Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Breakdown Analysis

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Breakdown Analysis

The time has come and here we have the debut trailer of Red Dead Redemption 2 released today by Rockstar Games. Together with the debut trailer, Sony announced a partnership with Rockstar Games specifying that the whole trailer was captured on PlayStation 4 and that the PS4 users will get first access to earn select online content in the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. With that said and this gorgeous shot of the world we will soon live and breathe, let’s move forward into our analysis. By showing the huge field of view of this world, from the elks in the foreground to the water who reflect the clouds and the far, far away trees, this shot is showing us what Rockstar pulled off developing Red Dead Redemption 2 directly on the current gen console, PS4 and Xbox One. Compared to GTA 5, here everything looks better, more detailed and beautiful. Again reflections, lights and details are the main protagonist of this scene – together with the animals: sheep or goats and pigs in the pen, while on the bottom left there is a raccoon and under the fence, what looks like a rat. One thing that is important to remember by the way, is that this is still a teaser trailer. Graphically speaking, what we’re seeing could have been enhanced to make everything look slightly better. Something like this was also done with GTA 5 with areas in the world of Los Santos and Blaine County that were shown more detailed in the trailers and less in the game – and even that trailer was technically captured on console. This scene definitely shows something new in the Red Dead world: the interaction between animals. Except for specific moments tied to a couple of story missions, in Red Dead Redemption all animals were unconscious of the other species nearby. Here instead we can see a coyote capturing a squirrel near a small pond in the forest. This doesn’t mean that for sure in the new Red Dead animals will act as predators and prey between them, but the trailer is certainly suggesting it. In the past months, a map was published on internet and is allegedly tied to Red Dead Redemption 2. Technically this shot can be used in some way to prove if the map is totally false or plausible and right now, we don’t feel comfortable in saying yes or no. The valley is the same as shown in the second scene of the trailer. The river that moves through two big mountains – while birds are flying in the sky – could be the area shown in Big Valley or Roanoke Ridge. Let’s be super clear, could be, the definition of the map surely isn’t great and some names honestly don’t make any sense, but hey, after failing miserably for saying that the game will never be called Red Dead Redemption 2, let’s say: never say never. A one man camp with a small tent, a horse on the left and a fire in the middle near a riverwalk. An astonishing sky and a world that reacts realistically to the wind. Coming soon to Red Dead Redemption 2. A hunter moving along a fence with the prey placed on the horse. This could be an action tied to specific peds or even an evolution of the hunting and trading system from Red Dead Redemption. With big snowy mountains in the background and a couple of Robins over the fence, we can also see a classic prairie house near a windmill. Two men on a canoe in the river. The man in the front is a cowboy, while the one in the back with the oar in the hands, is a native-indian. On the branch of the tree in the foreground, we can see an indian artifact created with wood, feather, rope and more. This clearly hints at the fact that the indian culture will be analyzed more in the new Red Dead than it was in Red Dead Redemption – this strengthen the idea that RDR2 will be a prequel because Redemption was set in a time period were the Indian culture was repressed by the US military. An epic scene showing how the civilization is moving towards the perfection of the wild nature, but technically also a nice way for Rockstar to hint at the timing of this new adventure. Buffalo or American bison, in the United States were declared near-extinction around 1890. In Red Dead Redemption, after unlocking the last area of the map – the Great Plains – the player can find the last hoard of bison moving along the plain and if he kills them all, the “Manifest Destiny” achievement/trophy will popup saying that you “Killed the last buffalo in the Great Plains in Single Player.” Long story short, yes, after seeing that there are still herds of buffalo and a steam-train moving along the plain, we feel pretty confident in saying that this game is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption. From the great nature, to the first villages or city. The city is still under construction and it’s located at the foot of an high mountain. An entire building is under construction on the left, while a guy is moving with a wooden beam on his shoulder on the right. A stage coach moves along the screen unveiling Worth’s, General store. The store