Putin And Russian Patriarch Take Part In Blessing Of Foundation Of Russian Army’s Main Cathedral

Putin And Russian Patriarch Take Part In Blessing Of Foundation Of Russian Army’s Main Cathedral

Your Excellency, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Your Excellency, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoigu! Warlords, His Eminence, Reverend Bishops, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters! We have committed an act that will be inscribed in the history of the Armed Forces of Russia and which will be inscribed in the history of our Fatherland. The church was built in honor of our victory – both in the Great Patriotic War and, probably, in all those wars that fell to the lot of our people. These victories saved the Fatherland, saved the people, ensured the most physical existence of our nation, the historical existence of Russia. We live at a time when, unfortunately, neither war nor, as the Holy Scripture says, military rumors have left our lives. And till now the Armed Forces are the main factor of preserving freedom, independence and sovereignty of our country. We know that Russia never leads and does not wage wars of conquest. Russia supports its Armed Forces, understanding that at a difficult time it is the Armed Forces that will defend its sovereignty and the historical destiny of its people. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the role and significance of the Russian military. We know that in order for troops to win, many conditions must be met. This concerns the level of training, the level of armament, but perhaps the most important condition that must always be observed is the state of mind of those who, through the oath of loyalty to the country, give a promise, including their life, to put up for their Motherland. No public service requires a victim from a person even to death. Only military service requires readiness to die, that is, to give the most precious that a person has. How can a man give his life for someone and even for his country, if he is weak in spirit, if he has a confusion in his mind? If the value system is destroyed, he will never be able to do this, he will not step over through his natural fear. And for a soldier to be able to remain faithful to the oath, he must have a very strong spirit. And spirit is not a material concept, in spirit there is not a grain of matter. Spirit is a state of the soul of a person, his mind, his will, his feelings. The source of the spirit is God, and therefore the strengthening of man’s spiritual power is carried out primarily through prayer. When we unite with God, the chain between us and the Lord closes, and through this chain there is a divine energy that strengthens the spirit of man. That’s why we are building temples in the set today on the face of the Russian land. And how wonderful that at the initiative of the Russian Armed Forces in this special place the church will be erected – and in honor of our former victories, and as a place where the military can pray with a special feeling to God for themselves, for their loved ones and, of course, for their Motherland their own. I express my heartfelt gratitude to you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, as supreme commander-in-chief for supporting this initiative coming from our Armed Forces, and I am glad that today, on this wonderful, beautiful day, we all together could make a stone laying in the foundation of the future All-Russian Church of the Russian Power. May the Lord keep our land, our country and our army. All the best to you! Your Holiness! Everyone gathered for this solemn ceremony! We are attending a very important, truly historic event in Russia’s spiritual life: today the first stone will be laid for the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral. Devoted to Victory of our people in the Great Patriotic War, it will become the main cathedral of the Armed Forces, yet another symbol of our unflinching national traditions and our loyalty to the memory of our ancestors and their accomplishments for the benefit of the Fatherland. We have a long standing tradition of building cathedrals in honour of the accomplishments of the Armed Forces of Russia and Russia’s warriors. They are designed to glorify martial prowess, relieve the grief over the dead, cherish examples of dedication, heroism and love for the Motherland and convey these from one generation to another. The land on which the cathedral will be built remembers these examples. The last lines of defence of the capital, Moscow, ran not far from here during the Great Patriotic War. The enemies were stopped and forced to retreat at the expense of enormous losses in these forests in the winter of 1941. It is our sacred duty to remember and cherish the memory of those who gave their lives for the Fatherland, to cultivate grateful memory in our descendants. I believe that people will come to the cathedral when it is built. They will come to pay homage to the defenders of the Fatherland. I would like to thank the leadership of the Armed Forces for this initiative. Thank you for your attention.

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken part in a ceremony of blessing the foundation stone of the future main cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces that will be built on the territory of Patriot Park, located some 50 km to the southwest of Moscow.

