Religious Liberty: Obamacare’s First Casualty

Religious Liberty: Obamacare’s First Casualty

MARSHALL: Obamacare is on a collision course
with our liberty generally and the first casualty is religious freedom. REPORTER: Under the President’s healthcare
reform law, church-affiliated schools, hospitals, and charities that provide insurance to their
employees must cover the cost of contraceptives. NEWS ANCHOR: The Catholic Church says it’s
a violation of conscience. NEWS ANCHOR: The White House says it’s not
going to back down when it comes to that contraceptive mandate. REPORTER: Well a federal lawsuit has been
filed … NEWS ANCHOR: Lawmakers heard from religious
leaders today about President Obama’s contraception mandate. RABBI SOLOVEICHIK: The Administration impedes
religious liberty by unilaterally redefining what it means to be religious. MARSHALL: We’ve heard a lot in the news
lately about the Obama anti-conscience mandate and people are right to be alarmed about this.
It’s requiring religious employers to offer insurance coverage that will pay for abortion-inducing
drugs, contraception, sterilization, even if that conflicts with their religious belief. ELLMERS: When the government can come in and
tell a religious organization how they should do business, then it becomes a violation of
religious freedom. LEVIN: Employers are in an impossible situation
where the government is telling them that they have to violate their own moral convictions
or else basically get out of the business they’re in. And obviously that’s an unprecedented
violation of religious liberty in American life. DONOVAN: The opposition to this is not just
coming from a handful of denominations or a handful of institutions, it’s coming from
across the religious spectrum. People who don’t necessarily share the same views about
the particular service and may have no problem providing it. LEVIN: They’re trying to turn this into
an argument about whether you believe in contraception. Look, I’m not Catholic and I’m not opposed
to contraception. I’m opposed to despotism. And that’s basically what we’re seeing
here. What we’re seeing is the government telling religious institutions that they have
to violate their own convictions or else get out of the business of helping the poor, or
educating people, or of healing the sick. And that’s ridiculous. That’s totally
unacceptable. It leaves no room for institutions that are guided by moral purposes that in
any way differ from those of the people in power in the government. This has nothing
to do with contraception. This is about whether we still have a free society. MARSHALL: The Obama Administration announced
this policy back in August. There was a huge outcry as there should be against this religious
liberty violation. As a result, the Obama Administration issued what it called an “accommodation”.
This was no resolution at all to the religious liberty question at the heart of the matter.
And what’s more, it ended up just being talk because at the end of the day, the Obama
Administration filed the final regulation exactly as it had been written back in August.
There was no change at all. ELLMERS: I was first struck by the president’s
word that it is an accommodation. In other words the benevolent President Barack Obama
has now bestowed upon all of us that he is going to change his mind a little bit. MARSHALL: This is just the tip of the iceberg
when it comes to the problems with Obamacare One of the reasons is it’s the first concrete
detail, practically, that we’ve seen about the essential benefits package — that is,
what insurance will have to cover as a part of Obamacare. All kinds of opportunity for
moral conflict for Americans! We have handed the moral compass for some of our most personal
healthcare decisions to bureaucrats. WEIGEL: People should have seen this coming.
Once you get the federal government defining the playing field in health care with the
degree of coercive action that was obvious under Obamacare. I think it was implicit in
letting Leviathan take over the drug store. BLACKBURN: What this is the natural result
of is happens when you have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. ELLMERS: This is about government control.
This didn’t improve healthcare in any way, but as we’ve seen over the time that Obamacare
has been unveiled, it’s just been one situation after another. You know, the government coming
in and telling you what kind of healthcare you should have, who should provide it, and
rather than you be able to make these decisions with you and your healthcare professional,
your physician, now the government is going to come in and make these decisions for you. LEVIN: I think this is part and parcel of
a larger pattern of the work of the Obama Administration, not only in their work in
civil society but also in the relationship to the private economy where again and again
the administration is trying to clear away mediating institutions, mediating players
between the government and the individual. We are left only with the government and that
leaves citizens with far fewer options and far less freedom. TURNER: Once you start to centralize power,
these conflicts are absolutely inevitable. Obamacare is wrong for America because it’s
fundamentally opposed to the relationship between the citizens and their government.
We are sovereign citizens. Obamacare turns us into subjects. WEIGEL: What is at stake here ultimately is
whether civil society will survive. Or whether voluntary institutions or voluntary will be
allowed to function only if they imitate the government. LEVIN: What it basically does is it says it’s
up to the government to define the ends of society and then the question of means is
just a question of efficiency. So is it most efficient to have say a Catholic hospital
promote the ends that are determined by the government or is it most efficient to have
the government do it? But that of course is not what civil society is. Civil society is
a way for us to decide the ends we want to pursue. And what the Obama Administration
approach does is take away our ability to determine the ends of our society in any way
other than politics. TURNER: So you’ve got one after another
every time they try to fix this, they wind up slamming into another part of the Constitution,
and it shows that this law is fundamentally, down to its DNA, unconstitutional. BLACKBURN: The American People have been awakened
to what this administration is doing, and I think that they are ready for the fight.
It will be a worthy fight.

