Patch concrete steps easy DIY

Patch concrete steps easy DIY

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Thanks for watching themrhelperguy. Custom cement mix is later on in the video. This cement mix allows you to blend into old concrete. The prep work for the steps is towards the end of the video. Please see my amazon link in the description for products that every DIY and homeowner
should have or know about.

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  1. I would use a trowel in place of a piece of wood in this application!

  2. this helped me alot thanks for showing this

  3. But what cement mix did you use???

  4. Why your voice sound like nose stuffy?

  5. This is very much a temporary repair and you can expect to be repeating the procedure within a year or two. The complete staircase really needs a good powerwashing which will remove all the debris, moss and algae growth. Algae is very slippery when wet. To prep each cavity to be filled, you need to eliminate the moss and algae. That organic material will continue to live and produce gases which will cause your patch to fail. A concrete adhesive brushed into each cavity will greatly improve the bond between the old and new concrete. Also, replace 50 percent of the water in your mortar mix with the liquid concrete adhesive to improve the strength of the patch. Even spraying a water mist in the cavity just before mortar application will improve the bond. To prevent the sagging slump, apply only half of the material into the cavity, allow it to begin to set and harden, then apply the remainder. When your all done and satisfied with the finish, keep it wet with a water spray for up to 48 hours allowing the mortar to dry slowly which will greatly increase it's strength. These simple steps can increase the life of the patch from 5 to 10 years. Next year you'll have other things to do rather than re-patching the same stairs.

  6. Don't you have to clean and wet the broken part of the step?

  7. Great video. Thank you

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