    The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill I conducted the service of consecration of the stone and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu attended it, too.

    Putin told the public that had gathered for the ceremony the consecration of the corner stone of the future Cathedral in the Name of Christ’s Resurrection was an important historic event, as the cathedral would be dedicated to victory in World War II.

    More than 5,000 new churches built in Russia under Patriarch Kirill
    "We’ll lay the foundation stone of the Resurrection Cathedral today," Putin said. "It will be dedicated to our people’s victory in the Great Patriotic War [the combat operations on the Soviet/Eastern front of WW II from June 22, 1941, through May 1945 – TASS]. It will be the main church of our Armed Forces, one more symbol of our invincible national tradition, our fidelity to the memory of our ancestors and their deeds for the benefit of homeland."

    He reiterated that every Russian had a sacred duty of remembering and cherishing the memories of the people, who had given their lives for their homeland, and fostering respect for them in the new generations of people.

    Patriarch Kirill I called the Armed Forces the main factor for the maintenance of this country’s freedom, independence and sovereignty.

    "It is common knowledge that Russia has never conducted wars for land grabbing," he said. "Russia maintains its Armed Forces, as it understands it will be they that will defend its sovereignty and historic destiny of the people at times of trouble and danger."

    "That’s why the significance of the Russian military is hard to overestimate," Kirill I said.

    Vladimir Putin was shown a dummy of the church building and the adjacent territory after the ceremony and had a tour of a display familiarizing the public with the murals of the cathedral’s side-chapels, which are mandatory structural elements in an Orthodox church, under-the-dome spaces and frontals, as well as icons that Moscow Patriarchate will commission for the cathedral.

    The escorting officials told the President an especially interesting detail about the future cathedral, namely, that it would consist entirely of metal. For instance, its fa·ade and the interior decorations would be made of bronze.

    Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made public the start of construction of the main cathedral of the Armed Forces earlier this year. Prior to it, the idea got the consent and blessing of Patriarch Kirill I.

    In addition to being a place of worship and a spiritual site, the Resurrection Cathedral will also take on the role of an education center for soldiers, Orthodox clergymen and civilian Russians. Its territory will also house an exhibition highlighting the rise of the Russian state and its Army and Navy.

    The building will be 95 meters tall, inclusive of the Cross, and its floor areas of 10,950 meters will have enough space for up to 6,000 worshippers at a time.
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  2. Orthodox Christianity in Russia is religion of Jesus rest is fake Christianity.

  3. By all means remember your past. Had the Nazi's defeated Russian forces your country would have been exterminated. As it was 32 million Russians died. No country gave more.

    Russians did what they had to do. I don't begrudge them their rage in the counterattack. One is a fool to ever doubt the Russian heart.

  4. He talks like a muslim.if you want to achieve your objective you need prayer to get light and connection with the Lord.that is why muslims prayer 5 times a day.priest spoke wisely.

  5. What we can learn from this is a value, a respect and a love. We have to appreciate and cherishing these people who has sacrifice their live for their homeland. This is the truest type of love, Love is willingness to sacrifice. May God always bless Russia and their people.

  6. Where are the women?

  7. God bless Russia……………. amazing video…Желаю вам приятного вечера

  8. Bless the ROC and Bless Russia. Christianity is Russia's culture and Soul. Don't apologize to anyone for it!!

  9. He is totally right!

  10. Just dont let Israel turn your religion into CUFI

  11. Long live tsar Vladimir Putin

  12. God bless Russia! My mother land

  13. My joy is giving chills head to toe. God did this to Russia. My faith is in awe. God Bless the Russians and Americans who changed sides and work for YHVH and YSHUA now.



  16. Nothing can overcome God loving country!

  17. Amen!! May The Lord Almighty bless you Vladimir and your wonderful nation as a beacon of Freedom for future generations

  18. Lebanon stands with Russia!
    God Bless President Poutin

  19. americunt's equivalent is the blessing of mc donalds happy shit.