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  1. How convenient. So I, as a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivables, and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health needs paid for by the de facto government insurance

  2. Islam considers insurance to be "gambling", "risk-taking", and "usury" and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption from obamacare based on this.

  3. ObamaCare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured

  4. Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.

  5. Dhimmitude — I had never heard the word until now. Type it into Google and start reading. Pretty interesting. It's on page 107 of the healthcare bill. I looked this up on Google and yep, it exists.. It is a REAL word.

  6. A church can't get pregnant or sick. People do. If I had my way, I'd gut every sanctimonious cretin who wants to impose "religious conscience" on others. They love the benefits of a modern society they had nothing to do to being about but whose predecessors slaughter people who wanted progeress.

    And take away the tax exemption of all religious organizations, overall they are a blight on humanity and parasites on society.

  7. When are we again going to realize that "WE THE PEOPLE" own our Constitutional Right's? Liberty comes with our INDIVIDUAL ownership by each Amendment within our 'Bill of Rights'. We didn't give them away, and furthermore we cannot give them away and still derive the benefits they assure.
    Frank E. Vincent

  8. @nsdtr01; Telling who to treat whom all equally? Be more specific.

    Is that really the only form of despotism? And does the definition of religious freedom really not include the idea of freedom of conscience?

  9. Vote and RID America from this THUG CANCER….

  10. THIS IS JUST THE RIGHT WING DOING THEIR BEST TO BLOCK HEALTH CARE REFORM. The Catholic Church bodies in England pay employment taxes (which covers social and health insurance and contraception without charge) and THEY HAVE NEVER complained that they are funding something that their religion objects to. This is just the American right continuing their campaign against health reform.

  11. The NHS in England provides contraceptives of all kinds women (and men) without charge (though covered by taxes paid) See "NHS.UK" web site and search for "contraception". Its a good idea to spread the cost of contraception over your lifetime (which is what the UK system does) so you pay for it most when your income is high (typically in your later years) and not have to struggle to pay for it out of pocket when you are young, before and after starting a family when money is tight.

  12. @hakobloomfield If your British why do you care about our politics, get lost.

  13. @hakobloomfield I think what you really want is FREE health care. Of course we have Health Care available. We also have great hotels, at a price. We also have beer, but the govt doesnt dispense it.

  14. @hauskalainen I`m 60, and havent ever used it. I got married, had kids, then a procedure was done to prevent it. So, it relly wouldnt be better for my wife and I at all, since we never used it.

  15. who in their right mind would vote for someone that believes the world will end any day now?

  16. @megarational What sensible citizens want is Liberty. That means being able to make our own choices. I work for myself, have individual ins for many years. Last year, my wife`s & my business wasnt doing well, so I went back to selling cars for a while. I used to do that 20 yrs ago. (took me 3 days to get work). I was offered health ins, at the dealer, I turned it down, of COURSE. Only fucking idiots, at 60 yrs old, get themselves in a situation where I would lose coverage, if I quit, move, etc

  17. @megarational Post 2) please read my first post, as well. At least you are making points. However, you are making assertions. I disagree with them, but each one deserves closer examination. It isnt enough for me to just say they are wrong, as you are just saying they a true. So, 1st lets look at your claim ins corp profits are "atrocious". Largest US health insurer is United Health (UNH symbol), they make 4%, after taxes. This is normal, & modest. State 1 thing at a time, why this is wrong.

