Photoshop Textures : Photoshop: Creating Clouds

Photoshop Textures : Photoshop: Creating Clouds

Now we’re going to do an easy rock texture
here in Photoshop. So, as we can see, we have a new window-or a new program open up. So,
what we’re going to do is open up a new window. Control-N, 700×700 by about 200 sounds good.
We’ll do that, and we’ll hit Command-0 to bring this up. Now what we want to do is make
sure that we have our black and white set in our palette swatches here. So, we can hit
“D,” which will bring up black and white. What we want to do is, we want to hit “X,”
which will switch them, bringing the background forward, and the forward color back. So, now
what we’re going to do is, we’re going to hit “Filter.” We’re going to render some clouds.
Let’s go ahead and hit “Render,” like so. That looks alright. Let’s render some more
clouds. I don’t really like these too much. Let’s render some different clouds. There
we go. That’s a little bit better. Alright. And we’re going to stop here, and we’ll pick
it up in the second part.

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  1. WTF ? you use 1 of 10 minutes and then you make a part 2 ?

  2. No offence but you make a bad teacher stop making pointless videos.

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