Peach State Roofing

Peach State Roofing

My name is Neil Krock with Peach State Roofing. We’re here at the corporate headquarters of Peach State Roofing in Lawrenceville Georgia. Peach State started installing FiberTite in 1995 our first project was Lenox
Square Mall in Atlanta Georgia and since then we’ve grown to install FiberTite
across the entire United States. Peach State Roofing is confident in FiberTite because we know it’s going to deliver all the results on the longevity all the
performance that we could ever ask for. When you have FiberTite on your roof it’s
gonna give the owner everything they’re expecting and more. Its costs over the lifetime of its roof are gonna be extremely minimal due to its durability, its strength, its puncture
resistance, the resistance to chemicals and fats. It’s gonna provide everything the owner needs and more. FiberTite without a doubt has a reputation that is built around quality. Seaman Corp helps Peach State succeed in everything from technical support field support helping us ensure that we’re
delivering the proper end product. Peach State’s overall opinion of Seaman
Corporation is simply the best. They have a product line that is unmatched and the service that they provide is unparalleled.

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