  18. @frank97838 The US Constitution addresses the powers that the Federal Govt has, in Article 1, section 8. Since the Fed Gov has not been given the power to prevent free speech, the power to deny we are armed, then it cant do so, Constitutionally in the first place. The Bill of Rights was opposed by many founders, because people like you would think those rights are our only rights. They are not at all. Our rights come from the fact we LIMITED Federal Power. Our rights are natural, not gov given.

  19. @megarational You make specific points, but theyre unsupported points, without context. Example, "corporate design to ensure so called profit margins can't be used to criticize them." Corps do not report profit margins. They report total income, revenue, dividends, etc. Investors want to know returns on the investment. Anyone with a $2 calculator can figure profit margin, from reported numbers., those numbers are not given by corps normally. You dont know that, you dont read financial reports.

  20. @megarational Post 2). Other points can be dealt with one by one, with effort, & specific numbers, CEO salaries, lobbying spending, etc. But 1st, use logic. Owners of Corporations, and their CEO`s are very, very greedy. We agree, I`m sure. I say that is good, and I can depend on it. So, I can depend on greed insuring overhead will be kept to the very lowest possible amount, because greedy owners & CEO`s get paid with what is left over, after overhead costs. Wasting $ means less $ to the greedy.

  21. @megarational Post 3). Corporations deliberately under reporting profits, as you inferred, "corporate design to ensure so called profit margins can't be used to criticize them.", is also the exact opposite of what we find when we look at the accounting scandals, fraud and crime of corps. Enron, Anderson acctg, (Fannie, Freddie currently) all are cases of the exact opposite you claim occurs. Corp fraud is to overstate earnings, not understate them. They get paid more with more earnings.

  22. @megarational 1st, I met your false claim profits were understated. You drop discussing this. Ok, your first point is lobbying. Did Obama, Nancy Pelosi, congressmen fly all over, having town meetings on Healthcare? CBO make expensive analysis? Does AirForce 1 cost money? Govt is Board of Directors, with costs, same as private, but its NOT on the books as overhead. See next.

  23. @megarational Post 2) Pres, Congress, run up management, board of director-like costs in healthcare just as private sector ins corps do, but these costs are not going to be shown on ObamaCare, as overhead, just like past costs are not shown on MediCare as overhead either. United Health ins(largest) spent $4.9 mill, 2009 in middle of debate (lower now) for lobbying. Their revenue was $87.1 bill in `09. Lobbying is .00056 of revenue. Does this matter? When now its only 1/3 of that tiny #? .00019?

  24. @robertmike57 It's awesome that you want to kill people who disagree with you. Great job showing how religious organizations are dangerous. Keep waving the bold flag of "progeress."

  25. @nsdtr01 I love how your genius comment transforms the guaranteed freedom to practice religion into the lack of freedom to practice religion. Good job labeling those guys fighting for liberty as oppressors. Thanks for taking the time to think deeply on this one. I might have to meditate on your bright and shining intellect a little longer before I can trace your imagined link between celibacy and despotism. Keep the wisdom coming.

  26. @nsdtr01 Great great point. I hate how the hospitals rule by cleaning the bedpans of the sick and dying. I struggle everyday under the oppressive shadow of religious hospitals. I hope they don't break down my door in the middle of the night and force their religiously tainted medical care on me. Thank you for drawing attention to this under examined issue.

  27. @DarkOmenMaster I see your point, because sometimes a persons sexual appetites far outstrip their ability to buy contraception. Why aren't Christians more eager to enable the robust sexual appetites of others? How dare they make sex addicts choose between a Netflix payment and contraceptives! Dark Omen Master, you seem to suggest that Christians are sick and outrageous for being Christians. Brave brave incredibly thoughtful post.

  28. @lilurik GENIUS! This is a fascinating point. Christians, instead of standing on moral principle ought to abandon their Christianity immediately so they can conform to the image that lilurik has of Christians. Christians, Why are you defending the sanctity of human life? lilurik has declared your actions selfish on youtube for all the world to see. He speaks with the gravity of one who has been to church sometimes. Bow before his pronouncements.

