Hello guys! it’s me Nikki. Hello Time for a new challenge. So a couple of days ago I drove into my Instagram DMS instead of the occasional DP I actually had a request for a video and someone sent me a little video on Instagram where a girl Had this like morphe 39 palette going on and on paper. She wrote 1 to 35 She dumped all the numbers into a bag swished the bag around and everytime she had to go in with an eyeshadow She picked out a little number and she counted from 1 to 35. And let’s say it was 17 1 to 17 that is the eyeshadow I’ll be using right now So I thought That is such a fun challenge like there literally is no luck to this because it’s a random number. So today I am doing the Random number makeup challenge? Oh and baby. If you thought it was only gonna be for my eyeshadow you’re in for some fun Alright so how we’re gonna do this is instead of naming every single product that I have laying in front of me to be Picked at random I will have a list appear somewhere in the screen where you can see what the options Are and then I will just shout the number that appears on my phone screen here. Okay, pick a number minimal of one Max of 5. All right. So let’s start off with primer These are the products that are up for a random pick and let’s go 3 that oh my god. No My main goal for today’s challenge is to kind of try and give myself Combinations of products and colors that I never really would think of myself And I do want to challenge myself a bit by adding a couple of products in here that are gonna like, you know Put me up for a little bit of a task because I don’t necessarily love these products So like in the selection are like my Holy Grails some that I really highly enjoy but also products that I just Don’t feel as much This primer is one of them So the Smashbox photo finish primer Iser is a primer /a moisturizer and This doesn’t really do Much. It’s just a layer of wetness on the skin that acts like it’s a product, but it’s not really a product But hey, Google’s random number generator picked it. So Let’s do it See? that’s what I mean it’s like ugh Highly enjoyed that! Time for foundation and the five pics that are available for Picking are up on the screen right now. Okay one through five Let’s generate and we’ve got three Oh, I like that. Oh, okay. That’s good the makeup revolution Conceal and define Now this is such an amazing Affordable foundation I love the finish. I love the coverage. It’s very lightweight but still has coverage for days. You haven’t tried this out I think you will highly enjoy it Alright so the foundation is looking a little bit more matte than it usually does and all I can think Of is Smashbox That primer Iser did nothing. All right So let’s hope I am allowed to go in with a bit more of a moisturizing full coverage concealer. Let’s see Okay generating, and the number coming up is number One Number one. Hooda. I like this but sometimes it can be A lot Oh, oh that’s our oh that’s a really pretty combo if you like the hooda has just enough moisture To not make it like a dry desert Like it’s just enough to make this look seamless and flawless and gives you like this beautiful matte Full coverage dream. See? this is why I like doing this challenge because I Never would have put the makeup revolution with the hooda at together. And now that I did with this challenge It’s like oh this this this is a good one. Do you see? I am now going to set my face do my brows off-camera and then I’ll be back for the fun part, which is The palette as a reminder the entire challenge is Looking at a palette writing down all your numbers and then grabbing numbers from a little bag and that will determine which Eyeshadows you can use for your looks So I’m gonna use it with my Google generator and the palette we’re using today Is this new baby by morphe. This is the 39 s so this palette right here 39 shades and it’s all like the the Pinky’s the purples the warm Browns the reds This is a very exciting palette to me Usually I have like one color in the crease, one color to blend that out, one deeper shade to give depth A lit color, in a corner, lower lashline Something fun, so like six to seven shades. Let’s do it. Okay one through 39 And the pile of eyeshadows that I am allowed to use. The first number is number ten One two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine Ten. Okay. The next shade that I’m allowed to use is number five. One, two, three, four, f… Guess we’ve gotta in a corner color. Next number is number sixteen. That is This Number 20 25. Okay. Now we have to count to 25. Okay. So we’ve got four shades darling. Generate 22 22, that one. Okay. Let’s do two more. Number nine, number nine Okay, let’s go, number 11 Oh 11 so when I look at the colors, it’s not the the colors that really Spoke to me the most when I first opened this palette I am Super excited about this shade right here because from the first looks of it It’s like one of my favorite shades of the entire palette. Other than that, let’s start. Ah Okay. So before we do anything, first, we have to, stay with me Optimus Prime The first color I want to go in with is This one and I mean, I guess let’s just you know I don’t know pop it in the crease I actually should be focusing on what I want to do with this now because there’s a lot more shades coming but we’re just gonna Put this on. No, I do want you to know. This is my first time actually trying this palette, but it’s at any point Um somehow my makeup skills are convincing you to go by this palette I do want you to know that I am an affiliate to morphe So if you want to save some money you can use this con code Nicky at check out for 10% off Okay, so we’ve got that color securely stamped on and now Using whatever is left in that brush You want to start diffusing the edges and I do so by kind of like see this like circle motion of making Do that. All right next up I’m going to go in with that soft sort of lilac pink shade