  20. We muslims know the importance of Russia, we also know that it is a rebirth of Byzantine empire and it's standing against the oppressor.

  21. I am Sunni Muslim but Very Proud On Russian…May God Bless Russia…Ameen

  22. It's a clear religious message.

  23. Russia! Come to Cristian western way!! You’re not like China, open your eyes!! Regards from brazil with respect!!

  24. Amazing & awesome the consequence of consecration to the IMMACULATE OF MARY for Russia. To worship God in Spirit & in Truth.

  25. This is an excellent idea for the troops. For the present and from the past who haved served there country., I'm sure the new church will be stunning, To President Putin and the Patriarch of all Russia god speed to you both in this magnificient undertaking.🇷🇺👍

  26. Ну Да!Теперь будет где ЧВКашникам грехи замалить и деньги отбелить.Очередная отмывка бабла.

  27. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻🇷🇺

  28. Thank you for providing the subtitles in English, otherwise I may never know anything true about the Russian people or their beliefs.

    The Muslims largely hated the Soviet Union in the past only because of their atheism, even though most learned Muslims actually loved their attractive socio-economic systems. Muslims are now happy to witness post-Soviet Russia returning in a big way to the path of God and true spirituality.

    The West have only long claimed that "in God we trust" but then at every opportunity available to them insulted God by aligning themselves with capitalist- and Zionist-sponsored Satanism.

    It is truely good to see a highly rational and scholarly Putin, the defense minister and the Russian Armed Forces all, respecting good Russian Christians by honoring their clergy and not insulting it like the misguided Pussy Riot pack did and is still doing ! !

  29. I think the Christians are the disasters of religion is like Hive system!

  30. Russia is leading the world of orthodox Christianity . Putin should careful about Israel . zionists want to destroy Russia as they want to destroy middle East.

  31. 我们生活在21世纪。

  32. In Russia there are several state religions. In addition to Orthodoxy, there is Islam and Buddhism.

  33. One of the chief reasons why the WESTERN NEOLIBERAL, GLOBALIST, GODLESS ELITES hate Russia is because it is TOO CHRISTIAN (72% of the population) AND TOO WHITE (97%).

  34. Where are my Putin cultists at?

  35. Braćo Rusi,Bog s vama.Blagoslov Božiji na vama.Srbi i Rusi odin narod!!!!Rasija Ja ljublju tebja.Ti duša maja!!!

  36. This has NOTHING to do with Christianity and everything to do with Russian Militarism and the present murderous thuggery against the Ukrainian people among others. Kirill is a disgrace to Orthodoxy, but fortunately he has now left the Canonical Church by his own free choice.

  37. Who is christian comment in my comment and give it a like

  38. Watching the comment funny how people are the same all over sects each makes
    a version of the same prophet that suit their taste. But people need some spirituality though and it is not a bad idea especially if it strengthens virtuous attitude in the army..

  39. this guy with the cloak will play the role of preaching politics to change trajectories of the religious minds and aim them to do what Putin wants in the name of the holy Spirit obey the emperor Putin, a few days before he built a mosque in Russia erdogan and mahmod Abbas both were present with Putin all Muslims clapped for him a few days before and now it's the time for Christians to do the same, next day a synagogue to the Jews to clap for him, to put them all in his pocket

  40. For James: I am optimist nevertheless….Good always prevail in history….Common sense also….Most of us have read "1984" and "A beautiful world" …

  41. Russian build cathedral for army mean while in US they allowed transgender and gay in the army.

  42. Love to Orthodox brothers from Greece.

  43. Russia kick out islam from your country to have interior peace and make good diplomacy with Christian countries to gain exterior peace

  44. Nice mix of patriotism & religion. The patriots are religious & the religious are patriots, which, is as it should be in & among our first world nation-states. Much of the West has seemed to have abandoned both sensibilities & nations are in mortal danger of losing both their religion & their countries.

