PVC Corrugate Roofing | Mitre 10 – The Lock In Tips

[MUSIC PLAYING] The polycarbonate
roofing is probably one of the most commonly used
roofing products for verandas and playhouses in New Zealand. So if you are looking
at attaching this, there’s a couple of key
things you should know. Right, if you are going to
use this in a roof situation, you should take
your roofing screw and you want to be drilling
through the high point of the roof or
the corrugate here otherwise– if you’re
going to be screwing through the bottom part–
all you’re going to do is find you’re going
to get a lot of leaks. Now, if you’re going to use–
weather it be polycarbonate or just standard
corrugated roofing on the side of a building, like
an exterior cladding situation then you’ll be putting in
through the shallow part. Once again, if you don’t put
it in through that shallow part on a vertical cladding, you’re
going to get leaks as well. Usually before attaching
the polycarbonate roofing, you would have needed
to drill a 10 mil hole to allow for the
expansion and contraction of the roofing– that is, unless you’re using
these Clearfix roofing screws. The great thing about
these is it’s actually got a cutting attachment
right at the base of the screw so as the screen
goes in, it already precuts that 10
mil hole for you. [CLANG]

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