Reciprocal Roof Frame Rafters | Underground Earthbag Building Ep 10 | Weekly Peek

Reciprocal Roof Frame Rafters | Underground Earthbag Building Ep 10 | Weekly Peek

Bree: Last episode, after some difficulties,
the family is able to finish the walls on the earth bag MusArt Studio. (Music) Bree: The guys have never done a reciprocal
roof before, so they start by laying out a circle. (Music) Gary: I’ve been thinking about some possible
roofs and this reciprocal roofing came up. We needed to build a reciprocal roof as kind
of an example. Bryson: A reference. Gary: A reference and see how it works and…
test the concept. (Music) Bree: The guys bi sect the circle, draw a
line and create 8 equal segments. Garen: You went slow all the way across. I could have drawn 6 circles. I will show you how it is done. What do you call that? Boom. Perfection. Bryson: I’m not seeing it. Look at that line. Garen: You did a little better. Gary: So, we were signaling outer space, weren’t
we? Bryson: Our symbol is in the ground. If you land here… Gary: If you land here… Bryson: You can take us with you. (Music) Gary: If we go to our tangent of our circle,
we lay it on there like that. We cut in a notch for this to set in. Garen: So that it sets evenly. Gary: Ya. Um Huh. I think this will work pretty good. It doesn’t matter where these set on the
wall as long as this is a forty five. Ok now we got some math going on now. Bryson: These will stay the same, in the same
spots but they just keep staggering over each one. And eventually, they all make a circle in
the center. Dad is using an excellent method of attachment. Garen: Attachment… Gary: Attaching the lumber together we used
wire. Bryson: Alright, there it is. It is not complete yet. They are still putting more on. Gary: We will get the board stretcher out
if it doesn’t work right. Gary: it was strong enough that one of us
got up there and stood on it. Bryson: Gosh dad. That is amazing. (Music) Gary: We went down and purchased all of our
wood. We got our great big 30 footers..30 foot 2×8’s…8
of them. Bryson: How long of trees did they have to
chop down to get that wood? Gary: At least 30 feet. (Music) Shelly: Everything look good? (Music) Shelly: So what is this? Garen: Dad, are you sure you got these right? Gary: Ok. This one goes like … this is like… Hang on, hang on. I will get it figured out. I thought I was just going to keep doing this
over and over and over… Bryson: We can create a monster. We have created a master piece. Gary: This is not going in the video. Bryson: This is going in the video. Gary: I am going to delete the video. Bryson: Who ever said the third time is a
charm? Garen is putting it together. We got it cut. So the angle goes in and eventually you get
a circle. Garen: We are the champions… Bryson: How many hands does it take to put
this thing in? The worlds heaviest hula hoop. Gary: I cut the pattern for the top of the
reciprocal roof which will go around and set on its counterpart in the big circle of life
there. Garen: We need to go up 2 inches here. Gary: Ya Ya. So the next one can fit on the same one. And then place that in there and see how close
it is. Bryson: All the cleats built
This allows us to put this on run our boards straight up
so if we have a board here and it’s too low
we can raise it up and nail it in Gary: After we got the cleats all put together
It was time to throw this thing in the air (Music) Bryson: Just got to build it down here first
to make sure it fits together correctly and then they’re going to build it up there
on top of the roof (Music) Placed a few of them together to see how it
was all going to stack up Discovered that the 3 1/2 inches of a 2×4 wall creates a different pitch than the pitch of a 7 1/2 board, a 2×8
Based on that octagon that we put in the middle Doing the bi-sections now to figure out where
our rafters are going to set on our walls (Music) I think we got it figured out now
All we’ve been doing today is building sketchy scaffolding
Gary: It’ll work Our friend came out and the 4 of us guys put those things up together
and the cleats up in the air Garen: Okay, do you see all the cleats? Sam: Which end goes up? Garen: The notch goes towards the center (Music) Gary: Garen and I had a great time putting the scaffolding together
We are up in the air 9 feet or so, 10 feet from
the basement level Then we decided, well, we got up that far
up so why don’t we go ahead and and put some scaffolding – we got some 6’
scaffolding on top of that The scaffolding looked like this crazy mechanism
that was held up by one post No, it had 4 posts
It looked like one. It was scarier than heck but it was fun
No, it was scary (Music) Gary: Bryson, I need a 2×4 (Music) Bryson: My Flailing system. (Music) I bet you wish you were up here. (Music) Garen: Back a little more
Gary: Yes, that is it – intersection – yes! (Music) Sam: There
Garen: Awwww! A quarter inch off
On top of that, they decided to put a ladder on top of all that
Well, we couldn’t quite get high enough. The scaffolding only reached so far so we
had to get on top of that So it’s about 25, 30 feet
That’s not very high You’re at the best view to see if this is
level. Sam: What, at the top of it? Can you stand up to see if the top of that
is level? Do you feel comfortable? There we go
Garen: See where we are at people Push, push, push He’s on that edge and if he just takes one step back there’s nothing to catch him, so I’m Bree: It’s so scary Shelly: It is scary They’re very brave They’re doing a great job. It’s just so stressful. Just watching them. I can’t stay out here. That scaffolding is actually very strong Bree: it’s just scary Shelly: yeah Bryson: The last one This is intense man (Music) Shelly: So Bree, are we celebrating Christmas
a little early? It was the only thing I had clean so Shelly: Laundry day? Tomorrow is Yeah, it’s staying up (Music) Hey, we got this thing up in the air Thanks to Sam and Garen and Bryson We got all our rafters up in air Everything is looking good Ready to go This is the biggest roof we have ever done
in this capacity I’ve done roofs but nothing reciprocal. This is all new to me Even this morning we went out Bryson: They did this in like 2 hours The final results of what we have done today is good very happy Bree: The guys will continue on the roof next
time We’ll see you next week oooooohhhhhhhh Just Kidding. (Music) All: Thank you (Music) Shelly: Makeshift drone have you made for
us? Da da daaaaa. What we have done is wired up the go-pro which is a little wiggly Shelly: Put some wings on it and let’s go Bryson: Alright, I’ll try it If this fight is possible (Wind noise from Quad) Shelly: I think I may be able to get a good
view from up there Man, I think I am too old for this DJI if you need someone to test out the new
drones Not a problem. We do shots. This is the time when we ask everyone to donate to the new Mavic DJI drone It would be cool to see this from the air So, donate towards Patreon Shae: Our family moved from the city to the
country Thanks for taking part in our adventure We have new videos every Friday evening If you’d like to help us out You can like this video, share it, subscribe or support us on Patreon See the links in the description I’ve been wanting to do for years. We already got the hole in the ground Waterproof it, fill it with water, put a glass
top on it. It’d be sick Shelly: Um hmm Bryson: It’s the dog Garen: Mellow dog Grrrr. Got you

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