  45. BIG SHAME to most Muslim countries' leaders for not being United, Strong, and faithful/real Muslim. Little advice please learn your past amazing and proud history " real Islamic renaissance " or at least learn from this Christian Russian " moral and religious values " Unfortunately now muslim leaders love their bank accounts and their properties overseas and drunken luxury lifestyle, rather than being proud Muslims and building advanced and safe civilization

  46. In true God, Russians Trust…No In God we trust while erecting satanic Temple in your country. I see why all ayez in Russia. Be strong Dear Mr President, the hand of almighty God always with you

  47. At around 6:20 Does Putin say Fatherland as it states in the subtitles?

  48. Do not relax people. In the whole world, the church is primarily a corporation



  50. PLEASE, Vlodya – stand up to the Zio-Bandits in the State Department – for ALL our sakes !

    Before it's too late………………………………….

    God Bless you and Mother Russia.

  51. I commend Pres Putin for his belief in God at a time when China is burning the churches and destroying the crosses. I encourage all our Russian brothers and sisters to pray and seek God as never before. Russia and Hungary are only Two nations left to shine as lights and willing to take a stand. God bless you patriarch Kirill.

  52. Stand firm in God's path… He will never abandon u, God bless Russian ppl ! CONGRATULATIONS !

  53. Christianity ain't number one, no book of a religion is OK that we humanoids have access to because the Ghosts on Earth rule. It's OK to sit down and read once in awhile if your daily chores are done. Everybody on Earth eats, now tell everybody to save the seeds of what they eat, pull up and burn the grass weeds in their yard plant gardens and be happy each day to live for tomorrow to harvest the foods grown by your own hands. Life is fragile. Nobody is alive to be useless to the offsprings. Ghosts roam around earth, and can kill people. So can cloaked aliens. Currently Ghosts and cloaked aliens are killing humanoids because humans won't plant earth up nicely. Ghosts and cloaked aliens don't like bad people and don't like wars of humans with weapons. This is 2018, many aliens coming to slaughter mankind because earth has no orchards everywhere of fruits nuts berry trees. Christianity Bibles told them to plant the tree of life but they became to retarded to obey it. Ha bye

  54. GOD bless Russian people, many heroes against terrorists.


  56. This is a religion Christianity – bears NO semblance to the Bible. Imagine Jesus Christ walking around like this! By the way Russian/Greek/Roman Christianity has Jesus white, blue eyes and Euro so if the Real Jesus walked in today He would be barred from entering any of these devilish institutions. These types of religion keeps people enslaved to strange customs and traditions not found in the Bible. Then there is the other extreme of US marketing version of Christianity where God is packaged as being on Special- buy God get Salvation absolutely free! Humans….make you wonder why we even were made!

  57. Unfortunately there is NO Christianity in Russia, only a type of Orthodox theocracy, yet behind the scenes, Russia is pro Judaism than any type of Christianity.
    True Christianity is the Gospel, (Matthew 28:19) and Vladimir Putin has banned evangelising, he has banned the only commandment of God, Go ye therefore into all the world
    He criminalised sharing the Gospel under Russia's anti-terrorism laws
    Putin is very pro Israel
    A nationalist streak runs through Putin’s love for Jews and Israel
    Putin is Jewish
    Putin in his yamaka's%2Bmother%2BSHOLOVA%2Bis%2BJewish.jpg

  58. God bless Russia from iraq Christians brothers. In jesus lord name. Amen

  59. May God bless the whole world

  60. God bless Russia from South Carolina

  61. The Greeks are with The Russian Orthodox church, as most of us hate the Greek traitor – Bartholomew Patriarchate of Constantinople.
    Long LIVE Putins Orthodox Russia.

  62. Communist disguises as Christian we don’t believe u Putin

  63. Bless you good sir.

  64. Logic at it's best. Man dressed in a dress telling men how to be real men,all in a magalomaniac building where he and his dress wearing friends can "translate" to all other peasants what old imaginary friend wanted to say in a book,because we all know, if it's old and written down it has to be true. P.s: orthodox comes from greek and it means "true faith" – for all the muslims(other logic loving people) cheering for
    Put in novchiok on everything he disagrees with. P.p.s : I taught that the big man was omnipresent and powerfull,what he needs a house for? Ooh he must be a russian mafia style god who needs a club to conduct his businesses,and like a respected mafia boss that he is, he doesn't pay for his shit,you have to pay for it.

