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congratulations and thank you very much
for requesting your free report that’s going to go over and reveal to
you the 13 biggest mistakes that local roofing consulting make and how you can fix on now that reports
going to be sent over to you as soon as you confirm the link in the email that
we just sent out so as soon as this video is over what
I’d like for you to do his check your email address and be sure
to click on that link so that we can then in turn make sure
that roofer consulitng experts have the permission to send that report right over to you so that you can begin to go through it
and begin to implement some of those solutions now when you start to go through that
report I’d like for you to keep in mind that each one of those
marketing mistakes falls into one of five different
categories and as a local roofer consulting expert I’d like to go over those with you
real quick just to come give you some frameworks which can keep that in mind
when you’re going through those soap the first category the first main pillar
I that is included or that is no overall
concept I like you keep in mind is lead generation so are you generating enough leads for your business the second mean
pillar is conversion so I want to be thinking
about those strategies when you’re reading through them is this a conversion problem that I might be
having more mistake that I making what percentage up reads my turning into
paying customers the third a strategy that like
you to take into consideration is the average dollar amount per transaction up so on average how much are your customer
spending with you Arwyn they buy from you now leads us
right into number four which is I buyer or purchase frequency basically how often are my customers buying for me I is every month is a once every seven
years is a once every twenty years what is the purchase frequency and then
of course are the fifth one is going to be your overall profits margins so how streamlined is my business how much
money am I making are as a percentage of my total revenue
those types of things so when you go through the report I want
you to keep these five things in mind and start to classify some mistakes that
you’re making in your business now I’ve got a quick question for you
how would you like for me to be able to craft a custom-tailored marketing plan for you and your business exclusively in to do absolutely free of
charge now that is something that local roofer consultants actually
take pride in doing for local roofing companies all across the United States you might be asking yourself well why
would I want to pick you up on this offer day well think about this instead of just taking
whatever marketing strategy that you think might be working or that you read has worked for somebody else are in
throwing everything against the wall and waiting to see what sticks what if you could have a custom tailored
a marketing a plan an overall plan that you can implement
starting this week starting this month are that would allow you to know exactly
where your marketing dollars are going exactly where your advertising dollars
are going he and be able to track the revenue in
the rate of return from each one of these different
marketing campaigns he and what if you had a strategy in place for marketing
plan in place that would allow you to scale and grow
so that you can start off with the budget that you currently have and I had
to throw all these different dollars out I with different marketing strategies
are campaigns or concepts that may or may not have a a
positive Rooy he and once you begin to see that rate
of return that that positive our return on your investment come to
fruition you can then scale your marketing campaigns up get rid of the losers keep the ones that
are winning and continue to scale up in grow your business as your business
grows in addition you’re going to have an
overall marketing plan that works 100 percent of the time to bring in more revenue and your
profits for your business Mike I said i’m happy to do this I wanted a certain
number of time slots on a weekly basis to help local roofing companies just
like yours to put these plans in place now you might be asking yourself well
that sounds great I wanna do that Dave but why are you doing it absolutely free
of charge well here’s the honest truth I am a highly
specialized roofer consultants and I get paid every single month to
implement these types of strategies and these
types of marketing plans so I know I’m very very confident in
saying the I will be able to have a positive
impact on your business’s bottom line or be able to bring in more revenue and
you’ll be able to keep more profits in your pockets and be able to take on more free time at
the end of every week any and every month by implementing some
movies best marketing ideas and strategies that I can bring to the table so I know they can add value to you and
once we’ve had that conversation there’s a great possibility that you’re
gonna want to hire me and my team to implemented this marketing plan for
you and that’s the reason that I wanna be
able to provide this service to you absolutely free of charge it’s a good
way for I still kinda feel each other out and see if we might be a good fit to work together long term now having said that it’s important for you
to know that this is not a sales pitch in disguise I’m not gonna
do the big dance which I’m not gonna pester you are bug you are
this is truly an opportunity for you to see if
you qualify to get on my calendar where we can have a one-hour strategy
session and I can bring some my very best ideas strategies and marketing campaigns to
the table and help you to develop a custom
marketing plan starting today moving forward to help you grow your
business very very quickly now having set up all that it’s also
important to realize that I simply cannot work with everybody there’s not enough hours in the day and