is named after what is probably the owner, J. Worth as we can see in the very first frames of this scene. The level of details in this shot is incredible, from the straws, to the merchandise all over the place. While there are a lot of lanterns placed on the beams of the shop, what we can see here is that on the right we can see a streetlight. This technically indicates that historically speaking the title is not set before 1880 because the electrical streetlights in the USA were firstly introduced in the city of Wabash, Indiana, on March 31st, 1880. So, could this title be a prequel of the events of Red Dead Redemption? Considering the fact that Marston’s adventure was set in 1911 and that he retired from the outlaw lifestyle in 1906, after being shot in a failed robbery and left to die by his comrades in arms Red Dead Redemption 2 is likely to be set after 1890, but before 1905. Obviously all of this is not confirmed by Rockstar Games, but only assumptions made by us, so take it with a grain of salt. Here we can see a well-armed cowboy with a bandana on his face, preparing himself to move the cattle. The level of details inside the barn is astonishing, the light effect marvelous and the animations smoother as ever. Surely not a well-maintained city the one shown here. In the foreground we can see the carcass of a wolf attacked by a group of vultures and a dog, with mange, barking at them – while one vulture moves towards the dog. Again, there’s a direct interaction between animals of different species. The great thing about this shot is the level of details on the dog and the mud, with the last one splashing and dropping from the dog’s fur. On the left we can see a burned down building – we can even say that the fire is not even suppressed yet thanks to the white smoke and the sparks ascending to the roof. Again here on the right of the scene we can see three streetlights, the first two with the light on it, the last one without but with the lamp placed over the door on the nearby building. A windmill in the middle of an oilfield with a various extraction towers on the left burning. The area resembles a little bit of the area of Plainview in Red Dead Redemption, but here instead there are a lot more towers and even a factory on the far right – which looks like is working the oil. This is maybe a different shot of the same place shown before, with the difference that the guy who was on his horse before, is now on his feet with his rifle in the hand and a bandana on his face, watching at the fire from right to left. Just like the teaser trailer of GTA 5 where we saw Michael shown from behind for the first time, now we are probably seeing the main character of Red Dead Redemption 2. We already saw him in previous scenes, but this is the one where we can see him closely. One aspect we have not analyze yet is the voice that we can hear during the trailer. Listen to me … When the time comes … You gotta run and don’t look back … This is over. If we make another comparison between the teaser trailer of GTA 5 and this trailer, the voice we heard in the first video was the voice of Michael, one of the main character of GTA 5. Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather. With that said, the voice we hear in this teaser trailer could be the voice of the main character – or the voice of someone speaking to the main character or somebody else. Again, there’s really not much that can be given as fact. And here we can see the magnificent seven moving with their guns in their hands ready to attack or rob something. Is this the same posse shown in the images by Rockstar Games? Well, some of them surely are similar to the outlines shown in the artwork, like the guy on the far left – others seems to not fit. For example in the shot the only one with a big coat is the guy in the middle of the posse, but his hat doesn’t look like the same shown in the artwork. The native-indian guy who was the one on the far right of the artwork without a hat, here instead wears a bowler hat and the guy wearing a yellow shirt, well… it doesn’t look like a dude. So, is this the same posse we’ve talked about in the past days? Yeah, almost surely it is. Did we understand who the hell these seven guys even are? No, not at all. So, in conclusion, has this teaser trailer answered to some of the many questions we had in the past few days? Honestly, no, it didn’t even get close to one of them. All we had is a great video showing a fantastic world with an astonishing level of details. Now we have to wait to have some answers, maybe we will receive some screenshots or the next time we will talk about RDR2 will be with the very first previews. In the meantime, what you can do, is going back to the world of Red Dead Redemption with the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, and soon on PlayStation Now, as announced by Sony today. And that makes to the end of this analysis video. Thank you all very much for watching from me, Gtamen and the GTA Series Videos Crew and we hope to see you next time.

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