  29. @megarational Gee, CBO report, March 2012 (this month) "Updated Estimates for the Insurance Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act", has a nice table, listing the cost of ObamaCare as being $1.762 Trillion, now. Of course, CBO estimated it to be $940 billion when we were debating, and Congress voting on it. Cost already is almost double promised amount. Want me to help you find the statistic? I already warned you, CBO predictions are awful. Conservatives most certainly do have plans.

  30. @luvcheney1 If you are legal residents in the UK your wife would have had pre- and post- natal NHS services, including home visits. Your kids were certainly delivered by the NHS in an NHS facility. If you had an op, that too was paid for by the NHS. If you tell me you paid privately for all these services I would not believe you. NOBODY has these things paid for privately when you get them for free from the NHS. Nobody. Why would you when you have paid for them in your taxes?

  31. @hauskalainen I am not from the UK, and have no idea what you are talking about.

  32. @luvcheney1 well the republicans just lost maine to a democrat smooth

  33. @nsdtr01 Not paying taxes, and taking taxpayer money arent the same thing, stupid.

  34. @joyce1830 Components. 1)Tort reform, Dems dont want it, trial lawyers donate to Dems. lawsuits have a cost, but more cost from defensive medicine, excessive tests, procedures 2) allow insurance co`s competition across state lines 3) 80%/ 20% coverages, or similar. Note lasic eye surgeries, plastic surgeries (not covered by ins are falling in cost) Lap band ( not always covered, falling too). When ins was we pay 20%, ins pays 80%, people THOUGHT about costs. Now, nobody CARES about costs

  35. @joyce1830 Tort reform would (yes, people suing doctors) reduce ins costs. But, Dr`s are afraid of the suits, so they tell us to get excessive tests, referrals, procedures, to protect themselves. This is where the real cost is. Allowing insurers the ability to cross state lines is due to states wanting to tell ins co`s what to cover, and control them. Employer, and govt ins plans may not have hi deductibles, nor hi co-pays, this causes folks to not watch prices, dont care, use too much service.

  36. @joyce1830 Post 2). People not having those 20% co-pays generally is the main reason costs are out of control. Nobody even asks for the price in so many instances. You can easily google up info yourself, for lasik, for example. My you tube name mentions cheney, as in Dick Cheney, in an effort to be transparent. Anyone can assume I`m conservative. Of course, he is a great man, obviously.

  37. @joyce1830 Well yes, we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I actually know something about health care.

  38. Expeirencial truth speaks for itself! Most importantly our perseverance in keeping the internet our sanctuary of unity – together we thrive!
    Aloha, maleka

  39. @joyce1830 Social programs feed & serve the poor? Poor, illegal aliens pay $1000`s to smugglers to get them into the US, because they KNOW they can 1) find work 2) support themselves 3) save & send money home too, on their earnings. Of course, you, and the Dems KNOW that to be impossible. So, are illegals a figment of my imagination? Halliburton got no bid contracts from Clinton-Gore, and Obama too. Cheney divested his holdings of Hal, donated last pay $7 mill to charity, of final stock options

  40. @joyce1830 True disability is another issue altogether. SS disablitiy claims today have skyrocketed, historically speaking. People are claiming disability, in far greater numbers, in order to stay off jobs. The safety net simply puts a floor under wages, where any Americans can choose not to take a job. Then, these jobs become the magnet for illegals. Our economy supports the working, producing illegal, while paying someone to stay home. Unemployed also find work, right before benefit expires.

  41. @joyce1830 Political donations by lawyers go 76% to Democrats. Lawyers take money from the productive, giving it to someone else. "Finding work" is wrong. If Govt gives you $300 unemployment, & food stamps, you wont take a $350 week job, If your job doesnt pay enough to please you, and the govt makes up the difference, what is the incentive to make an effort, by more hours, study harder, move, etc? Why struggle? Gov will make you better anyway? see next

  42. @joyce1830 Post 2) Birth control $9/ month from WalMart, no insurance. Think this is unaffordable? What if I cant afford toilet paper? Soap? Running water? Clothes? These things are necessary, for life, and health. Should Govt be responsible for every need? The difference between Libs, and Conservatives is that we believe in personal responsibility, and the Liberty to make our own decisions. Libs want Gov to take from one person, then transfer it to another. No personal responsibility