I would just be miserable trying to follow up on all these different types
up strategy sessions and keep everything straight 400’s possibly even thousands of local roofing
companies across the united states so in order to qualify to get on my
calendar and request one he’s won our strategy
sessions there are a few things I want you to keep in mind and kinda ask yourself to see if you
might be a good fit number one not really ready to work with
start-up companies you have to have an existing business you have to have
been in business for a certain period of time I E and that you’re not just trying to
go out and beat the streets and start-up maybe bang your head against the wall a
couple times you’ve been through the ups and downs and you’ve been around for a little
while and you’re looking to grow up so you’d gotten just know startups just
won’t be a good fit for us number two very very important you have to be open to the fact that
you’re going to have to advertise and market your business in order to
grow effectively and efficiently if you’re not open to spending money I
am having a marketing budget in advertising budget to grow your business it’s not going to be a good fit I’m not
going to be able to help you number three we want to make sure that
you already have a database have passed customers now
doesn’t have to be a huge database but you know couple hundred past customers
that you’ve serviced in the past few years are that you can go back and you can
make a very irresistible offer to in order to help
you to build your business so that’s very very critical number four
and this is a big one for me personally you’ve got to be able to have fun our
marketing and advertising your business in growing your business can be very
stressful at times but we love to have fun we’re very laid
back and I if you’ve ever consider yourself to be a problem clients or are very very demanding person in
your business relationships may not be a good fit for us because we
like to the the way back we love to have great interactions in
great relationships with our clients long-term so we want to make sure that we’re working
with fun people people who understand the growing a business and building an enterprise can be
extremely rewarding at the same time in the last thing that
we want to mention is that we are gonna require a three hundred dollar refund about
deposits so that we can kinda weed out some other
tire kickers awesome the people who may be aren’t that serious yet or just aren’t
ready to take their businesses to the next level so we’re gonna ask for a three hundred
dollar refund abort deposit now once you’ve answered some questions
and made this three hundred dollar refundable deposit I will then go in star do some market
research I’ll researcher company a look at your
answers and I will then get you on the counter so we
can have our one-hour strategy session not into this one our strategy session
one of three things is going to happen number one are you gonna see extreme
value in what we’ve brought to the table and you are going to see if we can work
together a long terminal our company can help you in implementing
your marketing plan of course this would be a win-win scenario we want
to bring as much value to the table as possible and I we want to make sure that you are
truly ready to expand an explosive growth of
your business so we can see if we would be a good fit to
work together a long-term the second option that might happen is
that you can see extreme value and what we’ve brought to the table but you don’t wanna try to implement
these marketing plans and solutions on your own and that’s perfectly acceptable as well
this marketing plan these ideas and strategies have been tested they’ve been
proven their campaigns that are winners and
they work and if you want to take a min run with a min implement them into your
business that’s fantastic although we would ask
is that you stay in contact with us let us know how it’s going what is know
about are the campaigns that have been the most successful on growing your
business and let us know about the profits that you
are now having where the free time that you know how because I V solutions we would love to
stay in contact on that level now the third thing that
might happen is that you just don’t see any value in what we’ve brought to the table now I
don’t think that’s going to happen but in the of unlikely event that it does we
want to make sure that you leave feeling good about spending that one hour with
our team of local roofer consultants so what we are willing to do you is if
for whatever reason you feel that there’s not been extreme value that
will help you to you I implement these marketing strategies immediately actual war items that you
can immediately put into place in integrating your business
then I am going to bill a lead generation
website for your roofing business that you own and that you control
personally as my way of saying thank you for taking
the time to meet with me virtually for a one-hour strategy
session so really were taking all the risk of the
table just for giving us a try now if this one our marketing strategy
session sounds like it’s something that you’d like to take us up on all that you
need to do is simply click the button below and fill out a few questions fill out a
few answers to some questions and make their refund about three
hundred dollar deposit once you do I remember my team will get on the phone
or email to schedule your one our strategy
session so that we can begin to build your business as quickly as possible again thank you
very much for taking the time to request that free report if you’d like to take us up on our free
one-hour strategy session simply click the button below this video we look forward as roofer consulting to helping you expanded explode
the growth of your business very soon take care

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