  65. I'm so glad russia has morals I dont understand why you except china as friend after all the evil they do to other countries Gods hand will destroy china

  66. The properties of the Russian Orthodox Church should again be confiscated and given to the Russian people because they were stolen from it. In 1921 the Patriachs refused to hand over their riches when a colossal famine raged through Russia and Lenin had to force them to make their treasures available to feed the hungry. That's typical of the Russian Orthodox Church, the age-old enemy of the ordinary Russian workers and peasants. It has never played a progressive part in Russian history, it has always sided with the rich and powerful, with the aristocracy and their zars, plus the big capitalists.The mediaevel ages have returned to Russia and the Christian Zionist Vladimir Putin welcomes it! Despicable.

  67. Romans 12:18 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

  68. Ohhhh finally i see some chrostians who are faithful to their from a muslim

  69. Never started a conquest? lol

  70. Why are you claiming victory when it was godless Soviet Union that defeated Nazi Germany?

  71. Catholicism is NOT Christianity. Catholicism is wicked. Read King James Bible.

  72. It seems everyone in this comment section is worshipping Putin/Russia rather than God.😐🤷🏻‍♂️

  73. Putin will nuke the 3 unholy sites of Islam with Tsar Bomba, and become the Lord Protector of Christendom !!!
    All Hail Our New Holy Roman Emperor !!! His Imperial Majesty Vladimir the Great !!!
    Long Live the Emperor !!! May He Reign Forever !!!
    DEUS VULT !!!

  74. Any country that is against God will be brought down!!! Any country that remove Gods doctrine from within will be made desolate! God is love and the evil nations will not prevail!

  75. God bless Russia! The Holy patriarch and President Putin. As the Bible says " if God is with you who can stand against you? " Russia honors God as a nation and with their military. Against this no enemy can prevail. "God says in the Bible he will bless those that worship and honor Him" God also says when a nation forgets God he will allow them to suffer and their land to be corrupted by foriegners! God bless holy Russia!

  76. Yep kgb indoctrinated dictator is religious. Eat it up

  77. did hitler find what he was looking for in stalingrad?

  78. Ugh, so many fanatics down here…

  79. Long life mother land RUSSIA and poutine ✊✊✊✊🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  80. a corrupt democrat party sought to undermine Russian and American friendship out of fear of Christian fellowship. May they burn in hell

  81. the ameriKKKan people die for money, attacking helpless nations…..the russians die protecting helpless allies. BIG DIFFERENCE.
    not only is that bad for ameriCUNT people……. but they attack helpless countries in order to receive their funny money pay cheques,backed by nothing but thin air……
    in other words, they die for absolutely nothing but worthless dollars that only have value inside their country……….. outside their country the world is ditching their money and will soon no longer accept it.
    therefore they need a global war in order to force countries to accept their funny money.

  82. Я бы написал, что действительно думаю по этому поводу, но все мы знаем, о современных реалиях, где права есть только у верующих…. Не хочется на 6 лет в тюрьму за правду.

  83. Our holliest Russia

  84. World peace are gone the day the jews killed JESUS!!

  85. We love the Russian people, but how can Russia claim Christianity, or even having any Biblical common sense, when its about to make a serious mistake with Israel? Ezekiel 38-39 proves that Russia, Turkey, and Iran, as well as Libya, Sudan, and others, will unite in a future attack/invasion into Israel, from which God Himself will come to defend Israel against Russia and her allies. Have any of you even heard of this prophecy? It is to occur "in the latter days," and is centered around "Gog" the leader of the nation of Magog, which many have interpreted as Russia.

  86. wow, wow, wow russia..

  87. Godbless the Russian Orthodox Church ❤️

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