one wants for a variety of reasons. The other is price, availability and warranty. If the shingle is not well made it will look bad, loose adhesion, blow off, and sometimes crack in a year or 2. There goes referrals. I have sold and installed GAF shingles since 04 and have yet to have and issue regarding their shingle in quality or color. Owens makes and excellent shingle and we have no problems after 100s of installs. Certainteed also excellent and i believe they have the best high end shingles. All the Tier II shingles have issues and most roofers who are honest, yes there are a few, admit they use them because they are cheap.

  15. I am installing gold plated titanium shingles on my home.

  16. Our home has IKO shingles. It was a new build that is currently 3 years old. All I can say, I'm was very in the IKO shingles we have.

  17. I am about to get a new roof. Why does Owens Corning have so many bad reviews online?

  18. In my area I only install Certianteed shingles I've replaced more IKO than anything they suc so bad only local materials supplier quit selling them do to the failure rate and absolutely NO backing up from the company then more Garbage Aspfault ..- GAF 3 years old roof looks shot in CNY heat the Pro line is the only way to go

  19. Atlas is in no way shape or form a tier 1 shingle in my opinion

    Here are some of the issues found with Atlas shingles.

    The suit alleges that Atlas Roofing Corp. manufactured defective roofing products, including breach of warranty claims, as reported in Law360.

    Plaintiffs’ claim that Atlas fraudulently concealed the shingles’ manufacturing defect,claims that parts of Atlas’ warranty are void as unconscionable, that Atlas must notify owners of the alleged defect in its process,that Atlas will reassess all prior warranty claims and pay the full costs of repairs and damages.

    The company’s 30-year warranty claiming that the shingles will be “free from manufacturing defects”

    * Atlas has rejected or failed to honor legitimate warranty

    claims from thousands of customers throughout the United

    States who reported problems with their shingles

    * The company’s response to customer complaints and questions was “woefully inadequate”

    *The company failed to inform customers of the alleged design defect, even after receiving multiple complaints, and refused to repair damage caused by premature shingle failure

    Problems reported by consumers whose properties were outfitted with the shingles include, but are not limited to:

    * Blistering *Reduced life expectancy

    * Early granule loss *Moisture penetration

    * Wear pits *Other inherent defects

    *Premature failure

    Atlas has paid out a lot of money and is still paying out on defective shingles. I believe some changes were made to their manufacturing process , yet a company with a history of issues with manufacturing, and not standing behind their warranties in the past, it concerns me


    There is a current investigation that indicates Atlas Roofing Corporation, Inc. Sold thousands of squares of roofing material under the name Pinnacle, Glass Master and Alpine shingles. These shingles contained non-rust resistant metal fragments that deteriorate faster than reasonably expected causing rust stains on homes and surrounding properties. These shingles also deteriorate at a much faster rate than reasonably expected. Despite Atlas knowing the shingles are defective they have never issued a recall or any type of notice to consumers about the product’s defects. These shingles were sold in Oklahoma, Texas and throughout Louisiana. There have been no recall on any of these shingles, however Atlas has recognized the problem. The Slate master 50 now discounted at a 30 year price is no trade off for the additional labor and warranty recallls as well cases of NP 1 sealant required to seal every tab down to keep from blowing off. The Law firm handling this case is Pendley, Baudin & Coffin, L.L.P and can be reached at 800.725.2477

  20. The music when he's talking is ridiculous!

  21. I have installed 500 CertainTeed roofs over my 35 years. I have had no issue with this product. I believe the installation methods must be taking into account. Using all the correct sub-materials. I really like the report. In our Area Atlas doesn't have a good name. Malarkey is our new shingle of choice, But always willing to listen and learn from others.

  22. Fuck you and your roofing shingles.Ionly take roofing advice from the BDR.

  23. How do you Determine if you have impact resistant shingles?

  24. Lots of trouble with Malarkey's we have used. I would actually put Tamko above them. We usually use CertainTeed Landmark in Minnesota for the last 20 years.