  43. @joyce1830 If you hate lawyers, you ought to be ask yourself why they support libs and dems, shouldnt you? Its obvious to me. They do the same thing, they take money from someone, and give it to another. Studies show that kids born out of marriage, to Moms of high school age, dropouts, have exceedingly high rates of poverty. Simply graduating, marrying, and not having kids till you do reduces very much the likelihood of living in poverty. Social Programs create a permanent, dependent class


  45. So, if Christian Scientist organizations don't want to cover modern Western medical practices for their employees, is that okay? Religion and healthcare often conflict, but people who work for religious organizations shouldn't be shorted because their employers are backward. If the workers choose to follow the employers' religious principles, they won't use contraceptives anyway. Get religion out of healthcare–it does enough damage as it is.

  46. One, it's really condescending of you to say that religious people are backwards. You're not gonna win anyone over talking like that.
    Two, nobody is forcing anyone to work for a religious charity or organization.

  47. I just call 'em like I see 'em; feel free to disagree. True, nobody is forcing anyone to work for a religious organization, but the people who choose to shouldn't be penalized for doing so. Where does it stop? If an organization strongly opposes vaccinations (some people do) should they be able to prevent their employees' insurance from covering them? Why should religious organizations get special treatment?

  48. Obamacare costs will be stuck to those who have private medical insurance since Obamacare costs will come from Medicaid and Medicaid is slow and low in making payment to doctors, so the costs will be stuck to those who have private insurance! I remember in California when I was in the hospital emergency, the patient next to me was an Mexican who could not speak English (and most likely uninsured) and the thing that came across my mind is, I bet I will be paying his bill!

  49. Religious organizations get special treatment because they're religious. It's a part of the principle of freedom of conscience.
    Penalized for doing so? It comes with the territory. People shouldn't expect anything different from a religious organization. That's like going to a bar and being surprised there's a two drink minimum (a crude simile, but I think it works).

  50. The left will use Obamacare to interfere and control every aspects of our lives and freedoms, whether it is the Church, gun ownership rights, raising your kids, what we eat, how we live! The liberals are doing what the Communist Manifesto suggests in order to achieve communism! Karl Marx would have been proud of the far left in taking away liberty!

  51. So much for separation of church and state. Because the overwhelming majority of Americans are Christian, they usually get their way. And boy, do they whine when they don't get their "special treatment." Just out of curiosity, does this apply to Muslims and Buddhists, or just "approved" religions?

  52. Regarding the mandate – Thomas Jefferson drafted the Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom in 1779, which James Madison helped pass in 1786, and set the stage for the First Amendment. In it Jefferson states: "to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves, is sinful and tyrannical." No government should be able to mandate that people of faith pay for anything that violates their deeply held moral and religious beliefs."

  53. Gramsci, look up Antonio Gramsci. Also note that Gramsci had no idea how the creation of wealth works. Most socialists don't.

  54. Obama is now using Chicago style tactics in his attempts to intimidate the Supreme Court Justices.

  55. Screw that, doctors are allowing their own idiotic religious prejudice and moronic ideologies kill patients right now.

  56. Obama's Devide and Conquer….his way of breaking and closing most Churches…a Shadow of Evil…? Indeed….this is Evil at first hand, now seen What Obama really is….against America, against God….Jesus…and the Holy Spirit…Jesus warned us all about this,.." Do not be FOOLED by the golden tongued DEVIL…." Oh how they all clap…and cheer…as their rights of Free Worship is being taken away…even by force of FINES, FEES, PRISON or DEATH….!!!! Our Time is Now this year !!! VOTE

  57. Catholic priests must have condoms when they rape little boys.

  58. I truly wish the govt would clamp down on the churches by revoking their tax exempt status. This jowly jughead chick blabbing is so full of shit she stinks.

