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Does anybody else have anything? Because I’d like to call
this meeting to adjourn. Martin: Me too. Glen: Okay, well I’m very please
with the results that we have, I think this is
a very functional and practical schedule and I
think we can hit this… Drew: It’s going
to be good guys, I’m really happy with
how this is going. Derek: I agree
Glen: Ok, great! (upbeat techno) ♪ Glen: I just competed
with a dragon costume, with a four legged quad
suit with hand stilts and brakes to make
the wings move. ♪ Derek: I consider
myself more an artist than an entertainer. ♪ Drew: We know we’re going to
do well for technical points, you know we put every, every, ounce of effort in to
doing the best job we can. Kristal: I love that
you can create things literally out of air. Martin: I do balloons
and I smile. ♪ ♪ Kristal: I love competing, this
is going to be the first year that we are actually
competing in ‘Large’, so, big step up from
the medium build, it’s a longer build and
it’s a bigger space. Glen: I made a planning book. My background is in
project management. This schedule is made up so
the red bits represented the critical areas that
needed to be done first. Glen: Then we start getting into
some of the design elements… I prototyped these previously
in order to make sure that we could replicate them. Glen: Here is a picture of
what we are planning to make for our big build. (dramatic orchestration) ♪ Derek: This is my uh,
“studio” aka my basement. Pretty much all the balloon
magic’s uh, up here. Here is uh, my storage.
These are all my balloons. Derek: I don’t really know
how many balloons I have, probably around ten thousands
to twenty thousand… Derek: I don’t like
doing things fast, so one of the bread and
butters for balloon twister is to do like,
birthdays and parties and you need to pump out
balloons stuff really fast. Derek: I hate it. Derek: Because I like to
spend time to put on all the details… I might spend like,
12 hour just making one thing. Derek: And, yes, my wife
will maybe call me like “Why you do that? You crazy man,
you only charging like two hundred bucks but
you’re making like, you spend like twelve hours”. But I say it’s, well, I like to
make it, I want to make it. Derek: Because that’s
something I want to do. (dramatic orchestration) ♪ Derek: Put it in
laymen’s terms, he is the god of
balloon twisters. Derek: When we are
in ‘World Balloons’ they actually had a few
different competitions, the balloon figure is:
everyone has twelve minutes, the guy who took first
place is from Japan and his name is Takehiro Kai. Derek: He has been
my balloon hero since I started doing balloons. I had seen this Japanese
guy twist, he is smooth, he’s not fast,
he’s really smooth but he can still make something really complicated in a
short amount of time. Glen: Takehiro Kai is uh, one of the best balloon
artists on the planet. He consistently wins
in the competitions that he gets involved with. Derek: Interesting that he had
been taking the first place on balloon figures for
the last 4 times. Derek: I got about
an hours sleep, It’s uh, getting exciting. Yay! (laughs) Each one of us has spent like a
lot of time on this competition. It’s just that uh it’s
also hard. Right? But we are there to win. (plane flying) (techno music) ♪ Announcer: We have the honor
of introducing delegates this year from 52 countries. ♪ Canada! Announcer: Woohoo! ♪ ♪ Ted: We love the people that
are attracted to this business, because they are passionate
about what they are doing. It is the best from around. Betty: They are taking such
a small thing like a little balloon and they are
just making it magical. Ted: When we got into the
business balloons were for kids, we changed that. We said balloons are for
the kid in each of us. ♪ Krystal: So we started the large
competition at 9 this morning, we are about an hour and a
half in I think at this point. Drew: A lot of people will
work straight through, and just keep pushing hard. Derek: So the technique I am
using is called distortion. Which is by putting a bunch
of balloons inside balloons, if the internal balloon pops I
can replace it with another one, but if the external
one pops then I have to start all over again. It should take about an
hour or two to get it done. (balloon pops) Derek: Here we go! (laughs) I used to be in IT support, so they out sourced my
position and I become jobless. So that is a good time to say
well I might be just trying to do balloons as my full time. I am definitely
happier than going back to a nine to five type job. Drew: There is a moment for me
and I think a lot of people I have bumped into
in the industry, it’s like no this is it. I don’t care what reality is
this is what I want to do. Krystal: Balloons have
taken me around the world. I’ve honestly met some of my
best friends through balloons. Glenn: Being part of the
twisting community it’s given me a tribe to be a part of. It’s like discovering that
there’s people like you out there and you’re not just some
strange guy in a dark room you know, making balloon dogs and saying hey what do
you think is this okay? Because our team was all over
Canada it was specifically important for us to make a scale
model so that way we could position different elements and
actually measure and this is right to scale how we envision
how this piece was going to go. You wanna have a money shot, this is kind of the money
shot we wanted to do. Drew: Go. Good. Derek: I think we are good. (upbeat music) ♪ Derek: So we are done. Yay! Haha. Well I am going to go back and
take a shower and get ready for the 12 minute later today. So no sleep. Get to work. (dramatic orchestration) ♪ Announcer; Ready? Time,
people are you ready? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO! (commotion) (balloon pops) (balloons squeaking) (commotion) Announcer: 1 minute left, C’mon guys lets hear it for em! (dramatic orchestration)
(crowd cheering) ♪ Announcer:
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Done! (crowd cheering) ♪ Woman: How did it go? Derek: Well, I did
miss a few steps. A few things. But overall I am happy with it. Welcome to the World Balloon
Convention grand gala 2018. ♪ Sue: What I am looking for when
I look at a sculpture is I just want to see
the amazing impact. It is the wow factor
I am looking for. On this particular design I felt
for me there had to have been a better way of actually
producing that same image. Maybe if they had offset it to
the side and had it looking at that angel. They’ll learn a lot from this. In terms of the end results
I think we are pretty clear on who should win. (crowd cheering) Announcer: The first
place winner Kun Lung Ho. (audience cheers) Announcer: Next up
is balloon figure, which is one of our live events. The first place winner is
Takehiro Kai, from Japan. (applause) (techno music) ♪ Derek: When I don’t hear
my name I do have like, slightly disappointed time. Well it’s Takehiro. He has some mad skill. (uplifting music) ♪ ♪

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