  25. Why Pabco in tier 2? Pabco weighs 260 lbs/square, has a lifetime warranty against algae streaks vs 10 year algae warranties on Certainteed etc (Atlas has scotchgard 20 yr). Doesn't have the history of lawsuits like OC and GAF. Comes with a non-prorated 15 year complete warranty against defects. I would put Pabco at the top personally.

  26. TAMKO all the way. We've been installing TAMKO shingles for years!!! We just went through a Hurricane and lost one shingle on the beach where the eye of the hurricane landed. If a shingle is installed correctly then you'll have a great roof. Nail it high and you're asking for trouble. TAMKO also manufactures OTHER BRANDS!!! They have 4 plants in the United Statesl (Texas, Arkansa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, one of which is just where their headquarters is located

  27. Give you credit for making an easy to understand video that a NON roofer can understand. Am trying to decide between two roofers one with OC and one with CertainTeed. The video didn't help too much in making a decision but at least I get the idea that both are quality shingles. Thanks.

  28. As a homeowner, I chose CertainTeed. We had our roof done this year. I researched shingles, underlayments, roof vents, drip edges, metal roofs, contractors, etc. I went into my research knowing ZERO about the products or the roofing business. I must say, researching the products seemed easier than the research for a contractor. For example, I confronted a contractor online because many of his 5 star ratings were either written by family members or employees of the business, including himself. Really? You rate & review yourself? I'm glad you like your company, but shouldn't your customers be the actual reviewers? Anyway, the company I chose did a fine job & for a reasonable price.

  29. I have installed many brands of three tabs n architectural shingles other than Malarkey I have installed the other 3 tier 1 brands n I fully agree I use atlas brand on my contracts I would also use OC n certainteeds

  30. great info Dimitry Owens corning shingles are what I install on my roofs the sure nail design is flawless I think a lot of people involved with the roofing trade forget how important having a continuous seal across every shingle is what prevents water infiltration when ice forms a dam on roof eaves!! .before the sure nail design OCs duration design tar seal is most aggressive compared to other brands I've installed which include IKO. Certainteed. Elk. n Atlas. I like atlases bigger exposure but I their sealant on the top side of the shingle not only slows you down cuz of the build up on my guns but also this wouldn't be a problem if my laborers remember what I tell them for more then 60 seconds but they continuously step on the sealant after atlases are installed n contaminating the sealant and at times pulling the shingle through the nails

  31. Another test you didn't even mention is the quality required in south Florida. Hurricane country has some pretty tough requirements for roofing material. Do any of your shingles you talked about here qualify to be installed on roofs in Miami?

  32. You spelled certainteed wrong gimp. Do you even roof ? 😆

  33. Atlas = tier 1?
    You state that tier 2 is for ones with issues or past issues. What about the class action lawsuit with the Atlas Chalet shingle? That’s a pretty big issue.
    I’m the manager for the 7th largest roofing company in the country. We’ve done over 60,000 roofs. I’ve used all the shingle brand in tier 1 but would never install an Atlas shingle. I would highly recommend reconsidering them being place in tier 1 with the other quality manufacturers.

  34. I was at a Vendor thing today at Home Depot — and GAF was there with sample shingles. So the fact that they didn't want to be compared
    now automatically think they aren't as good as the vendor made them sound.

  35. Great video. In the end, I live in a very cold climate, and for me I do this: I have 5/12 pitch, excellent roof venting, plywood deck, ice And water shield the whole roof. Then shingles. I have iko Cambridge. In the end, if my shingles do have a blow off event, I at least have ice and shield as a backup.

  36. I am a supervisor at CertainTeed Roofing shingle manufacturing in Texas. The quality of our products are extremely strict.

  37. Installment is the key in all roofing jobs. Great shingles with poor installment equals problems.

  38. Can you perform a test on the sealant. Which shingle seal faster slower at what temp and has the strongest bond

  39. you tagged GAF on the video but you do not mention GAF

  40. My God, so many words.

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