  59. Since when did religious freedom mean violation of personal rights to medical care.

  60. if(religious) { println("You are retarded."); }
    else { println("Congrats. You have functioning brain cells."); }

  61. //Here's the beta version, for conservatives

    if(obamacare != upheld) { println("Obama wasted a year on health care."); }
    else { println("Dammit, I'm moving to Canada."); return irony; }

  62. Surely taxes goes to areas which also conflict with their morals, so what is the difference?

  63. Agreed. I actually thought this was a joke when I first heard about it. Like Obamacare is going to force them to get an abortion… lol. I get the whole pay aspect, but we pay for a LOT of things we don't use or even support on a personal level. But guess what, that is part of being in a society. That said, I see nothing wrong with people reminding everyone how bad they think abortion is. However, stop trying to work the system so you get what you want at the expense of the majority.

  64. Stop violating the First Amendment!

  65. So the First Amendment should not apply to people who practice a religious faith? Who rewrote the Constitution? Do you know what the First Amendment is or even care? You bring your personal beliefs into the public square, why can't I? You have noConstitutional ground on which to stand. Your ideas scare me!

  66. You can't have freedom of religion without freedom FROM religion.
    In regards to abortion… All Obamacare does is basically prevent YOU from forcing your religious beliefs on those that believe in something different. It therefore supports the first amendment. It is the Catholics that are trying to circumvent that amendment.
    Bottom line, abortions are legal… period. Until that changes people have no right to try to block others from having one… ESPECIALLY if religion is the reason.

  67. The state is prohibiting the exercise thereof. We consider abortion inducing drugs and abortion itself the taking of an innocent human life,.We cannot support this filth. We are fighting this with over 42 court cases, Go ahead! We will shut down our institutions forever rather than comply with evil policy!

  68. Go ahead and kill your baby, but don't expect me to pay for it. The state has stuck its nose where it does NOT belong., There is no Constitutioal right to contraceptives and abortions. Go pay for that yourself!

  69. You aren't paying for anyone's abortion. You are paying for your own medical care which probably includes things others may never use… like 7 to 10 baby deliveries. As for businesses paying for their employee's "abortions"… again, they AREN'T. They wouldn't be providing the health care if the person didn't work for them… therefore the INDIVIDUAL is really the one paying for it indirectly. Therefore, all you are trying to do is force your religious beliefs on them indirectly.

  70. That is a not true. Employers will be paying, directly or indirectly, for sevices, such as abortion and abortion-inducing drugs (many contraceptives act as abortifacients) that they consider murder. What people consider the delivery of babies murder? The individual is paying for the abortion or abortifacient all by themselves? LOL, hardly. The Amish got an exemption, why can't others on faith-based grounds?

  71. I think you are missing the point. The employers wouldn't buy the insurance for the employees if they weren't getting something in return. So, it is just another part of the employee's pay. And again, no one is requiring anyone to get an abortion… so what is the issue… other than you wanting to push your religious beliefs on others?

  72. Btw, using your logic Catholic employers have always bought abortions for employees… what do you think employees have been doing with those pay checks? Let me guess, you want to control how the Catholic employees spend their pay checks also… lol. Sadly, that is almost exactly what you are trying to do here.

  73. The courts will decide the un-Constitutionality of laws that demand an employer pay for a service that said employer considers murder. There are 42 lawsuits in the works.

  74. But the employer isn't directly buying such services. I never said I care about what employees do with their checks. Sadly, you seem to love putting words in my mouth. Have an oral fixation or something?

  75. Directly or indirectly, an employer is paying for coverage so an emnployee can get, through his or her insurance, a service the employer dems murder. That is abortions or contraceptives that cause abortions (abortifacients).

  76. Go ahead and kill all your unborn babies. Just don't expect employers who consider it murder, along with contraceptives that cause abortions (abortifacients), to pay for it.

  77. Seriously, what Catholic says go ahead and get an abortion but I want plausible deniability? Do you really think God would be so easily fooled?
    I hate to break it to you but altering Obamacare isn't going to give you what you seek. At the end of the day the employee in question will still use contraceptives and/or have an abortion. And they will be doing it thanks to the money you "gave" them. So, in the end all you will have done was step on the employee's rights to make yourself feel better.

  78. The lkawsuits against the HHS mandate violating First Amendment rights were filed after HHS sec. Sebelius announced this crap in Jan or Feb 2012, well after the lawsuits filed against the whole ACA. It is a different set of lawsuits and will be treated separately from the decison the Supreme Court just decided on the Const. of the ACA.

