ROB STROK – “Music Is The Foundation Of A Video”

ROB STROK – “Music Is The Foundation Of A Video”

No I can’t beatbox if that’s what you’re asking. I’m here to edit videos. Music Matters to me because it sets the mood for the story that I’m trying to tell. It inspires me when I’m on the road and at
the end of the day it’s the foundation of the video that I’m trying to create.
My name is Rob Strok and I’m a Travel filmmaker and photographer based out in
Seattle, Washington. Music has been a big part of my life. My
parents and my uncles used to play in the symphony for the military. But ever
since I was growing up there’s always been different kinds of sounds and music
in my house. So it’s been a whole journey through music throughout my life.
It’s cool to take that and incorporate it into the videos I make now. Music definitely sets the mood for every
one of my videos. If I’m trying to tell a happy story, something a little bit
more upbeat. If I’m trying to kind of portray a sadder message or inspire
people the mood kind of changes and slows down. Music plays a huge role in
how people feel and what kind of emotions it draws out of them. Traveling around the world culture plays
a big impact on what I’m trying to tell Sometimes if there’s an issue that I
want to bring up whether that’s animal cruelty to the wellness of people around
the world or issues like you know plastic. Taking those messages and
combining them with music that fits the mood I think is very important. Sometimes I’m just trying to show people what a good time looks like and that they
should get out and explore around the world more. My creative process with music is all over the place, sometimes I have a track ahead of time that I really
like and then I kind of focus on combining the visual elements. Sometimes
I tell the visual story and then I find a track to fit that afterwards and a lot
of the time it’s easy to find a good combination to where the music complements the video. I think that’s the ultimate goal is to find something that matches the
storyline. Sometimes it takes five minutes sometimes it takes a couple of
days until I find something that I truly enjoy. Most of the time people would just
give up the song is such an important part of the video, it’s worth finding
that right track. One of my favorite resources on Epidemic
Sound is definitely the sound effects. I think people hearing what they see on
screen is very important. It makes them feel like they’re there
and they’re in the moment and then once I have a soundtrack,
those sound effects and the video… It just makes a perfect master piece. Most of the time you can catch me falling
asleep on an airplane listening to music if I’m traveling on the road, boat or
plane or anything, I always have my headphones in and they’re always
charged and ready to go.

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