and I’m using this as my transition shade To blow out that purple a bit more Well, I guess we’re gonna have to live with the fact that I am a flop Next step let’s deepen the outer corner using that, that shade that shade right there Just stamping this on to the outer Portion and I like that and I Oh Oh hold on we’re back in the game, back in the game honey. This eyeshadow is Really bringing it. It has amazing pigment. It is so rich it glides on like butter It blends out beautifully for such a dark chocolatey color I expected it to be a bit patchy and you know rough to work with is not on the lid I want to apply this shade right here, it is. It looks beautiful. It’s called marvelous That shade is so good! okay, you know what this is. I’m really digging this now for the inner corner I want to go in with this really pretty shade here. Look at that It’s got like a nice reflection going on that is called here for it. I’m here for it too! OH Oh Oh my god! so the shimmer you’re seeing on camera right now is like a A beautiful like light highlighter shade, but in real life, it’s like a A vibrant lilac blue. This is Absolutely stunning. Oh my god. I wish the camera picked it up what I’m witnessing in real life right now, but oh my god That’s good. So far. I am loving this and we’re doing really good on the shades, too And This just further confirms why I think challenges like this are good to do because sometimes we get in like this comfortable rut of Using the colors that we know that we think we know work really well together and then when you do a challenge like this It gives you colors where at first you’re like. Oh, this is gonna be terrible But then as soon as you start playing with it on your eyes and start blending it like creates a story and a look and I I really love this challenge Solely for that So I still have the highlight shade going on and I have amethyst Ah, the amethyst ah is like that bright shimmering purple So I might want to put that like on the center of my lower lashes But first gonna go in with that deep shade here that’s tempting on the outer corner of my lower lashline Okay taking amethyst ah Lower lashes Blending that in ooh That is that is like the most disappointing shade out of the mix I just tried okay Yeah, this shade is no, no, see? it like it doesn’t give that ooh Compared to all the other shades are used. This is like, where’s the pigment? I am gonna go off camera pop some lashes on do the other eye and then let’s see. What is next And is so far very fun challenge Alrighty, so this is what it looks like with lashes And I think this is such a sexy fun smoky eye it is a smoky eye but plate up with a bit of color and I am Here for it when it comes to cheeks. I don’t necessarily think we have to do like the random stuff because you know Cheeks are cheeks. But later on we will find out what my lips end up looking like after fate decides what it’s gonna be Alright, so I am looking a little bit pale. I’m looking a little bit like a ghost So it’s time for me to bronze, honey Okay time to go in with a hit of blush and I’m using this bright peach color to sort of tie My face with what I’m wearing today, which might I say is quite like wow Does anyone actually still do that? you know kind of like match What you’re wearing on your face with like what you’re wearing on your body? Cuz I I am kind of guilty of that. I can’t do that Now if you already went ahead and comment it down below why the hell I haven’t used the lightest shade of you know The random selection from the pallette yet It’s because I wanted to save this shade right here, you know, one of the shades that we picked called perfection I wanted to save that to highlight my cheeks because it looks like it’s gonna be bomb All right Well, my thought said it might be that girl in survey says it is that girl. Look at that. Ooh See? and now I use all the shadows that the random number generator Generated for me to you. Oh my god, that is stunning Alright, for lips, like I said, I definitely want to let the makeup fate decide my Destiny so five options appear on the screen right now. Let’s find out which one I’m gonna wear All right, let’s generate and the winner is a number Four. Oh Red? this look is turning very Campy, like I have like all the jewels going on like all the gold and then I have this print and then the purple and Now with the red lips, it’s it’s turning into a little bit of Met Gala camp But I’m here for it on this fine Monday morning So fenty Beauty recently came out with new lipsticks And these are called the Popsicle and I have this red one here called hot blooded and I think this can be very very fun Um to pop on the lips, but first I’m gonna line Okay, let’s go Oh that is red red. Oh my god Fenty, this is what it looks like after I let random generated numbers decide what I can wear and what not and I am Pleasantly surprised when we look at it like this I love this this with this type of like nude peachy like caramel like new type of lip with it Oh my god a vision. This is not gonna let little 80s a little much. So that is it What do you guys think? How do you think I did? and without any further ado Let’s go on to today’s a Dutch word of the day In my previous video the Dutch word of the day was for the past Relator and here is the winning comment. As for today’s Dutch word of the day. Let’s go for random Willekeurig Wil Le Keurig, this makeup look is completely “Willekeurig” as always if you want to get featured in my next video All you have to do is leave a comment down below Featuring the Dutch word of the day or leave a video response on Instagram under the hashtag Dutch word of the day. Good luck Definitely give this a try for yourself. If you’re stuck in a run and you want to try some new combinations and that’s it Thank you so much for watching, and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one. Bye. Bye

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