  79. Again, the state is forcing employers who believe abortion and abortafacients murder/killing a baby. That is not like providing dental care, check ups, etc. Apples and oranges. Goodbye First Amendment rights. Gvt telling faith-based groups, you must pay for murder or get out of healthcare and social serices. Like hell we will. Civil disobedience coming!

  80. And again, you already provide employees the means by giving them a pay check. Sure, you would make it more financially difficult for them to do this. However, all that does is encourage more abortions imo. After all, financial stability is often one of the reasons people have abortions in the first place. Despite what you might think, women don't enjoy having abortions. So, by making it more financially difficult for those families you would hardly be doing those unborn children a favor.

  81. Their whole complaint reeks of someone who doesn't like something so they pull out the religious card hoping to make something stick. The really ironic part is that they are constantly screaming 1st amendment violation and yet they seem to always be the only ones actually trying to violate said amendment.

  82. I can't stop all people from killing innocent lives in the womb, but I will oppose anyone being forced to pay for the slaughter. Go pay for your own contraception and abortions. There are 42 cases against forcing employers to violate their consciences to provide services they consider murder. First Amendment rights are clearly being violated.Don't be so smug, thousands of faith-based hospitals and service agencies will close rather than submit to Baal. Those in disobedience will be jailed.

  83. What if you were a citizen in Nazi Germany. Would you oppose forced taxes to pay for the Death Camps?

  84. First, do you support First Amendment Rights? Oh please, only men are against contraception? Seriously, what planet do you live on? Ever read the works of Dr. Janet Smith and Dr. Monica Miller. Do you know that many forms of the Pill act as abortifacients. That is, they induce abortions.

  85. How can they pay for it? With money. How do they make money? By getting a job. Who pays them? The employer… why is this so hard for you to grasp? Using your logic, the employers are already paying for the abortions.
    You can ignore that all you want in order to make yourself feel better… but deep down I think you know the truth. Someone didn't like Obamacare so they played the religious card… and you jumped on board without thinking… just like the sheep you are.

  86. I thought a lot of Nazi's were Catholic… maybe I'm misunderstanding the numbers? Regardless, this example does bring up a good point. According to you, the US is passing laws that allow something just as bad to happen…only to unborns instead… right? Yet, you not only continue to pay your taxes but even do things like fight for the right of school children to praise the USA in God's name when giving the pledge of allegiance… lol. Thanks for pointing out how big of a hypocrite you are.

  87. Our President's accommodation has left out the rest of us. Do Christians not have the right to object to being made to supply a "health product" that violates the conscience. While I am not Catholic, I realize that if the government wins this case over religion, it will continue to subvert freedom of religion to practice its beliefs. I cannot remain silent.

  88. Romney Care is the same thing! Romney won't overturn Obama care.

  89. I forget that the Heritage Foundation isn't some libertarian think tank but a good ol' fashioned neocon mouthpiece, so I still get a little bit surprised when they claim religious persecution.

  90. guys but like the first amendment

  91. If the President has done anything wrong, it would be the undo worry his governance has caused at least 40% of the American people. There is so much suspicion and distrust about what is going on. As soon as Obamacare was forced on this nation with unconstitutional mandates in it – there should have been a commission to investigate the President.

  92. Obama, if he continues with a socialistic political style, and with the words "he will inhilate the Republican Party" is not a choice of words that is a game or competition. I believe he would like to lead for many years and take away our rights. If anyone listens to what Obama says and does he is slowly eroding our rights. I think he will be impeached or die eventually.

  93. Obama is America's first tyrant, and he's not going to stop with this fascist mandate.


    To notify the IRS whenever you see your church endorsing or opposing a political candidate or issue. All 501(c)(3) organizations such as your church are required as a condition of their TAX EXEMPT status NOT to engage in any POLITICAL discussion or TACIT endorsement of ANY POLITICAL MOVEMENT/CANDIDATE. Lets protect our RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES by EMBRACING FREEDOM FROM RELIGION.

  95. Wow… I'm not even religious and I think that's fucked up.. People should be allowed to do what they want, respect their freedom asshole.

  96. Some people find religion important. They shouldn’t be forced to follow a mandate that goes against their beliefs. They should pay taxes, though.

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